Saturday, November 6, 2010

Post Diwali post

Helo again, everyone... been a long time, I know.....kya karta, just haven't felt the urge to write ... Sry, haven't visited your pages lately, but I did want to catch up with you, so here I am.

First off, a belated Happy Diwali to everyone...hope you guys had a 'blast' (no, I'm anti-crackers).

Secondly, this is the 100th post....this blog has seen me through some tough woohooo !

A lots been happening these days....and I find myself a changed guy at times...perhaps its just what being 'on your own' does to you.

1) I've left behind a few people.... and slowly I've gotten over that fact and don't miss 'em anymore

2) For the last couple of years, I've been in transition between being a boy and a Man...I'm not sure if the transition is complete, or when it will be, but yes, I can see a light ahead (no sexual connotations intended)

3) My search for discovering who I am has temporarily been suspended...primarily because I'm in a comfy place and wasn't really getting anywhere near to a conclusion.

4) Because I'm in a comfy place, I feel I'm getting lazy. Yes, I reprimand myself for not doing anything significantly amazing with my life, yet, but putting it off till next year seems the easier option. So yeah.. LAZY

5) I've managed to keep up my resolution of going alcohol-free in 2010. Not a drop of 'happiness' consumed since Jan. I am, however, really confused about whether to start drinking again from 2011.
On one side, its fun, socially 'cool' and in a way liberates the more 'in your face' Mohit.
On the other side, they say its better for health if you don't drink, it's the 'less traveled' road and its not like I'm craving for booze anymore.

Anyway, lets see what the new year brings.

6) I'm also confused about romance (I'm sure everyone is).... its the one question again...what do I spend my time on? A career or a relationship? Yeah yeah, I can do both together, but doesn't that mean giving half the time and attention to either one, than it deserves? Dunno.... guess I'll figure it out along the way...not like I'm going anywhere soon

7) I'm sure you're thinking about how hazily I'm writing about things.... but I have to... like I said, there's some ppl who read this that I don't want to blabber to.... going anonymous isn't a fun idea either, cuz it means losing out on my blogsville friends...which I certainly don't want. So this is how it is till then.

8) I feel ppl at work believe me to be better than I really am at things. I don't want to let anyone down.....will just need to work hard, I guess. I feel like a politician, while I'm writing this, giving ppl a vision for the time ahead but bummed out about actually having to do all that stuff

9) There's also a lot a things you can always learn from others. Always. Take debating, for example.... I've mostly been a nonchalant kinda person, hardly taking time out to debate over stuff like politics, religion and faith..... but living here, I kinda like doing that now (well, not politics really)

10) I have my own, customized belief in god.... will talk more about that, some other time.

C ya

Monday, September 6, 2010

Home Management ??!

We've all probly heard the story where the Dad and Mom interchange their jobs for a day...with the Dad staying at home and the Mom going to office (all the working women out there - this was an old one, no stereotypes intended). So as it turns out, Dad ends up having a horrid time managing the house - That's what I term Home management.

Believe me, its no easy task. I mean, when ure a bachelor staying with other bachelors, there are these completely enigmatic instances that arise, the answers to which no one knows - or discusses - until the weekend. For example:

1) Who will wash the dishes?
2) Who will clean the glass cabinets(The maid's as lazy as us)?
3) Who will shop for groceries (no chance on weekdays)?
4) Who will get the clothes from the ironing guy?
5) Who the f**k kept this bag of atta in here? Now its got bugs all over...
6) There's a tiny #$%$# mouse in the house.... what do we do??

So as it turns out, the moms are now given their share of ego boosts as the honhaar sons call to get some expert advice on these management skills.
"Maa.... how do I clean this stain on my shirt?" ...."Mummy....the rain's soaked the smells now, but I can still wear the stuff, right?"..."Maa.... how do I cook daal? I gotta impress my office-mates"(wasn't me....whistling and walking away)

But you know what, its not as bad as it sounds.... keeping a home.... yea, we have the occassional ups and downs... but as long as they can be ignored, with everyone watching 'Basic Instinct' on Star Movies, life's good, thank you.


P.S: Really...what do I do about that mouse??

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rakhi update

I might never admit it in person, but deep down, I do like the small little traditions we've grown up being a part of.
Like the puja before diwali..... or the Puri Chane mom makes on kanjak (the 9th day of navratri)..... Yes, i've debated over the futility of religious practices, more than once....but these are the harmless little tidbits of identity that I can relate to.

aah...who am I kidding....I can never stay mad takes two hands to clap......spoke to my cousins...there's a rakhi on my wrist now...

Happy Rakhi, Mohit.


Monday, August 23, 2010


I've just come back from a week long vacation. Yea, it does suck, the thought of getting back into the rat race and routine of everyday life.
But good times have a bad habit of not lasting..... even the bad times have a good habit of not lasting, come to think of it.

Anyhow..... the vacation was awesome....although it didnt go exactly as per plan..I did some stuff that I'm not particularly proud of, but oh well, u live once,right? to know some friends all over again....
see, this is the problem...I can't write about it 'cuz I don't want some people to know the specifics......

Moving on..this post isn't really about the vacation....its about Rakhi.
No, not the actress, the festival !

Not that I have anything against the whole bro-sis thing, but frankly, this is one festival I've never liked.

I used to think its got something to do with me not having a female sibling.....but that's not all of it.... I think about this every year, and I get to go deeper into reason... I'll try to sum it up:

Ever since we were kids, my cousin sisters would post us Rakhis and mom would tie 'em on the day. This started appearing a lil silly to me eventually as I began to think of it as a chore. Perhaps it wasn't so to the other side involved though.

