Sunday, June 13, 2010


*flexes fingers..... relaxes neck muscles*

Its midnight.... the weather outside is amaazing...had a sumptuous dinner.... there's football on TV ..... I'm on my bean bag.... friends've come over....... I've been karaoke-ing for the past half hour, on the top of my voice...... its not always I feel this comfy.

Just yesterday I was talking to a friend about delhi...... turns so darn homesick that I didn't know what to do......thankfully its much better now.

This week's been really eventful at work...... I'm kinda playing on both sides now..... got ppl to watch over...also got my boss to answer to.... its like learning how to handle each of them alongside.......

There's a huge problem with me...... yes, I do work hard.... but I'm not sure if I handle success all that kinda gets to my head at times and I get drunk with power. This week I realized I'm not
irreplaceable. No one is. If I won't do it, someone else will.

All we've got to do in life is to keep it real. As simple as that. Be true to yourself. There's a HUGE lesson I've learnt... the best way to deal with situations is KIS - keep it simple.
Yup..... the best solution is almost always the most obvious one.... and that's what we overlook in our endeavour to be 'different' from the others......

I've learnt that experience is only good for one thing.... it teaches you how to handle pressure.....

I suddenly feel I can take on anything and anyone...... I get really angry streaks sometimes....when I want to beat the crap outta someone.... but then again, no point in it......

Had mocha flavoured ice cream, with oreo cookies today......also had pizza and coke...... since the weather was so amazing, sat on the roof for about an hour, talking to some friends about life, love and everything that doesn't matter... :P

I've also learnt to be patient with things...everything can't go as I want..... I don't say a thing when dirty dishes stay in the sink for a week...... I've stopped caring if the house isn't cleaned properly everyday... it doesn't matter anymore if sumone stares at me..... the important ones still check me out (and vice versa) ;)

I've lately been trying to decide what to say to this one chick at office who's always giving me a glance...well, I was the one who started it....but then I kinda lost interest... it gets kinda wierd cuz sumtimes cuz I don't know what to do.....perhaps I'd go upto her...but probly not ..she looks too much like an ex.


Madhu said...

she looks like an ex? Poor u. Err her! Where did this thought go when u started the glance-at-u-series?

U are in hyd if i am ryt? The weather here is simply fantafabulous!
I was karoaking "when the rain comes dwon" by hilary duff..That song is worth every drop of rain..:)

Cheers to the new season!

Mind Writer! said...

Hey, your head is shining in that light! :D Also grown beard? I think this look actually suits you the best when you're drunk with power! ;) :P

"I've learnt that experience is only good for one thing.... it teaches you how to handle pressure....." - so right!

You've already said what to say to that girl in that office, "Sorry to stare... actually, you look like an ex!" :P

The Seeker said...

just a word of comfort!!!! The new ones always reminds of our Exes... because life keeps dropping us hints ... tk care bro! new looks suit well ;)

suruchi said...

Oye mohit...
Firstly thank u so much for obliging with a pic*whistles n cheers for you look hot* aren’t there more where they came from?*greed..yes I know, it’s a big I’ll burn in hell...n if I have to might as well ogle first on earthly life;-)*
And when you flex fingers and neck’s a picture that is not helping ease the temptation, you know;-)

Okay...about your lessons... you realize your readers learn with you!
Yup...nobody is a a relationship...n at every other place...the sooner we learn that...the lesser the pain!
How old are you exactly?
Coz there is an aweful*as in an awe-ful n not eww-aweful lot of maturity there*

So with a KIS taken from your post, I sign off!
P.S. Hey I have a little award for you on my blog...please get your gracious tashreef there n accept it;-)
P.S.2. Whatever happens with that chick...please do keep us posted*putting my ears pointedly on your blog to hear the holler sooner*

mohit said...

@ Madhu
I think that's the reason why the series started in the first place ;)

@ Shom
hahaha..... yup..i noticed the light bouncing off too :P
n thanks ;)

@ Barath
thanks man..... good to hear from you :D

@ Suruchi
well well always seem to amaze me with your enthusiasm ;)
that's actually why I luv reading ur comments...

hmm...and is it really about being old....I think being bald instills wisdom automatically...that's why I recommend it ;)

n thanks !

suruchi said...

Hmmm...smartly evaded
*note myself...bald men are super smart;-)*

Anonymous said...

Nice and random.
"All we have to do in life is to keep it real" - I like that line. Am gonna hang on to it for a while.

Reign in the anger. Never does the self any good. And look at me getting all preachy. I'll stop.

And she stares? How rude! The nerve of the girl I tell ya! That too when she looks like an ex! Grrrr.

Ohk. Don't kill me for that. Couldn't help it. :D