Thursday, March 25, 2010


Its funny that whenever I start a blog post, the first thing that comes to my head is this line ..."Its funny that...bla bla bla".... aaah, I so wish sometimes that I was a humor writer... Its sumthing that I've always secretely wanted to do... the only road block being my inability to do so.

I've come to believe that I'm...what I like to term... pseudo-funny. This doesn't imply that I'm not, only that I can never crack a good enough joke when the situation most needs me to !
I also feel I'm very predictable in my behaviour towards others. I prolly shouldn't be writing about this....but who cares, I'm going to anyway.... There are majorly two kinds of behaviour I display towards others.... either I'm interested, or I'm not. Simple. No, by 'interested' I certainly don't mean a romantic inclination.. rather, a conversational one.
Illustrating further, say I meet someone for the first time..... I would either talk a lot to them, or not at all....seriously ! If you haven't been able to figure out if I'm an extrovert or an introvert, don't look at me for help..I don't know either :P

I know I've been writing all kinds of $^#$, hinting that I've figured myself out.... well, some stuff, maybe.... but most of what I am still remains a mystery to me. I'm everything..... angry, happy, sad, flushed, shy, boring, amazing, loquacious, dreamy, mean, mature, needy, witty, careless, nerdy, wasted..... all in a seamless continuum.
I say the wrong things at the right time, or maybe the other way around..... I'm not afraid of making mistakes, cuz they bring out the best the same time, I am....cuz they'd make me look silly.

There's so much I feel like saying at times, and don't know what to say when someone actually cares to ask.
I'm not afraid of working hard.... but a shortcut to the top wouldn't be bad either.

There's a downside to leaving a good impression on someone...... there'll always be a chance that I won't be able to live upto it...... but then again, if I wasn't good enough, that impression wouldn't have been made in the first place.

There's a message that someone (who I don't think I know ) has sent me today...... and its made me melt away into...well don't really know into what.... but its just bought out this mood in me where I'd just like to sit, read, write and not worry about who,where, why, when or how.
You know who you are...thank you ...really. This is the result of ur words.



Choco said...

I think this is one of the most honest and heartfelt little blog posts, that I have read...Ever!

Much of what you said applies to me.
And if it applies to the sometimes vague, sometimes candid and other times secretive me, then it must apply to a lot of people! :)

You struck a cord..I am sure "you know who you are" will be very proud and happy when they read this. :D

Madhu said...

this is so damn effing and brutally honest! [did i have to give that build up now?] But then yeah..u surely have found your way out to deal with this mission called "life" This would help all those who arent sure of what they are doing and more often than not,dont accept the kind of people they are..:)

I loved readin this!

Mind Writer! said...

Great read it was. And I think all of us feel at times those varieties of emotional sides in our attitude. But hey, this is how we are. We can't be fully good or fully bad, or fully funny or fully boring. It depends on mood and the person we are dealing with! Remembe my Grey Rule?

sulagna ™ said...

ahhh...tats a deja vu post !!

mohit said...

@ Choco
wow...its incredibly sweet of you to say that !

@ Madhu
I'm glad u love it !
and hey...I never actually I ws helping out other ppl ;)
Gotta help myself first :D

@ Shomoita
Very true.
There's no one who'd be the same all the time.... no fun in it :P

@ Sulagna
aha...mere blog par, after so long...touched..
and it was? gud to know :D

nil said...

SO honest. Like really!!
Truly loved reading it..

suruchi said...

Hey Mohit...
But you ARE funny....funny as in not funny to look at obviously...coz I made THAT clear last time I was here...
U are fun n funny in your own right...humour should not always be related to big can be subtle and smile inducing too...n u always do that with little comments that you make after big chill:-)
*Eg. Like the demarcation between romantically interested n controversially interested*

And the qualities u described in you are there in each one of us...
How we are all oxymorons...I completely relate to the fear and non fear of making mistakes as well as the ups n downs of creating a good impression...
So in all...a very from-the-heart post!:-)

Tripat "Prerna" said...

honesty is the best policy..
really liked ur post

sulagna ™ said...

eyyy itne din se koi post nai when i come to do are lapata,oofff some people na