Sunday, May 2, 2010

bits n pieces

I've probably given off this impression before, but life is an irregular blend of cliches and surprises.

Do you remember the character that Jimmy Shergill plays in Munnabhai MBBS? yup..Zaheer...the innocent guy who doesnt drink, doesnt smoke, is a virgin ( not that it mattered in the situation) and still ends up dying with cancer..... yea, life's often unfair to the 'good' ppl...... it seems the baddies have all the fun...... often those who sacrifice their morals end up at the top.....

It's unfair really.. I had to go to the dentist today cuz of a toothache...... fyi :

1) I don't smoke
2) heck, I don't even like sweets
3) I brush twice daily

Like I said, its a cliched existance.

Have you ever noticed how kids are really simple in dealing with people? (note - the other way around might not be true).... they either like someone, or they don't...and their not afraid to show it.......
We on the other hand are in a different league alltogether.....

Does anyone feel that they were really dumb as a kid?
I do.....there was once an evening when one of dad's colleagues had come home for dinner. I must've been...say in the 3rd ......
When the adults were talking, I realized that the guy's wife was a English teacher at some school....... and then  I did something that I'm still embarrassed of... I went to my room, and brought out an essay that we were supposed to write....... then I read it to her...out loud.....

just cuz she was a teacher..... damnit....silly kid that I was....


I've made an observation..... women actually are better at multi tasking

I've got to manage my time better..... this, I feel, will will take me down..

I read an email from Narayan Murthy...n its made me feel trapped..

I've wound myself in a web where I coax myself into staying late in office......I so dont want to do this.... there's so much I want to do apart from work... and I will, soon hopefully

Life's calling Mohit, where are you??

too sleepy to write more....later.


Mind Writer! said...

That's a REALLY touchy post! Heartfelt!

Lately I've learned, life wants good people to earn something, not to just have something without knowing how worthy it was. Bad people may have it all, but there might be something missing that they could never have. I sound filmy, huh?

By the way, reading that essay to that English teacher was a super duper cute incident. I still feel that I've not grown up yet, because I never bother to show people that I like/dislike them. Don't know when I'd learn a li'l bit of manner and professionalism!

I was watching "Night at the Museum 2" last night. There was a line, "True happiness lies in doing what you love to do!" Hope you find your true happiness!

Madhu said...

LOL..that was funnt..but yet hert touching..may be life is really calling u..wake up..:)

Anonymous said...

Ahh..Random thoughts..
Reading out your essay to a teach at dinner? Wat a geeky serious kid you were...I have done worse..A lot worse... :D

And hey..I am a gal and I hardly every multitask...Unless I am talking to a gal pal on the phone..Strange I tell ya...

suruchi said...

Hi Mohit... got me hooked to ‘Mahi Way’ and thank you for it...
Would have been story of my life if I would have not got into a baal-vivaah in my budhappa...
Err...sorry...this comment box is not about me...IT’S ABOUT YOU:-)

1. you don’t smoke...tick...check..good guy
2. you don’t like can you be so sweet n not eat sweets????????? How? How? How?:-)
3. u brush twice...whoa...god’s ke ghar mein der bhi hain n andher bhi...hope u are better now:-)

I also feel I was really dumb as a kid...
What u did in fact would appear whiz kid like before things I were up to...
Hey you got me inspired there to write some of my own dumbness in my space:-)

Liked reading usual:-)

mohit said...

@ Shomoita
wow.... ure right, u know, now that I think of it.....
n don't worry...if you say it as u see it, good for you! Saves u all the pretence

n thanks...I hope I do !

@ Madhu
hehe... U never know..I just might ;)

@ Choco
hmmm.... u can't multi task? seriously? and I thought that came with the whole 'Woman' package ;)

@ Suruchi
awesome ! Mahi Way's great, ain't it :D
luv ur comments btw...always !

sm said...

emotional post
like it