Now that I'm on my own (so to say), I think I was right.... I'm not that close to my cousins anyway..... and neither did they (or I) bother about what my hyderabad address would be, so they could mail the Rakhis....

All in all.... perhaps as a kid I was jealous of the other kids who actually had sisters living or visiting them.... I remember our teachers asked us guys to get chocolates or stuff to school on Rakhi, so we could gift 'em to the girls.....and I was acually enthusiastic about them tying us the strings (before puberty, that is :P)

Now I just don't care .... nothing on my wrist this time.

Hope you guys have a good time, though

Sunday, August 1, 2010

not today

yea...true that I've lately been thinking of exile in an anonymous new blog...but not today, its not time yet...

thought I'd take time out to wish a happy friendship's day to all my blog buddies.... it wouldn't have been the same without you guys !

saw 'Once upon a time in Mumbai' in the eve.... and I liked it ! the plot's well laid out... Ajay Devgan's acted well...and the actresses are dolled up.... what's not to like? Come to think of it, there's seldom a movie that I dislike... yea, I may be neutral towards sumthing..but I guess I'm generally an 'easy' audience (all of you waiting to put up a show for me...never fear :P)

you know, sometimes I wish I grew up in the 70s.... it just seems so cool....the bellbottoms....the flowy all seems so slow and at peace.... like a perennial holiday....haan, definitely I would've missed a few things like the xbox and coffee house chatter, but oh well....

sometimes I can't wait to make my life know, have it 'all'..... the wait and the gradual stages just seem soo long.... but I know it takes single drops to form an ocean....

oh btw.... I'm participating in a cycling event this Independence day....more than being patriotic, its cuz I like testing my capabilities.... they've got 2 modes... 10 kms and 63 kms...I wanted to participate in the 63 one...but I've been trying to put on weight so decided to settle for the 10 km ride.....

Oh...have I told you about my roomie? ...let's call him ..Mr A (haha...corny, I know)
so the best thing is that we both share a passion for sports.... naa, not the ones on TV...but actually going out and doing stuff..... we registered in the cycling event together...sadly I don't think he'll be taking part cuz he's not been keeping well... I hope he does though....
I think I've gotten more interested in physical sport since I finished college....being in IT, sitting in front of a screen all day long.... I try n take part in as much as I can.... can't afford to get bored of myself.. again.

anyhoo...gotta go.... listening to dev d

Sunday, July 25, 2010

what can't I write about?

I've reached a stage in blogsville which I'll refer to as a dead end.Think about why you started a blog in the first place? Maybe cuz you loved to write? cuz you wanted to vent out and couldn't find a pair of trust-able ears? cuz you didnt have a girlfriend? cuz it was the 'it' thing?

I remember why I started mine.... it was cuz I was incredibly bored. But gradually it turned to a place where I'd come and vent out(yea, bad phase)...and I so loved knowing people here, who're all incredibly sweet and leave awesome comments that keep you happy.

But things are different now, I feel. I never could write anything when I was 'required' to....partly why I don't see myself doing this professionally.... I find myself counting the number of days its been since my last post, as if its a compulsion to write a weekly/monthly column. No can do Sir.

I think something that went wrong is that this blog is read by too many people who know me.... makes me stop and ponder if what I'm writing is politically correct....I HATE that...even now I'm trying to figure out the reactions of some people, cuz I know they'd be reading.....
I can't do that...its defying the very purpose of why I love to write.....

Should I shift this to somewhere anonymous? I know my thoughts may be screwed up at times, and I want to write em down....cuz it helps me get it out of my system.. but I don't want anyone judging me...that can't happen here, you know..

Can't kill the writer inside....

I'm starting to see why some bloggers chose to not reveal their identity.... it really helps keep the spirit of blogging alive...specially in case of people like me, those who give a damn.

Friday, July 2, 2010

My Sins Against Gender Stereotypes

There's been too much of wallowing around in the mud (metaphorically) and its been too long since I did a tag. Saw this at a cool blog I've been browsing through, Banupriya's.

The tag dictates us listing down at least 10 things that are associated with the opposite gender that we've been or want to be involved in. Although I don't believe this to be completely relevant today, with gender roles getting mixed up and getting slurried into a mixture of confused individuals, I'm still gonna give it a shot.

1) I love shopping. Its a stress buster. Lately I've been hooked on DC comics tees.... I've got superman, batman, the Joker..... want to buy all but catwoman.

2) Embarrassingly enough, I have a bad sense of direction.Okay okay...don't fling stuff at me... its just what they say about women :P

3) I've used an astringent at some point of time. Don't ask me what it is.... oh, and a night cream too.

4) Okay..... really can't think of more .... I guess I don't believe in a lot of things like cooking and coffee chatter to be 'girl stuff' ..... most importantly......FIFA's on !!!!!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

nuthing really

I saw my blog today and realized I'm not happy with the way it looks, so I decided to go for something the design you see now. I've begun to appreciate all that's simple... its the simple things that keep everything else straight.

Had a couple of friends visiting me from Delhi..... had an amazing time.... we booked this lounge to play Sony vii.... I never knew I was so awesome in virtual tennis :P
Also saw this new game on PS3, which was sumthing like Tekken, but the characters were all from DC Comics....can't wait to play !

btw... I got an award at work today !!! Luckily I had worn formals :P
Did I ever say I don't like wearing formals? I'm so much more comfy in my denims and tees..... but got to.... although I make it a point to wear 'em only till Wednesday... Thurs and Fri are casuals for me :D .....

