Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rain n all that

Quick update .... It's pouring cats and dogs !!

The weather in Delhi's gotten so amazing.... a huuuge relief from the heat....however the roads are full of traffic jams and now it takes me double the time to get home from work :((

Rains and I have a history ...I don't remember if I've already discussed that...
Ever since I can remember, I used to HATE rains.... seriously.... Rains made me so gloomy...and so lonely, as I grew up....
that changed, however, and I don't really know when or why...
I would assume that it was because of a certain romantic association.... but Its not so, I hated rains then too.... but all of a sudden, I started to like it when it was drizzling....I started to enjoy standing in the rain and looking up at the sky...
even today, when it wasn't raining so heavily, I went outside office and bought a 'bhutta' ( roasted corn )...its really popular in north India...
but then I remembered that the corn fibres always get stuck in my teeth, and I hate that! So I ate the thing really carefully, but to no avail... the taste is amazing, but it gets so yeeuch afterwards, with the fibres ..

anywho, the status now is:
I don't hate the rains...although I don't love them either.
I do enjoy a light drizzle, though.
Rains no longer make me gloomy.... but oddly, when it rains, I kinda feel that I WANT to be sad..... that I want to feel what I felt earlier....a memory maybe? ..I just can't understand why....
Rains also make me want to sit next to a window, with a hot cup of coffee... with a good book perhaps...
Its amazing when the water's streaming down the glass....almost beautiful..

Have to end abruptly.....gotta wake up early tom....


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Four Points .

This one's from Zeba.... and she did say it right, I'm so damn busy nowadays that I'm almost embarrassed of it...I so wanna write more..... here goes ..

Four places you have lived:

Although I was born in this city called Ludhiana, I'm not gonna include it in the 4 cuz I really don't remember any of it...

1) Chandigarh : We moved here when I started pre-school .... all I remember of he city is that it is amazingly planned out and clean....and wierdly, people carrying posters of PV Narsimha Rao (a politician, around 1992)

2) Delhi : Dilli, Delhi whatever you call it....I love the place!!! Have been here all through the 12 years of school ( fyi, I remained in the same school all through ) .... so Delhi is basically where I grew up, came to senses...and well, you can imagine the rest :P
Come visit, and you'll fall in LOVE with the street food, the hugely multi cultural influence, and the women ( :D)

3) Meerut : My college was here, so stayed in a hostel for 4 years.... its just about 60 kms. from Delhi. Although I hated the place initially, I started to love living in the hostel with my friends towards the end of college.... its an amazing thing when you're living with people your own age.... and even more amazing if you find the 'right' pals....they were almost a second family ...

4) Gurgaon : Living here right now..... its like a suburb of Delhi
the city's like FULL of malls.... I mean literally....whenever someone comes visiting, I don't know where to take them...so we just go to a mall. :P
The sad parts are :
there's not enough greenery...
there's a water supply problem sometimes..
power cuts... so its sad if you don't have a backup...

The good part , however, is that there's booze available 24 HOURS !! ( in Delhi, all the wine shops close at 10)


Four TV shows you love(d) to watch :

1) The Simpsons ( Love Homer !)
2) How I met you mother ( Robin's so hot !...plus there's BARNEY)
3) FRIENDS (Do I even have to mention it ?)
4) The wonder years. ( Now you remember..)

Four places you have been to on vacation :

1) GOA (OMG, you have to go here, if you haven't already.... THE best place to party!)
2) Mumbai ( I know, I know ... but hey, I love the place...still)
3) Pondicherry (not so much a place to party, but u'll love it if you want peace of mind)
4) Shimla ( My parents love this hill station...so been here a LOT as a kid)

Four of your favourite foods :

As a kid, and cuz I'm punju, I loved fried food..... and I still do...although I don't eat any of it now... fat kid that I was.... The food scene for me is pretty much in control ab ( touchwood).....and its sad cuz I know I'm a foodie at heart

1) Pizza !!!!!! Anything with cheese basically..
2) Vada Pav ( a la mumbai)
3) Rajma Chawal
4) Chaat!

Four websites you visit daily :

1) Google (Doesn't everyone have it as their homepage already ?)
2) Blogger ( duuuuhh !)
3) Facebook ( any other social networking's kinda sad... )
4) Gmail ( mainly to check if i've received any comments on the blog :P )

Four places you would rather be:

1) Mumbai
2) Italy ( they love their food !)
3) South Delhi
4) Paris ( The city of LOVE, people !)

Four things you hope to do before you die :

1) Skydive
2) Own a Jaguar
3) Get a six pack ( gulp... did I say i'm working on it? )
4) Find her.

Four novels you wish you were reading for the first time:

1) Shantaram
2) Harry potter
3) Shakespeare, abridged
4) A fine balance

Four movies you love : ( I'm just assuming there was such a question)

1) Andaaz apna apna
2) McKenna's gold
3) Gladiator
4) Ben hur

I'm tagging :

Choco, Bharath, Shomoita, Veda....and anyone else who wants to WRITE !!

and btw, Zeba, thanks for this.... was feeling a lil low in the evening ( had a 'serious' talk with someone, so my head was all heavy) .... but I feel so much better after writing !

