Sunday, July 25, 2010

what can't I write about?

I've reached a stage in blogsville which I'll refer to as a dead end.Think about why you started a blog in the first place? Maybe cuz you loved to write? cuz you wanted to vent out and couldn't find a pair of trust-able ears? cuz you didnt have a girlfriend? cuz it was the 'it' thing?

I remember why I started mine.... it was cuz I was incredibly bored. But gradually it turned to a place where I'd come and vent out(yea, bad phase)...and I so loved knowing people here, who're all incredibly sweet and leave awesome comments that keep you happy.

But things are different now, I feel. I never could write anything when I was 'required' to....partly why I don't see myself doing this professionally.... I find myself counting the number of days its been since my last post, as if its a compulsion to write a weekly/monthly column. No can do Sir.

I think something that went wrong is that this blog is read by too many people who know me.... makes me stop and ponder if what I'm writing is politically correct....I HATE that...even now I'm trying to figure out the reactions of some people, cuz I know they'd be reading.....
I can't do that...its defying the very purpose of why I love to write.....

Should I shift this to somewhere anonymous? I know my thoughts may be screwed up at times, and I want to write em down....cuz it helps me get it out of my system.. but I don't want anyone judging me...that can't happen here, you know..

Can't kill the writer inside....

I'm starting to see why some bloggers chose to not reveal their identity.... it really helps keep the spirit of blogging alive...specially in case of people like me, those who give a damn.

Friday, July 2, 2010

My Sins Against Gender Stereotypes

There's been too much of wallowing around in the mud (metaphorically) and its been too long since I did a tag. Saw this at a cool blog I've been browsing through, Banupriya's.

The tag dictates us listing down at least 10 things that are associated with the opposite gender that we've been or want to be involved in. Although I don't believe this to be completely relevant today, with gender roles getting mixed up and getting slurried into a mixture of confused individuals, I'm still gonna give it a shot.

1) I love shopping. Its a stress buster. Lately I've been hooked on DC comics tees.... I've got superman, batman, the Joker..... want to buy all but catwoman.

2) Embarrassingly enough, I have a bad sense of direction.Okay okay...don't fling stuff at me... its just what they say about women :P

3) I've used an astringent at some point of time. Don't ask me what it is.... oh, and a night cream too.

4) Okay..... really can't think of more .... I guess I don't believe in a lot of things like cooking and coffee chatter to be 'girl stuff' ..... most importantly......FIFA's on !!!!!