Saturday, September 12, 2009

the story continues...

Its bugging that i can't write here very often....and its primarily cuz of two reasons :

1) i don't have a lappy where i have to go out for surfing..... i've always wondered why these places are called cyber cafes...yea, the cyber part's obvious..but why the 'cafe'? any bright ideas anyone?

2) almost all 'worthy' sites are blocked at my office...which includes facebook, blogger,gmail....not a lot left on the net after these...wat do i do all day, google??
by the time i come bak in the eve, i'm too tired for point# 1 ;)

so more on chennai et moi? here goes..

a) the beach is a 20 min walk from my place (did i already mention that)? but i manage to go there only in the evenings on weekends ...its too hot in the day !

b) there's a rly gud library close by....and it's air conditioned too ;)

c) its f***in cheap ! of course, as long as you don't go to the taj and the sheraton a lot :P

there's one thing that really bugs me, though..... whenever i try to buy fruit from a vendor, he'll always talk in tamil, even if he knows bits n pieces of hindi..... and he'll ALWAYS quote double the price...... HATE it ! ... currently i'm trying to befriend a couple of neighbours so they can bargain for me ;)

went for a haircut today...... its funny the stuff life throws at you... sitting in a salon, watching and listening to tamil actors jive on tv...... looking at the pics in a tamil version of 'filmfare' .... but i don't mind, really....if there's one thing i actually DO know about myself by now, its that I'm open to new things and experiences...

and also the random fact that i rarely give ppl second chances..... :P

wats up at work?
well, wipro has about 6 offices in chennai, and initially we were at this swanky, great-campus,lotsa-greenery,great-food-options one.....
but after 3 weeks, we were shifted to this old, no-campus-whatsoever, crappy-canteen, place-u'd-hate that sucks....just trying to survive in there
right now, actually i'm in training ....and i have a REALLY important exam on october trying to study for it...and that kinda gives me no time for pretty much anything else...