Monday, February 15, 2010

Darty stuff

Have you ever found yourself chuckling ?
That too when there's no one around?
I actually tend to chuckle quite a bit...with the little strokes of genious that keep happening with me.....I mean really, if you ask me, I find myself pretty clever (no modesty here :P) .....and when I make a smart joke to myself, or say something clever, I find myself ...u guessed it...chuckling.

Its a funny word, ain't it? 'Chuckling' ....try saying it out loud 10 times continuously, and u'll know its funny.....come to think of it, a lotta words are....

So as an update, thought I'd tell you of how I grandly, majestically, royally, magnanimously (??) celebrated Valentine's this Sunday....
Only, I didn't.

Went to an Xbox gaming joint ..... yea, now I pay for playing on the console :( ....mine is at home naaa!
Hey, c'mon now...going and playing with myself ( Read: XBOX) on Valentine's isnt as bad as it sounds..... esp. when I had to turn down my flatmate's offer of going to dinner...... "Dude, wat's wrong with you, its Valentine's ..I'm not going anyplace with YOU tonight !"  .....

Oh Oh OH... I haven't told you.... I recently came up with one of the brightest ideas since I've been living alone...... I asked myself..what does the playpen of a 20 something guy need?  What's the one thing that if present, makes coming home worthwhile everyday, and makes you thank your stars that you live in its vicinity...under its sheer awesomeness, you grow in wisdom, strength and Manhood......

ermmm..... I'm pretty darn sure that after my incredibly helpful description you haven't a clue what I'm talking about...... I brought a DARTBOARD !!!  woohoo!!

It's just SO much fun ! ....believe me, once you start throwing those darts, you won't wanna stop.....when your dart penetrates the board, it feels so....powerful......u just have to feel it yourself.......

Here's some pointers ...for I know I've inspired you to get one of your own....

1) Buy a dartboard made of cork....the tournament sized one....DO NOT buy the magnetic board..u gotta grow up now!.....besides, Dad ain't here to remind you "Never play with pointed, sharp objects"   ....

2) Make sure u got a bunch of chicks looking when you pay for it at the counter.....that's a rule.really. 

3) Before setting up the dartboard, get Beer. lots....side effect :  holes in your wall

4) OR, you could put up what's called a 'backboard' ...its designed for this very purpose.... seriously...a jolly eve of drinking and darts...the phenomena where you invite friends over, open the beer you'd bought, THEN start throwing darts.
Caution: For those who can't handle their booze, no darts allowed, lest you'd like to puncture more than just walls .

5) There's some technical advice too..... by the book, the bull's eye should be exactly 5 feet, 8 inches from the ground. Also, when throwing the dart, stand exactly 9 feet, 1/4 inches away (really now?).

There....all you gotta do is get one of your own.....or you could just come over and ask me if I'd let you play.....mwahahaha..... (hey, this is my blog, lemme be bossy ! )


PS: The title....chuckle....!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The week that was

Wierd things are happening. Hadn't I written in one recent post that I have some stuff figured out about myself? Turns out now I feel that "some stuff" might be a lesser number than I'd thought.

Lately there's been a couple of things irking me.

1) The 14th is here.... I wish people would stop asking me about wats happening then...!!!  Why does mass 'hysteria' around certain days not be more sensitive? Shiv Sena, talking to you, someone finally needs you in action here. (ermmm...)

2) I hate pretentious people. Plain and simple. What I hate more is that I have no choice but to hang out with them and pretend 'aal iz well'. NO, you're lame and dumb...get a life.

3)  I don't like the aggressive me. I can be whiny, self centred and angry. And when that happens, I'm not too discreet about it. I was thinking about it and concluded that its actually one of my defence mechanisms. When the going gets tough, I step up the gas, come onto the frontfoot and run over anything thats annoying.

4) Someone reminded me of that psychotic ex...yea, I've written of her already, quite a while ago....I just try to tell more information or bits of news required now. Please, pay heed.

All in all, this week didn't end so well.Period.