Now, the big question is, what do you eat when ure hungry at midnight? A sandwich? Fruit? Cake? Anything that doesn't smell?
Looking at my options, I think I'd have to go with cereal..... still haven't bought a gas stove.
Although I kinda like to cook, the part I hate is chopping veggies.... I mean, isn't that supposed to be done like automatically? Does Sanjeev Kapur chop veggies? No, the master chef just cooks..... I think I need volunteers for veggie chopping here....

I've also been feeling that I'm too dramatic with self-analysis and need to chill... as it is, I regularly negate what I've been thinking about myself.... so why do it? Is it really so important to know yourself, to know why you react in certain ways? Is it possible to be afraid of finding out the truth about yourself?

Another theory I have is that there can be no stable description - "This is me" does not hold valid at all times. It doesn't really mean I'm essentially unstable.... but rather that I'm dynamic enough.

Thankfully I've got nothing to complain I'm just gonna be smug and go to sleep.

Friday, June 25, 2010


At every point in life, we have two major options. Right or wrong, wake up or sleep, take control or give control, JLO or Angelina...... I had two paths ahead of me too.... Write blog or Write appraisal document....and even though its not gonna pay, u know what I chose.

Its probly cuz at times you need to keep yourself before everything.... only then will you be satisfied, fulfilled. After a day's work, I wudn't mind giving some time to myself (er...constructive activities).
There's one advice my dad gave me some time back.... which kinda guides me when I'm in doubt.... he said "There will always be people in your team who work lesser than you, they don't matter. Don't be afraid of hard work."

See... this is why I wrote my last post in a hurry...cuz I knew the emotions would start to fade..... but I'm still gonna try.

Bored of working, a colleague and I registered ourselves for a debate last week. Little did I know it would result in a great saturday........
After 4 days of trying to find the perfect content, on the eve of the event, we got to know the real rules, when we called to confirm, and had to make some quick adjustments to what we were going to next morning we had stopped trying to prepare.

I have a habit of doing that... if sumthing is so screwed up that I just can't do anything about it, I don't. That's the deal with problems... you either laugh about 'em or cry.... I choose the former, mostly.

I happened to listen to Harsha Bhogle's speech on excellence, which he delivered at IIM A . I suggest everyone listen to it. Its just so inspiring. Go here

"Always put yourselves in the company of people who are better than you, it'll help you grow." I really don't know why I put the line in quotes,cuz no one said the exact thing, but oh well......It was kinda like that at the debate.. and I liked it. I don't want to keep feeling I'm more proficient at presentations, cuz I'm not. There were so many people who spoke so well..... and honestly, it was great listening to the ideas.

Okay then, let's cut to the time to waste...back to my place..... no wait.......... that's Eminem..... :P

I know you've been wondering about the 'Void' that I mentioned
You know how you meet people who'm you want to keep talking to for no apparent reason? Well I met someone that day and it

Partly cuz we lost at the debate and partly cuz I was dying there,wearing a tie, I went out of the hall early, only to finally loose touch.

No wonder I felt the void again..... and I haven't done justice to the buildup to this post cuz the feeling's faded now, lost amongst bosses, clients and collegues....

What exactly is the void? really,you have to ask?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Can't wait to write

Monday morning. 9:40 AM. I've just turned on my comp at work..... but my thoughts aren't here.

I don't know when I'll get the time to write, cuz this week claims to be busy at work, so I'm starting now, and will continue asap.

This weekend seemed almost surreal. Well, more so because I keep thinking about it....

I'm not sure why, but the void is back.

have a million things to gotta go....ciao

Sunday, June 13, 2010


*flexes fingers..... relaxes neck muscles*

Its midnight.... the weather outside is amaazing...had a sumptuous dinner.... there's football on TV ..... I'm on my bean bag.... friends've come over....... I've been karaoke-ing for the past half hour, on the top of my voice...... its not always I feel this comfy.

Just yesterday I was talking to a friend about delhi...... turns so darn homesick that I didn't know what to do......thankfully its much better now.

This week's been really eventful at work...... I'm kinda playing on both sides now..... got ppl to watch over...also got my boss to answer to.... its like learning how to handle each of them alongside.......

There's a huge problem with me...... yes, I do work hard.... but I'm not sure if I handle success all that kinda gets to my head at times and I get drunk with power. This week I realized I'm not
irreplaceable. No one is. If I won't do it, someone else will.

All we've got to do in life is to keep it real. As simple as that. Be true to yourself. There's a HUGE lesson I've learnt... the best way to deal with situations is KIS - keep it simple.
Yup..... the best solution is almost always the most obvious one.... and that's what we overlook in our endeavour to be 'different' from the others......

I've learnt that experience is only good for one thing.... it teaches you how to handle pressure.....

I suddenly feel I can take on anything and anyone...... I get really angry streaks sometimes....when I want to beat the crap outta someone.... but then again, no point in it......

