Saturday, March 13, 2010

The day today Saturday, I know ! ahead, einstein.

What does a 6 foot tall, dark, greek-god-features guy do on the weekends?

How the f*** am I supposed to know, I'm none of those !

Have I told you about this TV serial that I've started to love?  its aired on Sony TV ......'Mahi Way'....luuurve it !

The show's about a cute, slightly overweight, single girl from south delhi (no wonder, eh?) who's her life..... the simplicity and honesty of the story is something I can actually feel ...not made up, like the joint families of other soaps, who go to sleep wearing sarees with gold work on em...yeah lookin at you saas-bahu........

Oh oh oh... I got a new blog buddy....and she gave me this sweeet award too !...  thnks a ton, Sammy (cheeky, I know) :D
Go check her out !

moving on...this saturday started out a little..ermm...differently.....  before I go on, you must know this:

A long time ago... my mom had told me that because her parents had woken her up really early every morning, she knew how awesome sleeping late is...and so she let me and my bro sleep as late as we wanted to, on the weekends..... amazing, ain't it ?  ;)
Also, anyy kind of alarm-device is incapable of getting me out of my slumber !
 In college I depended upon my roomie to wake me up, I deliberately have no curtains on my room's windows...every morning, around 7:15, the sun shines so bright, that I stir awake :D

Today, I had slept in a different with curtains....and I got up at 10 . (The 15 year old me thinks I'm really lame right now.. since when is 10 late????). That's the first different thing today.

Next, I had a spat with my landlord ..... and ended up deciding to keep my mouth shut point giving up on a good place just cuz the landlord thought u fingered him too much (metaphorically, whiz kid)

Third, I had to spend the whole afternoon and eve in office.... there's just so much work :(

there's one thing I'm glad about though.... after soo long I had the craving to write again.....makes me happy !

 Oh, another thing..... I'm trying to find a polite way to tell people to buzz off and let me do my work peacefully...... any ideas?

PS: for all those who've already seen Mahi Way, I was almost going to name this post 'Mohit's Way'.....thankfully realised the horror of the idea sooner.   :P


suruchi said...

“What does a 6 foot tall, dark, greek-god-features guy do on the weekends?

How the f*** am I supposed to know, I'm none of those !” LMAO

Awwww....but i had thought u’d be 6 foot tall....and greek god bhi lagte ho..well almost!
Keep up the craving for writing...suits us all:-))

mohit said...

my my ...someone's being extra sugary ...u've sure left me grinning


and I hope I keep it up too !

Anonymous said...

My thoughts whilst reading this post (which btw I thought was refreshingly honest and humorous):

1) Yay! I follow the blog of a 6 feet tall narcissistic Greek God...Not! :|
2) I have no clue. I can't sit through serials.
3)Congo for the award. But where is it?
4) Yes. I understand your mum so well. My parents were just the same. Your mum is super cool! :)
5)There is no polite way to say that. Just keep doing your work while they keep yapping, drooling or whtever it is that they do to bug you.

Madhu said...


1.he must be drooling with some cleopatra kinda girls..who cares anyways..:P

2.Mahi way is so much hope for those lovely girls who think they aint lovely *hi Five* to that!

3.Award?? congrats..display we know what award uve got!

Sleep...i am an early no commentz!

Keep reading ur crazy attics and confessions..:)

PS hows ur throat btw? Singing away to glory eh?

mohit said...

@ choco
'There is no polite way to say that'

You're so right... I actually tried wt u works!

@ madhu
the throat's fine, thanks :)

and a high five back to you !

and guys, I've been lazy...will put up the award soon :D

barath said...

Hello Mohit!

Long time na!!!

Quite a fun read!!!, And well rambled!!!