Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rakhi update

I might never admit it in person, but deep down, I do like the small little traditions we've grown up being a part of.
Like the puja before diwali..... or the Puri Chane mom makes on kanjak (the 9th day of navratri)..... Yes, i've debated over the futility of religious practices, more than once....but these are the harmless little tidbits of identity that I can relate to.

aah...who am I kidding....I can never stay mad forver..it takes two hands to clap......spoke to my cousins...there's a rakhi on my wrist now...

Happy Rakhi, Mohit.


Monday, August 23, 2010


I've just come back from a week long vacation. Yea, it does suck, the thought of getting back into the rat race and routine of everyday life.
But good times have a bad habit of not lasting..... even the bad times have a good habit of not lasting, come to think of it.

Anyhow..... the vacation was awesome....although it didnt go exactly as per plan..I did some stuff that I'm not particularly proud of, but oh well, u live once,right?
...got to know some friends all over again....
see, this is the problem...I can't write about it 'cuz I don't want some people to know the specifics......

Moving on..this post isn't really about the vacation....its about Rakhi.
No, not the actress, the festival !

Not that I have anything against the whole bro-sis thing, but frankly, this is one festival I've never liked.

I used to think its got something to do with me not having a female sibling.....but that's not all of it.... I think about this every year, and I get to go deeper into reason... I'll try to sum it up:

Ever since we were kids, my cousin sisters would post us Rakhis and mom would tie 'em on the day. This started appearing a lil silly to me eventually as I began to think of it as a chore. Perhaps it wasn't so to the other side involved though.

Now that I'm on my own (so to say), I think I was right.... I'm not that close to my cousins anyway..... and neither did they (or I) bother about what my hyderabad address would be, so they could mail the Rakhis....

All in all.... perhaps as a kid I was jealous of the other kids who actually had sisters living or visiting them.... I remember our teachers asked us guys to get chocolates or stuff to school on Rakhi, so we could gift 'em to the girls.....and I was acually enthusiastic about them tying us the strings (before puberty, that is :P)

Now I just don't care .... nothing on my wrist this time.

Hope you guys have a good time, though

Sunday, August 1, 2010

not today

yea...true that I've lately been thinking of exile in an anonymous new blog...but not today, its not time yet...

thought I'd take time out to wish a happy friendship's day to all my blog buddies.... it wouldn't have been the same without you guys !

saw 'Once upon a time in Mumbai' in the eve.... and I liked it ! the plot's well laid out... Ajay Devgan's acted well...and the actresses are dolled up.... what's not to like? Come to think of it, there's seldom a movie that I dislike... yea, I may be neutral towards sumthing..but I guess I'm generally an 'easy' audience (all of you waiting to put up a show for me...never fear :P)

you know, sometimes I wish I grew up in the 70s.... it just seems so cool....the bellbottoms....the flowy shirts....it all seems so slow and at peace.... like a perennial holiday....haan, definitely I would've missed a few things like the xbox and coffee house chatter, but oh well....

sometimes I can't wait to make my life big....you know, have it 'all'..... the wait and the gradual stages just seem soo long.... but I know it takes single drops to form an ocean....

oh btw.... I'm participating in a cycling event this Independence day....more than being patriotic, its cuz I like testing my limits..my capabilities.... they've got 2 modes... 10 kms and 63 kms...I wanted to participate in the 63 one...but I've been trying to put on weight so decided to settle for the 10 km ride.....

Oh...have I told you about my roomie? ...let's call him ..Mr A (haha...corny, I know)
so the best thing is that we both share a passion for sports.... naa, not the ones on TV...but actually going out and doing stuff..... we registered in the cycling event together...sadly I don't think he'll be taking part cuz he's not been keeping well... I hope he does though....
I think I've gotten more interested in physical sport since I finished college....being in IT, sitting in front of a screen all day long.... I try n take part in as much as I can.... can't afford to get bored of myself.. again.

anyhoo...gotta go.... listening to dev d