Sunday, January 24, 2010

Impulsively yours.

There are some things that we're good at doing, and some that we're just not.
For example, some people are good at maths, some aren't. Some are good at sports, some aren't.Some are good at...errrm...women, some...u guessed it, aren't .

I find myself at a stage where I've figured out atleast some part of myself...I'd like to think so, yes.
So, I pretty much know what I am and am not good at. I'm not good at saving money... the optimists can also rephrase this as "I'm good at spending dough !". This is definitely one of the things I've figured out. I don't know how people do it, how they manage to tame their instinctive nature of wanting things. Everyone wants stuff...a lot of it..... With me, the process of buying works the other way round perhaps.... I don't go to a bookstore because I want a book.....I want a book because I'm at a bookstore and that amazing, almost hypnotic smell of books is all around.

So, as it turned out, I had been getting messages from this mall for a couple of days now.... sale this, sale that, amazing your-life-depends-on-it only fault.. I decided to visit it today.

Oh oh oh...before I go ahead, have I told you how I fell in love with someone at this same place? Well not Lurve love, but the one you develop with hotties...
Shoulder length hair..nose piercing (sooo sexy) converse sneakers....amazingly cute smile.....
but this ain't about that.

Getting back, I went to the mall...... now comes the part that I'm good at..... friends don't mind asking me for advice when they need to buy sumthing..... I'm the guy they take along to shop with..... and believe me, I don't mind at all......but when it comes to getting something for myself, I'm mostly double minded about this and that.....

So we'd bought the things my friend wanted, and were walking towards this exit, when I saw the sale on shoes..... as it is I'm a sucker for wrist watches and shoes, so we walked into that store.....

1) I liked 2 shoes...the one I liked better kinda looked like the pair I was already wearing the other ones were it.

2) Adidas and Reebok have betrayed me. Their bi-annual 40 % off sale has shrivelled to 30 % now. sob sob

That said, I have a brand new (and pretty much not needed) pair of shoes now ...woohoo !!!!

PS: just gotta include this for a couple of days..getting listed !


Mind Writer! said...

"I don't go to a bookstore because I want a book.....I want a book because I'm at a bookstore and that amazing, almost hypnotic smell of books is all around."- Loved it!

mohit said...

aww...I'm glad you did :)

sulagna said...

nice mohit...even i like the book part of the post..and yes...m happy you got your new shoes.. a man at any point of time should have 8 pairs of shoes in this shelf..8 at least

Choco said...

Ah! A guy who likes shopping...And posts about it..Now this is why I like this blog! :)

PS: Word Verification: fleffors. :p

mohit said...

@ sulagna
hmm..that's an interesting concept...i wudn't mind actually...3 more to go ;)

@ choco
finally....where have u been??
n thnks :)
fleffors...naaice :P