Monday, August 23, 2010


I've just come back from a week long vacation. Yea, it does suck, the thought of getting back into the rat race and routine of everyday life.
But good times have a bad habit of not lasting..... even the bad times have a good habit of not lasting, come to think of it.

Anyhow..... the vacation was awesome....although it didnt go exactly as per plan..I did some stuff that I'm not particularly proud of, but oh well, u live once,right? to know some friends all over again....
see, this is the problem...I can't write about it 'cuz I don't want some people to know the specifics......

Moving on..this post isn't really about the vacation....its about Rakhi.
No, not the actress, the festival !

Not that I have anything against the whole bro-sis thing, but frankly, this is one festival I've never liked.

I used to think its got something to do with me not having a female sibling.....but that's not all of it.... I think about this every year, and I get to go deeper into reason... I'll try to sum it up:

Ever since we were kids, my cousin sisters would post us Rakhis and mom would tie 'em on the day. This started appearing a lil silly to me eventually as I began to think of it as a chore. Perhaps it wasn't so to the other side involved though.

Now that I'm on my own (so to say), I think I was right.... I'm not that close to my cousins anyway..... and neither did they (or I) bother about what my hyderabad address would be, so they could mail the Rakhis....

All in all.... perhaps as a kid I was jealous of the other kids who actually had sisters living or visiting them.... I remember our teachers asked us guys to get chocolates or stuff to school on Rakhi, so we could gift 'em to the girls.....and I was acually enthusiastic about them tying us the strings (before puberty, that is :P)

Now I just don't care .... nothing on my wrist this time.

Hope you guys have a good time, though


Madhu said...

Geez!! I never heard someone say that!! I never had an own bro too.But my cousin almost made up for it..I too dont get into the rituals of tying rakhi's and then demanding gifts! I get gifts every other day,that rakhi is an exception in this case..:P :Di can get what u are saying...i feel the sanme from a girl's POV!

suruchi said...

Looooooooooved the lines:

“But good times have a bad habit of not lasting..... even the bad times have a good habit of not lasting, come to think of it.”

Super profound Mohit gurudev!:-)

And start giving specifics...we should gets something to pull your legs on...otherwise u are so goody goody:-)