Had mocha flavoured ice cream, with oreo cookies today......also had pizza and coke...... since the weather was so amazing, sat on the roof for about an hour, talking to some friends about life, love and everything that doesn't matter... :P

I've also learnt to be patient with things...everything can't go as I want..... I don't say a thing when dirty dishes stay in the sink for a week...... I've stopped caring if the house isn't cleaned properly everyday... it doesn't matter anymore if sumone stares at me..... the important ones still check me out (and vice versa) ;)

I've lately been trying to decide what to say to this one chick at office who's always giving me a glance...well, I was the one who started it....but then I kinda lost interest... it gets kinda wierd cuz sumtimes cuz I don't know what to do.....perhaps I'd go upto her...but probly not ..she looks too much like an ex.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


There's something big going on that I haven't yet shared.

One fine day, when the sun had just risen, the birds had just woken up, and all sane people were still asleep, I had a dream.....

Scene 1:
There was a tall man in a robe, with a loong white beard and a slender, black wand in his hand, who told me that magical things were waiting for me in the far beyond...but to reach there, I had to give up something that I love the most..... "What, O noble knight, are you willing to sacrifice for this gift-de-grandeur?" was the question..
I stood at my place, sword in hand, thinking if it was worth it.... but a wise 'baazigar' once said "Kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padta hai" . Who was I to disagree..... the deeds of the ancients were upon me and the hour of enlightenment had finally approached. It was now or was the one moment to which every epic leads....... and I decided to do it.

Scene 2:
Its dark from where I'm being led towards light.... I shield my eyes with my metal-bound hands as the sun shines fiercely upon me... the crowd cheering me to move forward, my captors motivating me with the tips of their spears..... in the center of this arena of shame stands the executioner.... the stage littered with the shadow of demise.....
Being the man of the moment, I step up....intoxicated with the promise of the druid....
With a practiced, acute strike, the blade was quenched....its purpose fulfilled, it lay back in the hands of its master, shining in the glaze.


If you're wondering where this is leading to, I'd say I'm not really sure...... and so I'm ending this fantasy...:P

Felt like being dramatic...and voila ! The crux of the story, ladies and gents is that I've gone the clean shaven way.... head wise.

Yup, you got that right... I think the 'B' word is a little racist, so I'm gonna refer to it as ..umm.....'differently-maned'.

I'm sure there's a lot of questions bubbling up inside, so I'm taking time out to describe the case any of you decide to continue the legacy....

The guide to Being differently-maned :

1.The first thing people ask is 'Why'? What should I tell them?
Ans: Mug up the 2 scenes I've described above and start rattling 'em out in such a the time you've reached the center of the arena, your audience is sure to have dissipated.

2. People everywhere stare at me, when I walk past. They look at my head when talking to me. What do I do?
Ans: Now you know what chicks with big...ermm.... glands... feel. Go to one, tell her to stop looking at your head, and ask her what to do.

3. What is the best season to follow this legacy of yours, great sir?
Ans: Flattery won't get you any season. What you've got to do is to choose which season you look fatter in.... shave your head then. This will draw all attention to your head, leaving your weight issues redundant.

4. Is this a publicity stunt?
If being in the spotlight is a sin, this is the mother of all bank robberies.

5. I've heard Hrithik Roshan has asked you to suggest his look in a film.. is that correct?
Ans: Please, don't get confused, he asked Rakesh.

6. Are you going to launch a TV series on the art of being bald?
Ans: I would slap legal allegations on you for this racist comment, if only you weren't a prospective viewer.
Now that 'Lost' has ended, the world needs perhaps.

7. Are there any side effects to this state?
Ans: Yes. This'll lead to a reverse revolution, leading to the meltdown of all Comb, and Hair-care industries. Millions of jobs are at potential risk. That's why I've now requested for Z-security.

8. If you publish a book on this, would you sign a copy for my kid?
Ans: *Take baby in arms and pose*

9. What is your move's impact on society and our civilization?
Ans: Many, actually...I'm planning to call another press conference solely for that. However, amongst the obvious is that it'll expose everyone who's shallow...thus creating a society that's based on trust, love and lack-of-the-need-to-comb.

By now you'll notice the crowds around your conference venue have increased drastically, chanting your name, waving banners and babies. Time for a the red button inside your sleeve, right

*Sound of chopper landing on roof* . Gotta go guys...peace out \m/

Sunday, May 16, 2010


The situation's bad. I think work's consuming me a bit more everyday. I almost feel guilty now, not going to work on weekends (watching Iron Man 2 does help tho :P)

However, I'm glad that I still have urges to write....but they're now reduced to drafts on my cell....

Here's an excerpt of something that I was hoping to make into a good post...but just couldn't....

It's like I'm in exile.... the people who matter aren't here....feels like a dream where I can do whatever, be whoever and it'll be normal again once I wake up...
Or is it, really? Do we have to prepare for reality in a dream? Why is it that every action is aimed at paving a path for a larger than life destination?
Are my feelings real this time, or is this just the after-effect of an incredibly boring official lunch?
Are you any different, but?

I can be really shallow at times, and I don't even regret it......don't get me wrong... I don't mean the hot-not-hot kinda shallow....that's hard wired in guys...... I'm sapiosexual. Big time. Its something that I've tested out a lot. I just can't be with someone who's not ...well..... up to it.

Later then.
Love ya.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

bits n pieces

I've probably given off this impression before, but life is an irregular blend of cliches and surprises.

Do you remember the character that Jimmy Shergill plays in Munnabhai MBBS? yup..Zaheer...the innocent guy who doesnt drink, doesnt smoke, is a virgin ( not that it mattered in the situation) and still ends up dying with cancer..... yea, life's often unfair to the 'good' ppl...... it seems the baddies have all the fun...... often those who sacrifice their morals end up at the top.....

