Monday, September 6, 2010

Home Management ??!

We've all probly heard the story where the Dad and Mom interchange their jobs for a day...with the Dad staying at home and the Mom going to office (all the working women out there - this was an old one, no stereotypes intended). So as it turns out, Dad ends up having a horrid time managing the house - That's what I term Home management.

Believe me, its no easy task. I mean, when ure a bachelor staying with other bachelors, there are these completely enigmatic instances that arise, the answers to which no one knows - or discusses - until the weekend. For example:

1) Who will wash the dishes?
2) Who will clean the glass cabinets(The maid's as lazy as us)?
3) Who will shop for groceries (no chance on weekdays)?
4) Who will get the clothes from the ironing guy?
5) Who the f**k kept this bag of atta in here? Now its got bugs all over...
6) There's a tiny #$%$# mouse in the house.... what do we do??

So as it turns out, the moms are now given their share of ego boosts as the honhaar sons call to get some expert advice on these management skills.
"Maa.... how do I clean this stain on my shirt?" ...."Mummy....the rain's soaked the smells now, but I can still wear the stuff, right?"..."Maa.... how do I cook daal? I gotta impress my office-mates"(wasn't me....whistling and walking away)

But you know what, its not as bad as it sounds.... keeping a home.... yea, we have the occassional ups and downs... but as long as they can be ignored, with everyone watching 'Basic Instinct' on Star Movies, life's good, thank you.


P.S: Really...what do I do about that mouse??


Madhu said...

i am the first to comment! Yiy! Nothing great about it i know,phir bhi :P

I so love guys KNOWING how to manage the house u know? I don't know why it always have to be a part of girls department! Like the way, we get trained to manage the house, u guys need one too! Soi serious badly!!

P.S Get a mouse killer medicine,else get a cat home :P

Banupriya said...

HI Mohit... Nice to see how u manage ur home.

For the mouse -- get a tasty vada, mix it with rat killer medicine and keep it in the kitchen where u have spotted the mouse. It really works. That used to me my mom's idea :)

suruchi said...

Hey Mohit, mommy...oops daddy...
Arre...kya bolaaon?
Thank god it is just ‘home management’ for which u call up the honhaar mommies...I shudder to think what other issues there could be;-)

N Basic Instincts still holds good?
Waah! Sharon Stone is one lucky dame!:-)
Veryyyyyyyyyy cute post...keep them coming:-)

And about the mouse...well, two suggestions:
1. Use him on the computer pad*offo...poor joke...ignore...follow the second one*
2. Get a cat;-)

Anonymous said...

I hate you for making me comment at a time when I am juggling with things and about to step out!

But this post was so ROFL :D

ps Mice are soooo cute! Come on now. Tolerate the poor creature. And if you must, make it leave, then do this. Get a mouse friendly, safe trap. Trap said mouse in it. And let him/her loose somewhere a lil far off, where there is good food and booze! :)

mohit said...

@ Madhu
hehe... love you for commenting the first :D

n yea....I guess its not the 'girls department' anymore I hear chicks dig guys who can cook :P

@ Banupriya
Hey...gud to see u here !
thanks for the advice :D

mohit said...

@ Suruchi

u know, I was about to implement your suggestions, but my roomies wud kill me :P
loved ur comment, as always !

@ choco my I'm flattered...really am :D

and really?? maybe I'll let it free just for your sake :D
Then again, it needs to stop pooping on everything it sees !

Mind Writer! said...

Hmm... home management! Mouse in the house! That reminded me of some old days. About 2 or 3 mouse incidents had taken place in our house. And I don't know why, all of them took shelter in my room! Probably there's more drawers in my room than any other's. In the middle of the night I used to hear sounds of running and jumping of those filthy creatures! It was awful! We couldn't kill it with rat poison or anything else. Later we came out with a cruel but fruitful idea! It was hiding under my wardrobe. We boiled one large bowl of water, very hot, and splashed it on the floor! It came out running, we splashed more! And yes, it was hurt and weak and trapped and almost boiled and killed! Later we disposed it off! Do I sound cruel? Just imagine, it could cause you plague and other disease! It may just dived into the local sewerage! While you're sleeping, it can crawl on you and even bite you!

Ishi said...

hey mohit!nice post!it truly reminds me of the hostel days-where we so called (mis)manage things!well executed!hope ur momma gets happy abt her son growing up!!lol!!
as fer the mouse-i think mousetrap idea might work!!hehee

xyzandme said...

home management is supposed to be the second most dreaded task , first being teaching...

I dont find it that difficult.. but my home doesnt look good to the eyes of other observers .. for me theres really nothing wrong in a tshirt lying on the floor and jeans on the couch...

Devil Incarnate... said...

Hmm... i could really relate this, having seein my bro, n mom coming with golden advvuces to help her beta...

Get a cat or dog, Man.. mouse will find its way outside...

Anonymous said...

Quiet as a kitten.... Do use this place sometime soon...

vishal mannve said...

awesome skills man!