Monday, April 19, 2010

My southern connection.

errmm.... I know the title seems vaguely perverse, and most of you are hiding a smile (depraved, I tell u), but I assure you of no such sinful bliss.

There are times when we start seeing a pattern in things.... those around us, those within us or those happening to us. I believe that nothing is unplanned in life... even if we are not the ones who plan it. Things happen... and then similar things tend to a traffic jam when you're getting late for a movie.... like I said, its a pattern and you don't need a 'beautiful mind' to see it.

What I'm driving at, is my life's connection to the geographically southern part of India. Zapped? Let me elaborate...

My association with the south bagan waaay back in the 11th grade, when I was down with the new girl syndrome . In the sad case that you haven't heard of this medically proven condition (!!!), it happens when a female specimen of our species walks into a new environment. It may be a new student in class, a new colleague or even a new kaamwaali bai ( surprisingly, love is blind) ...The syndrome refers to the reaction of the males...loss of appetite, concentration and sometimes common sense. I was saying, I was down with the new girl syndrome.... siiigh, how I miss being infatuated.... the girl....a certain southie-origin-lady (Connection urr)

A few years down the line and I'm in 2nd year found freedom, hostel and a lack of money in each month's second half..... a trip to goa lands me into love's own hands again.... this time a lady with origins from God's own Country. Yup, she was mallu.  (Connection rend)

Fast forward a few more years.... Mr. first engineer in the family... selected in a major IT firm.....waah waah's and bravos all around...... and where do I get sent? First Chennai, and now happily settled in Hyderabad for god knows  how long ! (Connection moon).

My dear Watson, as you can see for yourself, it appears that life has had a motive with its plots and turns...... there's no point saying that its been a bad journey, 'cuz it hasn't.  If you can't accept what you're given, there's nothing you'll do but crib about it. Instead, open up...and the south will cradle you in its arms, in no time.

PS: If you didn't get the tamil counting, u gotta brush up here.