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The week that was... consolidated

Its not even funny how cought up i've been these last 2 weeks....
crazy stuff's been happening..

my boss chooses the MOST hectic end-of-the-month days to go on a holiday ... so I've been staying back late at work for almost everyday this entire week . (he doesn't know of this blog, I hope :P)

Then I had a span of 4 really unlucky days... health-wise, that is.... I injured a different finger on my LEFT hand, every one of those days...and it hurts so much!!!

Met a really cute girl in the delhi metro... really sweet n all, but I had work, so had to get off... and I didn't ask for her no. :((

Came up with a new hindi word-meaning .....
Q : What do you call drinking in the car?
A: "Kaarobar" (originally means business in Hindi)
yup, its the new code word at office.

but something good's happened too... I bought an XBox 360 !! and I absolutely LOVE it!
I guess that's one of the reasons why this post looks like a composite book of facebook status updates ....cuz I'm going offline to play ! (can't stop grinning ,somehow)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

To facewash or not to facewash, THAT is the question.

I've had a relatively tough time this last week. No, not because of the usual string of reasons.... breakups, bosses, pesky neighbours/relaitves...bla bla... no, none of those ,thankfuly. Rather, the reason's one that pretty much upsets how I go about my daily routine.

The other day I realized that I'd used up all of my facewash... and so I went to the local supermart to get a new pack... I'm walking down the aisle, looking at the ones available and I spot this really smart looking pack ..black in colour...apparantly a new line called 'Garnier MEN' (I saw John Abraham endorsing it on TV the next day) ..... I think I bought it mainly cuz the pack looked really cool ... black, with green writing (and no! I'm not ashamed of it!) .....plus, all the other face wash packs are kinda 'girly' ... yellow, pink, what not :P

Anyway, I ended up bringing it home.... but that's NOT what the post is about... Although I'm not particularly superstitious, I can't help wondering in this situation ...
The very day I bought that new brand of face wash, MY WATER SUPPLY GOT CUT OFF!!! ummm... now what apparantly happened was that the water board's motor for supply to our colony's fucked up.... so there's none in the taps ..and its been 3 days! I've been living off stored water and it's so bugging cuz we've never had such a prob for the 6 years i've lived here!!
Hopefully they'll repair the pump soon...or i'll have to throw out the facewash ( seriously, I've got wierd suspitions on the Gods and Garnier, now)
What can I say, I've got my own series of unfortunate events :
Buy new fw ---> come home ---> tada! paani gayab!!

Dryly yours
PS: Pray for me... I don't wanna bathe with stored water anymore!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


A friend recently scanned this pic and put it on facebook... Its the class photo from the 1st standard !!!
There's something about this pic that just captivates me....

dunno...maybe its how sweet we all look as kids... which makes me forget the things that went 'wrong' between me and some of my oldest friend(s).

maybe its the fact that my fav teacher was the one who tought me in the 1st... the one you see in this pic .... I never forget to see her whenever i'm around school.... sigh.. dunno if she's there now though.

btw, if you're wondering.... I'm the kid on the left of the teacher... the one who's eyes are apparantly being burnt by the sun shining right into them.... so much for my efforts to give a good smile into the camera :(

There were these stairs at the end of the junior school playground..... the ones on which every class photo was taken. Maybe cuz the sun shined directly on them at noon, and the pic turned out nice.... but I never got the hang of keeping my eyes open against the direct sunshine !

Friday, June 5, 2009

Don't-really-know day

Sometimes it surprises me how moody I can be. There are a handful of moods that randomly affect me ( or maybe due to 'hidden' reasons). Its kinda funny to an extent, when I think about it that way.....  I really haven't been able to define myself till now.... and I don't think I ever will be able to.I just wake up in the morning, and well.... feel.... feel good or feel bad or feel lonely or feel on top of the world !!
If you're going on a drive with me (which I absolutely love to do...  but for the fuel prices!), there'll be days when I'll sing along with the stereo ..... on some days, it'll be a soft tone, on others I'll literally sing so loudly my throat 'll go dry.... there will also be other times, when I'm quiet, no matter if the song playing is amaaazing. I tend to think a lot at times.... over-think is more like it.... "why did I do that or say that yesterday?", "what am I gonna do with my life??", "does she want me to call?".....bla bla bla

I usually don't believe in the sunsign thingy..... but people say cancerians are a lot like that... moody... so I dunno..... there's so many things I just stop trying to reason with. They say if you don't bend , you break ...don't take it in the kinky way ! 
Things like horoscopes, careers, hairstyles.... I think its better if you maneouver your boat with the flow.. if you know what I mean..

Talking of hairstyles, I sometimes feel my hair have a mind of their own. They just refuse to follow a pattern. If someone asks me today how I wear my hair, I wouldn't be able to answer.... cuz everyday, my hair adopts a slightly new pattern..... which is almost always unlike the previous day's. So that's one part i've really given up on :P

So come to think of it, I'm a very day-to-day person......  I have good hair days and bad hair days..... good mood days, crappy mood days, super-excited mood days, I-wish-I-would-die mood days and what not......

To summarize, oddly, I'll try and classify my day today:
Hair: Good hair day
Mood: Super-excited mood day
Music: Scream-along-with-the-song-that's-playing day 
Clothes: I-feel-colourful-today day (I wore a purple shirt!)
Bod: I-look-thin-today day

~~~ Now you know what the post title means!!