Tuesday, June 29, 2010

nuthing really

I saw my blog today and realized I'm not happy with the way it looks, so I decided to go for something simpler...like the design you see now. I've begun to appreciate all that's simple... its the simple things that keep everything else straight.

Had a couple of friends visiting me from Delhi..... had an amazing time.... we booked this lounge to play Sony vii.... I never knew I was so awesome in virtual tennis :P
Also saw this new game on PS3, which was sumthing like Tekken, but the characters were all from DC Comics....can't wait to play !

btw... I got an award at work today !!! Luckily I had worn formals :P
Did I ever say I don't like wearing formals? I'm so much more comfy in my denims and tees..... but got to.... although I make it a point to wear 'em only till Wednesday... Thurs and Fri are casuals for me :D .....

Now, the big question is, what do you eat when ure hungry at midnight? A sandwich? Fruit? Cake? Anything that doesn't smell?
Looking at my options, I think I'd have to go with cereal..... still haven't bought a gas stove.
Although I kinda like to cook, the part I hate is chopping veggies.... I mean, isn't that supposed to be done like automatically? Does Sanjeev Kapur chop veggies? No, the master chef just cooks..... I think I need volunteers for veggie chopping here....

I've also been feeling that I'm too dramatic with self-analysis and need to chill... as it is, I regularly negate what I've been thinking about myself.... so why do it? Is it really so important to know yourself, to know why you react in certain ways? Is it possible to be afraid of finding out the truth about yourself?

Another theory I have is that there can be no stable description - "This is me" does not hold valid at all times. It doesn't really mean I'm essentially unstable.... but rather that I'm dynamic enough.

Thankfully I've got nothing to complain about....so I'm just gonna be smug and go to sleep.

Friday, June 25, 2010


At every point in life, we have two major options. Right or wrong, wake up or sleep, take control or give control, JLO or Angelina...... I had two paths ahead of me too.... Write blog or Write appraisal document....and even though its not gonna pay, u know what I chose.

Its probly cuz at times you need to keep yourself before everything.... only then will you be satisfied, fulfilled. After a day's work, I wudn't mind giving some time to myself (er...constructive activities).
There's one advice my dad gave me some time back.... which kinda guides me when I'm in doubt.... he said "There will always be people in your team who work lesser than you, they don't matter. Don't be afraid of hard work."

See... this is why I wrote my last post in a hurry...cuz I knew the emotions would start to fade..... but I'm still gonna try.

Bored of working, a colleague and I registered ourselves for a debate last week. Little did I know it would result in a great saturday........
After 4 days of trying to find the perfect content, on the eve of the event, we got to know the real rules, when we called to confirm, and had to make some quick adjustments to what we were going to say....by next morning we had stopped trying to prepare.

I have a habit of doing that... if sumthing is so screwed up that I just can't do anything about it, I don't. That's the deal with problems... you either laugh about 'em or cry.... I choose the former, mostly.

I happened to listen to Harsha Bhogle's speech on excellence, which he delivered at IIM A . I suggest everyone listen to it. Its just so inspiring. Go here

"Always put yourselves in the company of people who are better than you, it'll help you grow." I really don't know why I put the line in quotes,cuz no one said the exact thing, but oh well......It was kinda like that at the debate.. and I liked it. I don't want to keep feeling I'm more proficient at presentations, cuz I'm not. There were so many people who spoke so well..... and honestly, it was great listening to the ideas.

Okay then, let's cut to the chase...no time to waste...back to my place..... no wait.......... that's Eminem..... :P

I know you've been wondering about the 'Void' that I mentioned
You know how you meet people who'm you want to keep talking to for no apparent reason? Well I met someone that day and it was...fun.

Partly cuz we lost at the debate and partly cuz I was dying there,wearing a tie, I went out of the hall early, only to finally loose touch.

No wonder I felt the void again..... and I haven't done justice to the buildup to this post cuz the feeling's faded now, lost amongst bosses, clients and collegues....

What exactly is the void? really,you have to ask?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Can't wait to write

Monday morning. 9:40 AM. I've just turned on my comp at work..... but my thoughts aren't here.

I don't know when I'll get the time to write, cuz this week claims to be busy at work, so I'm starting now, and will continue asap.

This weekend seemed almost surreal. Well, more so because I keep thinking about it....

I'm not sure why, but the void is back.

have a million things to do...so gotta go....ciao

Sunday, June 13, 2010


*flexes fingers..... relaxes neck muscles*

Its midnight.... the weather outside is amaazing...had a sumptuous dinner.... there's football on TV ..... I'm on my bean bag.... friends've come over....... I've been karaoke-ing for the past half hour, on the top of my voice...... its not always I feel this comfy.

Just yesterday I was talking to a friend about delhi...... turns out...got so darn homesick that I didn't know what to do......thankfully its much better now.

This week's been really eventful at work...... I'm kinda playing on both sides now..... got ppl to watch over...also got my boss to answer to.... its like learning how to handle each of them alongside.......

There's a huge problem with me...... yes, I do work hard.... but I'm not sure if I handle success all that well...it kinda gets to my head at times and I get drunk with power. This week I realized I'm not
irreplaceable. No one is. If I won't do it, someone else will.

All we've got to do in life is to keep it real. As simple as that. Be true to yourself. There's a HUGE lesson I've learnt... the best way to deal with situations is KIS - keep it simple.
Yup..... the best solution is almost always the most obvious one.... and that's what we overlook in our endeavour to excel....to be 'different' from the others......

I've learnt that experience is only good for one thing.... it teaches you how to handle pressure.....

I suddenly feel I can take on anything and anyone...... I get really angry streaks sometimes....when I want to beat the crap outta someone.... but then again, no point in it......

Had mocha flavoured ice cream, with oreo cookies today......also had pizza and coke...... since the weather was so amazing, sat on the roof for about an hour, talking to some friends about life, love and everything that doesn't matter... :P

I've also learnt to be patient with things...everything can't go as I want..... I don't say a thing when dirty dishes stay in the sink for a week...... I've stopped caring if the house isn't cleaned properly everyday... it doesn't matter anymore if sumone stares at me..... the important ones still check me out (and vice versa) ;)

I've lately been trying to decide what to say to this one chick at office who's always giving me a glance...well, I was the one who started it....but then I kinda lost interest... it gets kinda wierd cuz sumtimes cuz I don't know what to do.....perhaps I'd go upto her...but probly not ..she looks too much like an ex.