Thursday, December 31, 2009


I'm so damn tired right now that I could doze off any minute. I only hope my fall to the realm of dreams doesn't leave my laptop split in half .
Like I already told you, I'm at home... and I LOVE it !

I don't know what's gotten into me.... I was in a hostel for 4 years...its not the first time i've lived on my own.... but things have changed somehow....perhaps I haven't found that level of comfort in hyderabad yet..... or maybe the prolonged home-stint after college has made the homely part of me more prominent.

One of the VERY bugging parts of sharing your apartment with other people is the slippers are shared too. I don't like that at all. That's not to say I'd rather live, that'd be too boring... but I just feel that I'll never be able to tell someone to not wear my slippers...its just too low a gesture to make...if you get what I mean.... so instead, I do nothing and try to tell myself to not think about such puny matters.

Anyway, I had a lotta fun today... so I thought I'd share some of my day here.
I was supposed to meet a friend at CP, but that got cancelled at the last minute...unfortunately for me my friend's last minute occured when I had already reached the place..... "Oh man, wtf !" was the first thing that crossed my mind.... but never fear, I always have a plan B

So I called up this other friend who lives close by and asked him to see me there..... I made a few observations today :

1) I have sat at a coffee house alone more than once. And strangely, I find it pretty comforting.... gives me time to think . (plus it beats standing outside, looking silly while waiting for someone)

2) Lately, I've observed this strategy in showrooms.... whenever a single guy enters, the best looking female attendant shows him around the store... and the guy almost always ends up buying something or the other.

3) With reference to the above, I bought a T-shirt that I absolutely did NOT need, today...I realize it now.

4) After spending a chunk of moolah in the showroom, I went over to Janpath (which is basically a flea market) and bought 3 other Tees ...with a combined price lesser than the previous one....had to bargain shamelessly for that though..... I've noticed that my bargain capabilities depend hugely on my mood.... If I'm very tired, I just give the guy what he asks for and get over with it.... if I'm in lively mood, or if I have lots of time on my hands, I absolutely give it to the salesperson .

5) I bought the superman logo Tee...wohooo!!!
I've wanted a superman tee for so long now.... I also want superman boxers.... but I haven't found 'em yet...the search is on.

6) Winters in Delhi are amazing......I love the way Delhi is so dressed up at this time of the year.... beautiful city, beautiful people.

7) Delhi is probly one of the only few cities where one can hear a blend of Hip Hop, House and Punjabi melodies echoing in coffee houses..... and I really don't mind that.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Homeward bound..tick tock..

This is the sad part of not owning a lappy anymore.... till 2 days ago, I was bursting with things I wanted to write about.... but I cudn't then... and now that I've finally sat down to pen it, all I get is the silly song that's been stuck in my head ...

"Pocket mein rocket, pocket mein rocket...pooocket mein rocket hai ,pooocket mein...."

The big news is that I've come home to gurgaon! Just for the holidays though..... It was so easy in college... bunk a few lectures...go home (or wherever required :P) .... but now you gotta apply for a leave...convince your boss that it's absolutely, positively critical that you go .....
gets at you at times ...
but then again, I'm not the only one who misses college..... so everyone who's in it right now, have FUN !

The journey home was a tough one. It was one of those times again where everything seems to go haywire..... I'm sure all of you are aware of the agitation happening in Andhra Pradesh nowadays..the Telangana issue... not gonna talk about that, dnt worry ....
So, my train was late.
No no no no no, this was no ordinary late.....let me elaborate...

The train was due to depart at 6 in the evening on the 25th..... so after coming back from work on the 24th, we went out to booze eve, after all. (I love the way we Indians celebrate everything..Diwali, Eid, Christmas...all festivities... hic !)
We wished everyone a merry christmas afterwards... I think even a lotta ppl whom we didnt know :P (yes, these details are important)

I woke up next morning only to find I still had like 8 hours left for the train and did my packing at leisure.... somehow something clicked in my head and I called the Indian railway helpline for the train details.... the train was late by 4 hours !
Great. I quit packing and went out for lunch...I checked with the helpline an hour afterwards...the train was 5 hours delayed now.
Rolling my eyes, I went to the cybercafe (yea, bad days ppl).... surfed around for a bit... came back, finished the packing.

Now what ? The train was supposed to depart at 11 in the night now... nothing to do but wait.....
I had asked a friend to accompany me to the station... so he had come over.... not wanting to sit at home, all packed .... we left for another friend's place ... saw this Ben Stiller movie ... I think it was called 'Rolling thunder' or something...... pseudo- funny...

9 o clock... 2 hours to go... I decided It'd be better if I reached the station by 10 ....
I was alone now.... asked my friend to go home, no point in both of us waiting ...
The display at the platform said my train was due at 12.30 now.....
I was glad for two things then... waiting rooms and books.
I had taken a copy of 'To kill a Mockingbird' from a colleague .... I made a place for myself in the waiting room...and started to read....

I couldn't help but notice the people around though... its almost funny how there are definite categories of people you'll find.... everywhere !
There were the families...with the mom sitting smug, instructing the kids not to run about, the kids who still did, the dad who kept going out, talking to people and declaring the time still left for em to wait.....
The single chick who's amazingly self conscious and sits upright, reading her book .
The single guy who sits next to her and initiates a conversation again and again, despite the fact that the chick is trying (or pretending ?) to read...
The newly-weds who're just sitting and whispering among themselves.
The highly inquisitive who're more interested in what's happening around them.... (hey hey... I'm different..I was checking out stuff objectively :P)

After what seemed like eternity, where the kids cried, someone stumbled upon luggage, some argued with the station authorities, my growling stomach and crappy train station sandwiches , it turned 1.30 AM ... and the train finally arrived at the station... almost dramatic when I picture it now.... minus the 'Main hun naa' SRK though..

