Tuesday, March 9, 2010

In health..and in sickness

Last Sunday.... we finally bought a fridge !  Its a second, so we had to do the transportation bit ourselves. By transportation, I mean carrying the blessed thing down 2 flights of stairs, loading it onto a carrier, then carrying it up 2 flights of stairs ...not much of a problem. It starts afterwards.

Now there's a sequence of events following this that I know everyone's going to have a field day with.

I have toncilitis , which basically means there's these 2 good-for-nothing lumps down my throat that get infected before you say rumplestiltskin.

Generally what happens is I get a throat infection...my throat hurts like the devil's paying personal attention to it.... then I get a fever. Its like bound to happen.

So in the excitement of the new fridge, I ended up drinking chilled water.

&%$^%$## why didnt I realise it before ??

......drum roll.......... and NOW......

I'm sick  :(

No, not the kinda sick a lotta these on-the-way-to-getting-exposed holymen are..... medically.

Funny things happen to me when I'm unwell.... I couldn't help noticing.

It all started in office. I decided to go to the med room and sleep for a bit cuz I had an IPL of my own thundering in my head. After say an hour or so, I woke up, looked to the side, only to find this hottie asleep in the bed next to mine . I shut my eyes and decided to really wake up this time.
Turns out, I'd been successful at that earlier too !

This brings us to the first point:

When I'm ill,

a)  I stop caring if a hottie is sleeping next to me (ermmm.... now you see the need for the build up?)

b) I crave for foods that i know will worsen my condition...like grapes or really cold soft drinks...its like I'm self destructive.

c) I see no point in bathing.... going to sleep anyway.

d) I compulsively check my cell for ppl I can call... and end up dozing off before dialling.

Which reminds me... yaawwwn..... gotta go.

PS: Short post, I know...but I genuinely missed blogsville.


Chocolate Lover said...


Get well soon :)
take care

Madhu said...

Awle thats sad..get well soon dear..yeah one craves for nonsense at such times..i crave for cold water too..and bingo I hardly like to bathe when i am sick..:) thats exactly why mom freaks out!! get well soon..hope that throat infection goes[with efforts equally from ur end] and u go bang bang bang soon..:)

Samadrita said...

Aww get well soon.Even I had a throat infection recently.
In any case check my last blog post....there might be a li'l something for you in there :)

Vinay Sharma said...

lol! .. get well soon and carry on the blogging

mohit said...

@ chocolate lover
:) thanks

@ Madhu
I hope so too re.... or maybe I shouldn't have had that orange yesterday...the throat's still hurting :(

wow..thank you !
love the award :D
will include it in my next.

@ Vinay
thanks man, hat's what I'm gonna keep trying for :D

Madhu said...

stop drinking all that crap and find a way to bounce back to health..u can enjoy em better when u are not sick....:)

P.S hope this comment find u in a better state! :) :)


suruchi said...

Hiya Mohit,
Okay..i have read u before and i am reading u now...
Without meaning to sound an expert of any kind...
I am really amazed at the ease with words that has come about and a smooth flow of expressions...

This is a short post but u’ve managed to create a curiosity to read on...
My personal fav lines:
“2 good-for-nothing lumps down my throat that get infected before you say rumplestiltskin”.
And of course all the pointers there...

Good job done! Hope u are feeling better:-)

mohit said...

@ Madhu
much better now, thanks :)

@ Suruchi
thanks for that !
n I am :D