It's unfair really.. I had to go to the dentist today cuz of a toothache...... fyi :

1) I don't smoke
2) heck, I don't even like sweets
3) I brush twice daily

Like I said, its a cliched existance.

Have you ever noticed how kids are really simple in dealing with people? (note - the other way around might not be true).... they either like someone, or they don't...and their not afraid to show it.......
We on the other hand are in a different league alltogether.....

Does anyone feel that they were really dumb as a kid?
I do.....there was once an evening when one of dad's colleagues had come home for dinner. I must've been...say in the 3rd ......
When the adults were talking, I realized that the guy's wife was a English teacher at some school....... and then  I did something that I'm still embarrassed of... I went to my room, and brought out an essay that we were supposed to write....... then I read it to her...out loud.....

just cuz she was a teacher..... damnit....silly kid that I was....


I've made an observation..... women actually are better at multi tasking

I've got to manage my time better..... this, I feel, will will take me down..

I read an email from Narayan Murthy...n its made me feel trapped..

I've wound myself in a web where I coax myself into staying late in office......I so dont want to do this.... there's so much I want to do apart from work... and I will, soon hopefully

Life's calling Mohit, where are you??

too sleepy to write more....later.

Monday, April 19, 2010

My southern connection.

errmm.... I know the title seems vaguely perverse, and most of you are hiding a smile (depraved, I tell u), but I assure you of no such sinful bliss.

There are times when we start seeing a pattern in things.... those around us, those within us or those happening to us. I believe that nothing is unplanned in life... even if we are not the ones who plan it. Things happen... and then similar things tend to a traffic jam when you're getting late for a movie.... like I said, its a pattern and you don't need a 'beautiful mind' to see it.

What I'm driving at, is my life's connection to the geographically southern part of India. Zapped? Let me elaborate...

My association with the south bagan waaay back in the 11th grade, when I was down with the new girl syndrome . In the sad case that you haven't heard of this medically proven condition (!!!), it happens when a female specimen of our species walks into a new environment. It may be a new student in class, a new colleague or even a new kaamwaali bai ( surprisingly, love is blind) ...The syndrome refers to the reaction of the males...loss of appetite, concentration and sometimes common sense. I was saying, I was down with the new girl syndrome.... siiigh, how I miss being infatuated.... the girl....a certain southie-origin-lady (Connection urr)

A few years down the line and I'm in 2nd year found freedom, hostel and a lack of money in each month's second half..... a trip to goa lands me into love's own hands again.... this time a lady with origins from God's own Country. Yup, she was mallu.  (Connection rend)

Fast forward a few more years.... Mr. first engineer in the family... selected in a major IT firm.....waah waah's and bravos all around...... and where do I get sent? First Chennai, and now happily settled in Hyderabad for god knows  how long ! (Connection moon).

My dear Watson, as you can see for yourself, it appears that life has had a motive with its plots and turns...... there's no point saying that its been a bad journey, 'cuz it hasn't.  If you can't accept what you're given, there's nothing you'll do but crib about it. Instead, open up...and the south will cradle you in its arms, in no time.

PS: If you didn't get the tamil counting, u gotta brush up here.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Its funny that whenever I start a blog post, the first thing that comes to my head is this line ..."Its funny that...bla bla bla".... aaah, I so wish sometimes that I was a humor writer... Its sumthing that I've always secretely wanted to do... the only road block being my inability to do so.

I've come to believe that I'm...what I like to term... pseudo-funny. This doesn't imply that I'm not, only that I can never crack a good enough joke when the situation most needs me to !
I also feel I'm very predictable in my behaviour towards others. I prolly shouldn't be writing about this....but who cares, I'm going to anyway.... There are majorly two kinds of behaviour I display towards others.... either I'm interested, or I'm not. Simple. No, by 'interested' I certainly don't mean a romantic inclination.. rather, a conversational one.
Illustrating further, say I meet someone for the first time..... I would either talk a lot to them, or not at all....seriously ! If you haven't been able to figure out if I'm an extrovert or an introvert, don't look at me for help..I don't know either :P

I know I've been writing all kinds of $^#$, hinting that I've figured myself out.... well, some stuff, maybe.... but most of what I am still remains a mystery to me. I'm everything..... angry, happy, sad, flushed, shy, boring, amazing, loquacious, dreamy, mean, mature, needy, witty, careless, nerdy, wasted..... all in a seamless continuum.
I say the wrong things at the right time, or maybe the other way around..... I'm not afraid of making mistakes, cuz they bring out the best the same time, I am....cuz they'd make me look silly.

There's so much I feel like saying at times, and don't know what to say when someone actually cares to ask.
I'm not afraid of working hard.... but a shortcut to the top wouldn't be bad either.

There's a downside to leaving a good impression on someone...... there'll always be a chance that I won't be able to live upto it...... but then again, if I wasn't good enough, that impression wouldn't have been made in the first place.

There's a message that someone (who I don't think I know ) has sent me today...... and its made me melt away into...well don't really know into what.... but its just bought out this mood in me where I'd just like to sit, read, write and not worry about who,where, why, when or how.
You know who you are...thank you ...really. This is the result of ur words.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

The day today Saturday, I know ! ahead, einstein.

What does a 6 foot tall, dark, greek-god-features guy do on the weekends?

How the f*** am I supposed to know, I'm none of those !

Have I told you about this TV serial that I've started to love?  its aired on Sony TV ......'Mahi Way'....luuurve it !

