Thursday, July 24, 2008

what if ?

ever wondered about something that is beyond the ordinary? ever thought about why things are what they are, and what would have been, had there been a different reality?
Perhaps the whole world really does circle around you.... u know, the whole " kayanaat" dialogue from shahrukh's OSO... what if it was true?

here i am, trying yet again to learn the intricacies of programming, when a thought crossed me ( yea, the word daydream is considerably apt here ) ..... does everything around us actually exist? or is it just a part of the universe's attempt to put us in its centre.... what if the ancient concept of maya is actually not a concept, but a stark reality?
i know, there's a lotta people who've said a lotta stuff about this.. everyone daydreams once in a while, right? even great minds....

the other day i was watching travel n living n this punk, tattood skate-boarder turned out to be the only living descendent of albert einstein.... the only similarity being the hairstyle....
do things here have a purpose? is it true that everyone's here for a particular reason... the thing they call destiny.... ive heard a lotta stories of people trying to "fulfill their destiny" ... but i never really got to know what becomes of them AFTER they fulfill it.... do they retire in the lap of luxury or sumthing?

anyway, this random splashing of words started when i looked into the mirror one day..... and i asked myself... what if there was a parallel universe? another world, just like this where there was another me.... looking exactly the same... and what if mirrors are a window to that world.... maybe the mohit looking back at me from in there is also thinking the same thing, and is equally absorbed in his daydream... which is probably connecting our minds in a para-cosmic environment, where the boundaries between the universes dissolve.....
maybe there are no doors between these parallel universes... or probly no 1 has found any...yet....

n zap! i'm back at my study table.... refreshed from the immensely absorbing and galaxy-skipping trip .... i drone on, again....

PS: i just ask what if... whatre u still looking at this for? there are NO answers... yet.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

my first time

oh stop snickering, perv.... i'm not talking about "my first time" on a blog! not right now atleast [evil grin]
acha, now that i have your attention, Hi.
welcome aboard ... today we're gonna sail out to the open waters of the written word... so hang on!

naa... just trying to be over-dramatic ... wait naa.. don't go already!
like all good hosts i'm gonna show you around my place ( my page, that is) since this is ur first visit... i'm indian.. u know what we say " atithi devo bhavah".. or sumthing like that.. but as the modern saying goes, "atithi devo bhav-ah, but if he/she's an ass, kick 'em out-ah" .. pseudo-sanskrit, i know....
shut up! no, i'm not "such a wannabe" ... :P
so where was i...

aah yes.. my page...
hey, if amitabh can do this n if aamir can bitch about salman being his "pappu" on a blog... i thought i'd start my own too!
but seriously... there's 2 basic reasons why i thought about this..
1) Boredom... in its elemental form- so pure that a hibernating polar bear has more fun probly.
2) Curiosity. They say it got the cat screwed.. well.. i have my fingers crossed too...

so the first thing u'd notice about my page is the quote under the title , right? prolly cuz its green... now, Diego is sumone from ice age.. thats all i have to say.. if u havn't heard of him... well, get a life loser..

The overall colour of the page, u'd notice, is kinda mellow... with little interruptions of contrast... sorta like me... i'm definitely not sum1 whom u can describe in one mood....

another section, that i really like, is the " Mohit's do-it-yourself Enlightenment" .. yea, here ure gonna get lil tidbits of gyan , straight from the horse's mouth... wow, are u guys lucky or what?
( for those of you who're thinking about how many years in jail they'd have to spend for murder justified by a good reason, its a lot! so put your raam-puris bak in :P )

There's an about me section, which is probly not very helpful... kinda confusing if i hadn't been me... but oh well... leave a comment , i'd appreciate it..

Last, i'd like to mention the poll that i'm gonna hold... jokes apart, these are gonna be topics that i feel strongly about... do give a vote.. theyre precious remember?

i'd also like to tell you a short incident that had an impact on our lives (figuratively speaking).. atleast those of us who've survived 4 years in that hostel ( freedom, at last! )
a friend's uncle is in the merchant navy... this one time he was at a sailor's bar in russia and there were people from a lot of different nationalities... when it came to the customary toast, ( which is made before you begin to drink) everyone said it aloud in their own language... but as everyone knows, we guys use the word "cheers" too, in india.... so our protagonist looked everyone in the eye, and instead of the word that we've adopted from other people, he said..... "piyo bhenchod! " and that remained the phrase on everyone's tongue that night.... and still is, for a lot of us....
so the next time you pick up your beer remember, there's no place like india... "piyo bhenchod!"

story : inconsequential
slogan: priceless