Monday, September 6, 2010

Home Management ??!

We've all probly heard the story where the Dad and Mom interchange their jobs for a day...with the Dad staying at home and the Mom going to office (all the working women out there - this was an old one, no stereotypes intended). So as it turns out, Dad ends up having a horrid time managing the house - That's what I term Home management.

Believe me, its no easy task. I mean, when ure a bachelor staying with other bachelors, there are these completely enigmatic instances that arise, the answers to which no one knows - or discusses - until the weekend. For example:

1) Who will wash the dishes?
2) Who will clean the glass cabinets(The maid's as lazy as us)?
3) Who will shop for groceries (no chance on weekdays)?
4) Who will get the clothes from the ironing guy?
5) Who the f**k kept this bag of atta in here? Now its got bugs all over...
6) There's a tiny #$%$# mouse in the house.... what do we do??

So as it turns out, the moms are now given their share of ego boosts as the honhaar sons call to get some expert advice on these management skills.
"Maa.... how do I clean this stain on my shirt?" ...."Mummy....the rain's soaked the smells now, but I can still wear the stuff, right?"..."Maa.... how do I cook daal? I gotta impress my office-mates"(wasn't me....whistling and walking away)

But you know what, its not as bad as it sounds.... keeping a home.... yea, we have the occassional ups and downs... but as long as they can be ignored, with everyone watching 'Basic Instinct' on Star Movies, life's good, thank you.


P.S: Really...what do I do about that mouse??