The show's about a cute, slightly overweight, single girl from south delhi (no wonder, eh?) who's her life..... the simplicity and honesty of the story is something I can actually feel ...not made up, like the joint families of other soaps, who go to sleep wearing sarees with gold work on em...yeah lookin at you saas-bahu........

Oh oh oh... I got a new blog buddy....and she gave me this sweeet award too !...  thnks a ton, Sammy (cheeky, I know) :D
Go check her out !

moving on...this saturday started out a little..ermm...differently.....  before I go on, you must know this:

A long time ago... my mom had told me that because her parents had woken her up really early every morning, she knew how awesome sleeping late is...and so she let me and my bro sleep as late as we wanted to, on the weekends..... amazing, ain't it ?  ;)
Also, anyy kind of alarm-device is incapable of getting me out of my slumber !
 In college I depended upon my roomie to wake me up, I deliberately have no curtains on my room's windows...every morning, around 7:15, the sun shines so bright, that I stir awake :D

Today, I had slept in a different with curtains....and I got up at 10 . (The 15 year old me thinks I'm really lame right now.. since when is 10 late????). That's the first different thing today.

Next, I had a spat with my landlord ..... and ended up deciding to keep my mouth shut point giving up on a good place just cuz the landlord thought u fingered him too much (metaphorically, whiz kid)

Third, I had to spend the whole afternoon and eve in office.... there's just so much work :(

there's one thing I'm glad about though.... after soo long I had the craving to write again.....makes me happy !

 Oh, another thing..... I'm trying to find a polite way to tell people to buzz off and let me do my work peacefully...... any ideas?

PS: for all those who've already seen Mahi Way, I was almost going to name this post 'Mohit's Way'.....thankfully realised the horror of the idea sooner.   :P

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

In health..and in sickness

Last Sunday.... we finally bought a fridge !  Its a second, so we had to do the transportation bit ourselves. By transportation, I mean carrying the blessed thing down 2 flights of stairs, loading it onto a carrier, then carrying it up 2 flights of stairs ...not much of a problem. It starts afterwards.

Now there's a sequence of events following this that I know everyone's going to have a field day with.

I have toncilitis , which basically means there's these 2 good-for-nothing lumps down my throat that get infected before you say rumplestiltskin.

Generally what happens is I get a throat throat hurts like the devil's paying personal attention to it.... then I get a fever. Its like bound to happen.

So in the excitement of the new fridge, I ended up drinking chilled water.

&%$^%$## why didnt I realise it before ??

......drum roll.......... and NOW......

I'm sick  :(

No, not the kinda sick a lotta these on-the-way-to-getting-exposed holymen are..... medically.

Funny things happen to me when I'm unwell.... I couldn't help noticing.

It all started in office. I decided to go to the med room and sleep for a bit cuz I had an IPL of my own thundering in my head. After say an hour or so, I woke up, looked to the side, only to find this hottie asleep in the bed next to mine . I shut my eyes and decided to really wake up this time.
Turns out, I'd been successful at that earlier too !

This brings us to the first point:

When I'm ill,

a)  I stop caring if a hottie is sleeping next to me (ermmm.... now you see the need for the build up?)

b) I crave for foods that i know will worsen my grapes or really cold soft drinks...its like I'm self destructive.

c) I see no point in bathing.... going to sleep anyway.

d) I compulsively check my cell for ppl I can call... and end up dozing off before dialling.

Which reminds me... yaawwwn..... gotta go.

PS: Short post, I know...but I genuinely missed blogsville.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Darty stuff

Have you ever found yourself chuckling ?
That too when there's no one around?
I actually tend to chuckle quite a bit...with the little strokes of genious that keep happening with me.....I mean really, if you ask me, I find myself pretty clever (no modesty here :P) .....and when I make a smart joke to myself, or say something clever, I find myself ...u guessed it...chuckling.

Its a funny word, ain't it? 'Chuckling' ....try saying it out loud 10 times continuously, and u'll know its funny.....come to think of it, a lotta words are....

So as an update, thought I'd tell you of how I grandly, majestically, royally, magnanimously (??) celebrated Valentine's this Sunday....
Only, I didn't.

Went to an Xbox gaming joint ..... yea, now I pay for playing on the console :( ....mine is at home naaa!
Hey, c'mon now...going and playing with myself ( Read: XBOX) on Valentine's isnt as bad as it sounds..... esp. when I had to turn down my flatmate's offer of going to dinner...... "Dude, wat's wrong with you, its Valentine's ..I'm not going anyplace with YOU tonight !"  .....

Oh Oh OH... I haven't told you.... I recently came up with one of the brightest ideas since I've been living alone...... I asked myself..what does the playpen of a 20 something guy need?  What's the one thing that if present, makes coming home worthwhile everyday, and makes you thank your stars that you live in its vicinity...under its sheer awesomeness, you grow in wisdom, strength and Manhood......

ermmm..... I'm pretty darn sure that after my incredibly helpful description you haven't a clue what I'm talking about...... I brought a DARTBOARD !!!  woohoo!!

It's just SO much fun ! ....believe me, once you start throwing those darts, you won't wanna stop.....when your dart penetrates the board, it feels so....powerful......u just have to feel it yourself.......

Here's some pointers ...for I know I've inspired you to get one of your own....

1) Buy a dartboard made of cork....the tournament sized one....DO NOT buy the magnetic board..u gotta grow up now!.....besides, Dad ain't here to remind you "Never play with pointed, sharp objects"   ....

