Saturday, November 6, 2010

Post Diwali post

Helo again, everyone... been a long time, I know.....kya karta, just haven't felt the urge to write ... Sry, haven't visited your pages lately, but I did want to catch up with you, so here I am.

First off, a belated Happy Diwali to everyone...hope you guys had a 'blast' (no, I'm anti-crackers).

Secondly, this is the 100th post....this blog has seen me through some tough woohooo !

A lots been happening these days....and I find myself a changed guy at times...perhaps its just what being 'on your own' does to you.

1) I've left behind a few people.... and slowly I've gotten over that fact and don't miss 'em anymore

2) For the last couple of years, I've been in transition between being a boy and a Man...I'm not sure if the transition is complete, or when it will be, but yes, I can see a light ahead (no sexual connotations intended)

3) My search for discovering who I am has temporarily been suspended...primarily because I'm in a comfy place and wasn't really getting anywhere near to a conclusion.

4) Because I'm in a comfy place, I feel I'm getting lazy. Yes, I reprimand myself for not doing anything significantly amazing with my life, yet, but putting it off till next year seems the easier option. So yeah.. LAZY

5) I've managed to keep up my resolution of going alcohol-free in 2010. Not a drop of 'happiness' consumed since Jan. I am, however, really confused about whether to start drinking again from 2011.
On one side, its fun, socially 'cool' and in a way liberates the more 'in your face' Mohit.
On the other side, they say its better for health if you don't drink, it's the 'less traveled' road and its not like I'm craving for booze anymore.

Anyway, lets see what the new year brings.

6) I'm also confused about romance (I'm sure everyone is).... its the one question again...what do I spend my time on? A career or a relationship? Yeah yeah, I can do both together, but doesn't that mean giving half the time and attention to either one, than it deserves? Dunno.... guess I'll figure it out along the way...not like I'm going anywhere soon

7) I'm sure you're thinking about how hazily I'm writing about things.... but I have to... like I said, there's some ppl who read this that I don't want to blabber to.... going anonymous isn't a fun idea either, cuz it means losing out on my blogsville friends...which I certainly don't want. So this is how it is till then.

8) I feel ppl at work believe me to be better than I really am at things. I don't want to let anyone down.....will just need to work hard, I guess. I feel like a politician, while I'm writing this, giving ppl a vision for the time ahead but bummed out about actually having to do all that stuff

9) There's also a lot a things you can always learn from others. Always. Take debating, for example.... I've mostly been a nonchalant kinda person, hardly taking time out to debate over stuff like politics, religion and faith..... but living here, I kinda like doing that now (well, not politics really)

10) I have my own, customized belief in god.... will talk more about that, some other time.

C ya