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I goofed up.

I'm sure all of you know what it feels like when u've screwed up..... that oh-my-god-i want-to-hide-inside-my-shell-forever feeling ....

this one is dedicated to chocolate lover who has actually given me 2 awards ! go here.
and I missed out on that in the previous post

reeeally sorry abt that !

Oh, have you also noticed that when things start to go wrong, EVERYTHING goes wrong simultaneously ?
This happened to me yesterday...... I got a call from my client (normally the guy just mails me about it) who asked me to do this piece of work really urgently....

see, we work remotely on desktops located in the UK, at the client's office...
I turned towards my system to see that the connection with my remote system was lost !
wtf...I said to myself and tried fiddling with the connection...

"Some software engineer you are.... can't even connect to the system ...", I reprimanded myself......
finally I decided to go to my boss and complain about the situation.... when he saw how urgent the work was,......."damnit ! " ...first time I had heard him swear (polite guy).

Co-incidentally, there had been heavy snowfall in the UK yesterday, due to which none of our onsite team members were present in office.... so no one to actually go and restart the system manually about tough luck !

anyhow...we talked to stuff sorted...
the point is... when its going bad, it will...nothing you can do about it ...just gotta go with the flow, eh ?

umm..I realise the above incident has been pointless... do we care though ? :P


Sunday, December 13, 2009

7 things hitherto unknown to mankind.

Hey guys....I had been thinking of writing about this tag that Shomoita had tagged me with ... and finally today...sunday evening...I decided to write !

This tag is about 7 things which other bloggers don't know about me....and I'm not sure if I won't be writing about stuff which I haven't already touched in the blog...

Oh, n there's also this award that comes with the tag...which makes it the 2nd award for this blog :D ....hugs to you Shomoita !
The first one was given by this incredibly sweet blogger sulagna.. n here it is ....

woohoo !!

OK...for all those who've heard the movie Bluffmaster's tracks...I'm gonna start with this ...

"Lesson number one " (which basically stands for Point # 1)

Everyone loves their friends right ? Of course...that's why they are your friends !
So as is normal, I love my friends too...but there's just this one small thingy that irks me..... barring a few , they DON'T read my blog !!!!!!
I mean....its kind of wierd at times...'cuz I can't discuss stuff about the blog with them...if I do it appears as if I'm obsessed with popularising it.. so I take care in that area...not to sound too aggressive ....

Point # 2

I DID promote my blog a lot initially...cuz it was just so exciting that my words are right there...on the net...for everyone to see !!

pls refer this for more on this. I wrote it on 12/8/08 .. u'll know then..

Point # 3

I have had a relationship where absolutely NONE of my friends know anything about the girl .... I mean they know she exists..just not who she is..what she does.... and I never told them..... the reasons cannot be blogged about ....awwww so sorry to burst ur bubble but NO the reasons aren't related to case you were expecting masala ;)

Point # 4

My current aspiration is to buy a cycle . No, not the Atlas cycle kinds...something ..umm...non-kiddish..
Stop laughing, will u..there's a valid logic to it...

See..right now, I live like 9 kms from office... so I can't even think of commuting by a cycle everyday.
But I'm thinking of shifting apartments in the beginning of Jan. This one will be just 3 kms from work.
This isn't a big distance....and there's a lot of advantage to cycling....

1) I used to love it as a kid...I still remember the guy who tought me how to was my friend's elder bro...and he tought both of us together....although I had a nearly fatal accident while cycling , 4 weeks after I had learnt.

2) Great fitness idea !

3) Reduced commuting expense....bring it on !

Point # 5

I have accepted my position in the romantic - relationship world. It sounds really sad..but I have.
I can't break MY girl's heart (knowingly). That's why I'm the guy who'll always get his heart ripped out.

Point # 6 don't know this.... I recently said something to someone..and this is either the lamest or the nerdiest line ever..... I said with utmost sincerity :

"You are my Kryptonite."

Point # 7

I dislike unhygenic people/places.
It could be wierd that a guy says this... but unlike popular belief.. I DON'T throw my socks anywhere around the house when I get back from work...I DON'T throw my towel on the bed and leave after a bath...and I prty much stay away from smelly feet too .

You get the picture....right?
We recently made a rule in our apartment...we've got one pair of slippers that is RESERVED for the washroom....and everyone is forbidden from wearing 'em anywhere else... It sucks when ppl come with dirt on their footwear from outside and dirty the washroom !.. and I'm not ashamed of admitting it. My flatmates are nice enough to agree to this.

OK..I'm gonna stop now... so you can go ahead and scroll it again.... form an opinion...comment.... all's fine....

Take care everyone...signing off. (nerdy line # 2)

Oh, n I know I'm supposed to tag 7 other people in turn..... and I always do this.... maybe I'll make this kind of a 'signature move'
.... I tag whoever reads this (be honest now !) :P
that is, if you haven't been tagged already

PS : Wow, I love commenting about my 'witty' post titles :D