2) Make sure u got a bunch of chicks looking when you pay for it at the counter.....that's a rule.really. 

3) Before setting up the dartboard, get Beer. lots....side effect :  holes in your wall

4) OR, you could put up what's called a 'backboard' ...its designed for this very purpose.... seriously...a jolly eve of drinking and darts...the phenomena where you invite friends over, open the beer you'd bought, THEN start throwing darts.
Caution: For those who can't handle their booze, no darts allowed, lest you'd like to puncture more than just walls .

5) There's some technical advice too..... by the book, the bull's eye should be exactly 5 feet, 8 inches from the ground. Also, when throwing the dart, stand exactly 9 feet, 1/4 inches away (really now?).

There....all you gotta do is get one of your own.....or you could just come over and ask me if I'd let you play.....mwahahaha..... (hey, this is my blog, lemme be bossy ! )


PS: The title....chuckle....!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The week that was

Wierd things are happening. Hadn't I written in one recent post that I have some stuff figured out about myself? Turns out now I feel that "some stuff" might be a lesser number than I'd thought.

Lately there's been a couple of things irking me.

1) The 14th is here.... I wish people would stop asking me about wats happening then...!!!  Why does mass 'hysteria' around certain days not be more sensitive? Shiv Sena, talking to you, someone finally needs you in action here. (ermmm...)

2) I hate pretentious people. Plain and simple. What I hate more is that I have no choice but to hang out with them and pretend 'aal iz well'. NO, you're lame and dumb...get a life.

3)  I don't like the aggressive me. I can be whiny, self centred and angry. And when that happens, I'm not too discreet about it. I was thinking about it and concluded that its actually one of my defence mechanisms. When the going gets tough, I step up the gas, come onto the frontfoot and run over anything thats annoying.

4) Someone reminded me of that psychotic ex...yea, I've written of her already, quite a while ago....I just try to tell more information or bits of news required now. Please, pay heed.

All in all, this week didn't end so well.Period.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sur 'nahi' mile !

I saw the inaugural music video of "Phir mile sur".
The initial stanza of the original song, DD1 waala, echoing in my head....
the new one.... I plainly did NOT like it.Personal opinion sounds something like this :

I mean sure, if they wudve titled it like a regular bollywood song, it cudve been likeable, but when they say its supposed to be nationalistic, I cudn't see how.

For starters, India does not only consist of movie stars. Bollywood's hogging around 65 % screen space in there.... sure, it adds glamour...sure I think priyanka looked hot and deepika looked like she was doing an ad for liril soap, waterfall and all....Shahid was doing the exact same thing with the mike as in one of his recent videos...SRK in full on Devdas mood ....Karan Johar doing ...well..nuthing actually...but still...

Tollywood was showcased for a bit, and so were the olympians.... cricketers were missed out...I mean come ON..u gotta include Sachin in stuff like that....
The North East was mostly ignored, apart from 7 odd onscreen secs....

Leave it to Shyamak to add masala and glamour....bolly-ishtyle
I'm not a HUGE patriot, but if I could make out something's wrong in there, I'm sure a lotta other ppl wudve too...

wat say?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Impulsively yours.

There are some things that we're good at doing, and some that we're just not.
For example, some people are good at maths, some aren't. Some are good at sports, some aren't.Some are good at...errrm...women, some...u guessed it, aren't .

I find myself at a stage where I've figured out atleast some part of myself...I'd like to think so, yes.
So, I pretty much know what I am and am not good at. I'm not good at saving money... the optimists can also rephrase this as "I'm good at spending dough !". This is definitely one of the things I've figured out. I don't know how people do it, how they manage to tame their instinctive nature of wanting things. Everyone wants stuff...a lot of it..... With me, the process of buying works the other way round perhaps.... I don't go to a bookstore because I want a book.....I want a book because I'm at a bookstore and that amazing, almost hypnotic smell of books is all around.

So, as it turned out, I had been getting messages from this mall for a couple of days now.... sale this, sale that, amazing your-life-depends-on-it only fault.. I decided to visit it today.

Oh oh oh...before I go ahead, have I told you how I fell in love with someone at this same place? Well not Lurve love, but the one you develop with hotties...
Shoulder length hair..nose piercing (sooo sexy) converse sneakers....amazingly cute smile.....
but this ain't about that.

Getting back, I went to the mall...... now comes the part that I'm good at..... friends don't mind asking me for advice when they need to buy sumthing..... I'm the guy they take along to shop with..... and believe me, I don't mind at all......but when it comes to getting something for myself, I'm mostly double minded about this and that.....

So we'd bought the things my friend wanted, and were walking towards this exit, when I saw the sale on shoes..... as it is I'm a sucker for wrist watches and shoes, so we walked into that store.....

1) I liked 2 shoes...the one I liked better kinda looked like the pair I was already wearing the other ones were it.

2) Adidas and Reebok have betrayed me. Their bi-annual 40 % off sale has shrivelled to 30 % now. sob sob

That said, I have a brand new (and pretty much not needed) pair of shoes now ...woohoo !!!!

PS: just gotta include this for a couple of days..getting listed !

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fly, fly, fly awaay

There are some things that most people take for granted if you were a kid who grew up in 90's.....

1) You can ride a cycle
2) You've played media TV games, including Mario and Contra..... and that you know how to skip to the 8th level in the beginning screen in mario. (press the select button, wasn't it?)
3) You've eaten candies like 'Swad', 'Fatafat' and the one that was shaped like a cigarette and urged us to exhale in the winter fog....
4) You loved Disney hour on ..ermm..Zee TV ...and Ducktales was probly one of ur favs

I'm sure we could all add many more.......

