Tuesday, June 29, 2010

nuthing really

I saw my blog today and realized I'm not happy with the way it looks, so I decided to go for something simpler...like the design you see now. I've begun to appreciate all that's simple... its the simple things that keep everything else straight.

Had a couple of friends visiting me from Delhi..... had an amazing time.... we booked this lounge to play Sony vii.... I never knew I was so awesome in virtual tennis :P
Also saw this new game on PS3, which was sumthing like Tekken, but the characters were all from DC Comics....can't wait to play !

btw... I got an award at work today !!! Luckily I had worn formals :P
Did I ever say I don't like wearing formals? I'm so much more comfy in my denims and tees..... but got to.... although I make it a point to wear 'em only till Wednesday... Thurs and Fri are casuals for me :D .....

Now, the big question is, what do you eat when ure hungry at midnight? A sandwich? Fruit? Cake? Anything that doesn't smell?
Looking at my options, I think I'd have to go with cereal..... still haven't bought a gas stove.
Although I kinda like to cook, the part I hate is chopping veggies.... I mean, isn't that supposed to be done like automatically? Does Sanjeev Kapur chop veggies? No, the master chef just cooks..... I think I need volunteers for veggie chopping here....

I've also been feeling that I'm too dramatic with self-analysis and need to chill... as it is, I regularly negate what I've been thinking about myself.... so why do it? Is it really so important to know yourself, to know why you react in certain ways? Is it possible to be afraid of finding out the truth about yourself?

Another theory I have is that there can be no stable description - "This is me" does not hold valid at all times. It doesn't really mean I'm essentially unstable.... but rather that I'm dynamic enough.

Thankfully I've got nothing to complain about....so I'm just gonna be smug and go to sleep.


Madhu said...

Finally u see Oh-so-normal..:P
Midnight snacks are something i love too..but i prefer coke.My savior!

u got an award in off? Good..what was it for..:)

P.S Simple is the way to be..simple templates are alluring and so is urs!


Anonymous said...

Aha..I love this new template! :)

Congo for the award. Well done!

And..I just detest chopping veggies...The veggies should come chopped I tell ya...*Shakes head in despair*

suruchi said...

Hey Mohit...
Point No.1: It’s the simple things that keep everything else straight!*making a mental note to tell to my gay friends;-)..poor joke...I know...so don’t make that cute face:-)*

No.2. What’s with guys and video games?*scratching head n then giving up;-)*

No. 3. If I ever decide to bump into the handsome-est bald man in India...remind me to do so on Thurday n Friday;-)

No. 4. You eat anything that DOES NOT smell?????? What about the sinful aroma of hot chocolate....freshly fried samosa...just out of the oven cake...or even some good old Punjabi food!
Okay...by smell you mean smelling from days!

No. 5*I am sure even YOU didn’t have so many pointers in mind when you were writing THE post*I am volunteering for the choppy job*of vegetables of course*though I’d like to know what would be the perks...and would there be a time frame during which I MUST cut them all?

No.6. Yes...please do chill out...stop self analysing...you’d never reach a conclusion anyways and end up muddling yourself even more...go with the flow....
Loved the attitude when you said
“ I am not unstable...just dynamic enough”
Stay happy n stay the same:-)

P.S.The new look is soothing n niyyyceeeeee:-)

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

congratulations for the award! :O

btw nice layout :)