Sunday, February 7, 2010

The week that was

Wierd things are happening. Hadn't I written in one recent post that I have some stuff figured out about myself? Turns out now I feel that "some stuff" might be a lesser number than I'd thought.

Lately there's been a couple of things irking me.

1) The 14th is here.... I wish people would stop asking me about wats happening then...!!!  Why does mass 'hysteria' around certain days not be more sensitive? Shiv Sena, talking to you, someone finally needs you in action here. (ermmm...)

2) I hate pretentious people. Plain and simple. What I hate more is that I have no choice but to hang out with them and pretend 'aal iz well'. NO, you're lame and dumb...get a life.

3)  I don't like the aggressive me. I can be whiny, self centred and angry. And when that happens, I'm not too discreet about it. I was thinking about it and concluded that its actually one of my defence mechanisms. When the going gets tough, I step up the gas, come onto the frontfoot and run over anything thats annoying.

4) Someone reminded me of that psychotic ex...yea, I've written of her already, quite a while ago....I just try to tell more information or bits of news required now. Please, pay heed.

All in all, this week didn't end so well.Period.


Anonymous said...

Ohk. I know that you are in not so good a mood, but this line cracked me up- "When the going gets tough, I step up the gas, come onto the frontfoot and run over anything thats annoying"... :)

Cheer up. All iz well after all!

Vinay Sharma said...

hehe .. o'luck for the next week ;)

mohit said...

@ choco

hehe...i did manage to squeeze in a funny one, eh?

but i really do that ;)

@ Vinay

hey thanks :D

sulagna ™ said...

i wish 14th was a little less commercialised..can you imagine TOI is letting out ad space for msgs ???huh???

Madhu said...

well the 14th has irked me quite a bit too..Cmon do we need a day in a year to be romantic and express stuffs huh?? Shiv Sena at this moment shud stir up their platter for something more engrossing..:P:D

Chandrika Shubham said...

Interesting way of writing about me. :)

mohit said...

umm...surely ure not referring to urself as point (2), eh?