One that I'd like to state in particular is that you wud've probly flown a kite from ur rooftop or atleast knew other kids in the colony who did !

That's exactly what I did yesterday. We were walking back home after lunch when I spotted a small shack on the roadside where they were selling kites and related stuff...... It was probly because the festival of Pongal has just gone by (belated wishes !) .... people here fly kites on the day.

So even though I'm one of those unfortunate kids who didn't actually know how to fly one, I decided its time I learnt...and we bought 2 kites(I admit, one of them was pink .... but who'll notice when its a gazillion feet up in the sky?) and the 'manja' (which is basically the thread used to fly it with) .......

So I gathered a few friends and we had our very own kite flying fiesta :D
Although among the 5 of us, only 2 actually knew how, it was totally worth it.... when the kite's like waay up in the sky and u hold the string, its amazing how connected you feel with the wind.... it tugs and pulls the kite, plunges it downwards and challanges you to gain control again.....

As long as you make sure u don't fall off the roof, I'd say everyone should try it atleast once, if you haven't already !

I'm gonna tell you what I learnt...because I did ! I flew it myself...without a co-pilot :P

Step 1... Buy a kite, preferably a paper one..plastic ones are of no use, I was told by the experts....Also remember to buy the thread... don't buy the one with glass coated on it cuz it'll just make ur hands look like u hi fived a cat in the wrong way.

Step 2... Find a high, but safe place to fly the kite from.... always play safe now... its the kite that's meant to glide, not you.

Step 3.... Find someone who knows how to get the kite up in the air (I didn't learn the 'Take off' bit :P)

Step 4 : Once your kite's high up, take the string into you own hands and remember this simple tip : The first technique you gotta learn is the 'Jerk' , wherein you pull the string towards you in a sharp, swift movement.... what you have to keep in mind though is that the kite will move in the direction of its tip prior to the jerk.
For example, if the tip of the kite was pointing downwards when you jerked it, the kite will plunge down.
So watch the kite carefully and jerk only once the tip is pointing up...if you want it to go up, that is (Its a kite, I assume we all want it to go higher UP! )

Step 5: What do you expect in a day? just that one technique right now... keep watching this space...hopefully I'll learn more techniques soon :D

Well, that's about it from the shifu of kite-flying for now... hopefully master Oogway will teach me the remaining stuff very soon... (Yea, Kung fu Panda, today morning, HBO)...

tada... Kite Scroll awaits.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tidbits en random.

First, Happy new year !
Hope all of you get what you want this time :D

Moving on with the post......
1:30 AM.
The silence is almost overwhelming. Its amazing how i can hear the wall clock tick at this time of the night..... its something I've observed for a while now.... ever since the time when I used to cuddle up with a nice paperback, knowing that there's no college the next day....or that even if there was, I sure as hell wasn't attending the first 2 lectures ;)
Its one of the signs of the night entering its deepest curve..... that I can hear the clock ticking.... the other being the buzz of emptiness that's lingering in my ears....
Its times like these that make me thank my stars for everything that I have.... and then I'm glad for this house, my room, my bed, this amazingly soft blanket, even my pillow which is exactly the way I want it to be...not too hard, neither too soft. You know if I wasn't so dense with poetry, I would've written a poem on this.....
I still remember there was a brief time when I had started to write poems too.... I think I even managed to complete two, maybe three :P
Pathetic poet that I was, the only thing I did was think of a rhyming word , and make up the line....
before you close this window, know that I don't plan to indulge in it now :P

I was chatting with a friend a while back and I remembered an observation that I had made about myself long ago...
I think I have a hard time coping up with too much happiness and excitement sometimes..... There are certain times, certain days, birthdays, anniversaries, stuff like that when people are generally supposed to be ecstatic....downright jump-up-and-down-wohoo kinds..... but I'm not. I happy, but I don't get that excited at these times normally......
For example my birthday...... I'm almost never over-excited about it.... yea, it comes every year, party hard, get lots of wishes...... I do love people wishing me... I do love getting calls from unexpected people...... but at the same time, I haven't been awake with excitement the entire previous night either .
Its sad, I know...... but not unlike some of you out there, I don't really fancy the idea of getting a cake smeared on my face.... in my hair...and (ewww) inside my ears ......
yea, partying is cool.... but not the beer/coke being sprayed on me !
Also, I think alcohol brings out a side of me that is in some ways desirable, and in others not quite so.
For example, the desirable part would be that I'm cool with the beer/coke being sprayed around the room..... the undesirable part would be that its probably me doing it.
You get the flow, I'm sure.

Oh, I just remembered another thing..... is any of you allergic to anything? No, I don't mean the what-a-loser kinda allergic, the actual medical allergic......
I am..... to vaseline intensive care skincare lotions....that's not to say everyone will be allergic to it....and their rival brand did NOT pay me to write this.....
I get a cold and fever with it.

Right now, I'm really in one of my "There comes a time in everyone's life" moods.......although just random stuff's coming into my head....
Anyway, they say that no person is completely good or bad..... the situation makes them so...... I was once thinking about this and realized that its not true..... every person actually IS good or bad..... and its determined by how that person reacts in a difficult scenario. There's always two paths to choose from in every decision we make..... that decision tells us .

head's heavy now... gonna go crash.... mwah.

PS: I'm not sure if the title is grammatically correct though. :P