Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fly, fly, fly awaay

There are some things that most people take for granted if you were a kid who grew up in 90's.....

1) You can ride a cycle
2) You've played media TV games, including Mario and Contra..... and that you know how to skip to the 8th level in the beginning screen in mario. (press the select button, wasn't it?)
3) You've eaten candies like 'Swad', 'Fatafat' and the one that was shaped like a cigarette and urged us to exhale in the winter fog....
4) You loved Disney hour on ..ermm..Zee TV ...and Ducktales was probly one of ur favs

I'm sure we could all add many more.......

One that I'd like to state in particular is that you wud've probly flown a kite from ur rooftop or atleast knew other kids in the colony who did !

That's exactly what I did yesterday. We were walking back home after lunch when I spotted a small shack on the roadside where they were selling kites and related stuff...... It was probly because the festival of Pongal has just gone by (belated wishes !) .... people here fly kites on the day.

So even though I'm one of those unfortunate kids who didn't actually know how to fly one, I decided its time I learnt...and we bought 2 kites(I admit, one of them was pink .... but who'll notice when its a gazillion feet up in the sky?) and the 'manja' (which is basically the thread used to fly it with) .......

So I gathered a few friends and we had our very own kite flying fiesta :D
Although among the 5 of us, only 2 actually knew how, it was totally worth it.... when the kite's like waay up in the sky and u hold the string, its amazing how connected you feel with the wind.... it tugs and pulls the kite, plunges it downwards and challanges you to gain control again.....

As long as you make sure u don't fall off the roof, I'd say everyone should try it atleast once, if you haven't already !

I'm gonna tell you what I learnt...because I did ! I flew it myself...without a co-pilot :P

Step 1... Buy a kite, preferably a paper one..plastic ones are of no use, I was told by the experts....Also remember to buy the thread... don't buy the one with glass coated on it cuz it'll just make ur hands look like u hi fived a cat in the wrong way.

Step 2... Find a high, but safe place to fly the kite from.... always play safe now... its the kite that's meant to glide, not you.

Step 3.... Find someone who knows how to get the kite up in the air (I didn't learn the 'Take off' bit :P)

Step 4 : Once your kite's high up, take the string into you own hands and remember this simple tip : The first technique you gotta learn is the 'Jerk' , wherein you pull the string towards you in a sharp, swift movement.... what you have to keep in mind though is that the kite will move in the direction of its tip prior to the jerk.
For example, if the tip of the kite was pointing downwards when you jerked it, the kite will plunge down.
So watch the kite carefully and jerk only once the tip is pointing up...if you want it to go up, that is (Its a kite, I assume we all want it to go higher UP! )

Step 5: What do you expect in a day? just that one technique right now... keep watching this space...hopefully I'll learn more techniques soon :D

Well, that's about it from the shifu of kite-flying for now... hopefully master Oogway will teach me the remaining stuff very soon... (Yea, Kung fu Panda, today morning, HBO)...

tada... Kite Scroll awaits.


bee!!! said...

its a yayyy post ... 90s is all abt jungle book , duck tales , talespin , kites flying for sankrathi as is crackers for diwali .. u kinda did a rewind and play for me .. cheers

Greeshma. said...

I'm a 90s kid too. :D
Loved all those cartoons. Mowgli bhi acha lagta tha.
(jungle jungle paar chali hai pata chala hai...
arre chaddi pehenke phool khila hai, phool khila hai!) xD
Loved it. xD

You helped me a lot regarding my unsuccessful trysts with kite flying. I shall follow the steps? :P

Anonymous said...

Did you forget to mention, a windy day would be the best day to Fly fly fly awaay ;p

Madhu said...

I am a 90s girl too...just the one who loves the one hour cartoon time with popoye and scooby dooby doo..:)Play hide and seek..and gossip on the terrace..!!

Oxymoron said...

hey.....nice post...those were sme good old days the 90s...i used to wait for those one hour disney shows....talespin,ducktales i loved them all...unfortunately i still dont know how to fly kites...

do give my blog a visit....

mohit said...

@ bee
Its probly a rewind for all of us !

@ Greeshma
You're srsly contemplating following these steps ?
:P loads of luck

@ madhu
u know I never really liked popeye...
but its ok, as long as the kids eat greens cuz of him :D

@ oxymoron
thanks for visitng...will visit u soon !

sulagna said...

patang yeay!!

Sapna Sapien said...

lolz.....RIGHT ON

You know I do have a bunch of stufff to add to that list.

For tv shows -
Mulla Nasruddin
Gayab Aaya
Stoneboy & Malgudi Days

Tasty bites -
All the stuff that small candy thela wala had like Emily, and tht black powder called Taatri. Donno if u knw it or not. And the indian Chips....and the fish and orange shaped candy.

Games -
Maram pitti
Langdi Taang
Cchupan cchupai
our daily cycling expeditions
Ice-Pice (was I spy but we use to say it like tht)

Oh man im stilling living in the past i just don let go of my childhood. I'll stop.

Haddock said...

Well the instructions are almost perfect.
But you have yet to learn the take off, or its like learning to cycle without knowing how to get onto a cycle.
(as for the kite flying........... well I did a lot of it in Bombay .....almost 10 years and to talk in their parlance, its hanuman dhaga, firki, daboo patang, page ladai, gul patang, jhol and when it comes to manja, there is ghasletti manja, narangi manja, badami manja...........