Sunday, August 1, 2010

not today

yea...true that I've lately been thinking of exile in an anonymous new blog...but not today, its not time yet...

thought I'd take time out to wish a happy friendship's day to all my blog buddies.... it wouldn't have been the same without you guys !

saw 'Once upon a time in Mumbai' in the eve.... and I liked it ! the plot's well laid out... Ajay Devgan's acted well...and the actresses are dolled up.... what's not to like? Come to think of it, there's seldom a movie that I dislike... yea, I may be neutral towards sumthing..but I guess I'm generally an 'easy' audience (all of you waiting to put up a show for me...never fear :P)

you know, sometimes I wish I grew up in the 70s.... it just seems so cool....the bellbottoms....the flowy all seems so slow and at peace.... like a perennial holiday....haan, definitely I would've missed a few things like the xbox and coffee house chatter, but oh well....

sometimes I can't wait to make my life know, have it 'all'..... the wait and the gradual stages just seem soo long.... but I know it takes single drops to form an ocean....

oh btw.... I'm participating in a cycling event this Independence day....more than being patriotic, its cuz I like testing my capabilities.... they've got 2 modes... 10 kms and 63 kms...I wanted to participate in the 63 one...but I've been trying to put on weight so decided to settle for the 10 km ride.....

Oh...have I told you about my roomie? ...let's call him ..Mr A (haha...corny, I know)
so the best thing is that we both share a passion for sports.... naa, not the ones on TV...but actually going out and doing stuff..... we registered in the cycling event together...sadly I don't think he'll be taking part cuz he's not been keeping well... I hope he does though....
I think I've gotten more interested in physical sport since I finished college....being in IT, sitting in front of a screen all day long.... I try n take part in as much as I can.... can't afford to get bored of myself.. again.

anyhoo...gotta go.... listening to dev d


sulagna ™ said...

mera favorite wala gana hai "oh pardesi" by Toshi...come to pune and we can dance togetehr on this song..i can do the rastawala dance style very well...happy friendship day re taklu!!!

has the hair grown back now???

Bhargavi Sameeran said...

Cycling ... nice ?? I guess that demands A lot of stamina ?? happy cycling .. and abt the movie ?? I was hoping its not one of the cliched underworld buster .. good its not an easy audience too .. so goin by ur review here ,,,

Madhu said...

cycling is like so damn cool..where is it going on? Delhi?

Hope ur Mr A gets well soon.Nothing like having a good company for such stuffs!

and hey Mr,quit thinking of this anonymous blogger thing okay! we love u i care about the rest, i love u being stop thinking! :P :D

happy friendships day.
keep us posted on how the event wenT!

mohit said...

@ Sulagna
haha...haan, they've grown now...

rastawala style seems to be quite popular, no?

@ Bhargavi
hope you like it too !

that's so sweet !
and no...i'm in hyderabad, remember?? the event is here only...will write about it, hopefully :P

suruchi said...

Yiy yiy yiyeeeeeeeee
No exile from “being me” sounds like good news to me;-)
*okay I am taking the credit whether u give it to me or not...for when u say my comment brought a smile to your face I smile back here too:-)*

Well...70’s mein nahi hue to kya hua...I am sure if u’d wear those bell bottoms n flowy shirts...they just might come in fashion again;-)

And whhhhhhhhhat the hair have grown back?
So no more baldie?
And we didn’t even get a proper look:/

And trying to put on weight?
Huh? Please take some from me;-)

Hope the cycling event goes kickass for u!
N Mr. A keeps u happy...:-)
All the best!

Anonymous said...

Your roomie sounds funnn :)

Love random posts like this one. :) Don't get Dev D though :|

mohit said...

@ suruchi

yeah.. don't be surprised if Aaj Tak covers my 'emerging bellbottoms fashion' story
n thanks...I hope it does too !

@ Choco
hey....I'm the one who's fun ;)
n u gotta love Dev D ... ask me !

sulagna ™ said...

kaafi din se ek post pe comment le lia..chalo now time for a new one..c'mmon you cant stay thaattt busy

sulagna ™ said...

kaafi din se ek post pe comment le lia..chalo now time for a new one..c'mmon you cant stay thaattt busy

sulagna ™ said...

kaafi din se ek post pe comment le lia..chalo now time for a new one..c'mmon you cant stay thaattt busy