Sunday, February 1, 2009

"Mangalored" now?

oh my god!!!  what the bloody f**** is wrong with us Indians? why are we plainly so intent on making ourselves the laughing stock of the entire planet?? There seems to be such an everlasting conflict of sorts within our boundary at all times. I agree that we're the largest democracy in the world, but does that mean that for every line of thought, there's just hordes of people trying to step on top of each other and be heard? talk about cut throat competition.
I'd like to quote Karan Thapar's article in HT titled "Incredibly Stupid India" .He says "They're attacking women for drinking in mangalore, in Mumbai, they're closing down shops called karachi sweets and banning the sale of Pakistani books.Elsewhere,courts are issuing notices to the producer of Slumdog Millionaire on the grounds the name is offensive.Doesn't it seem as if,suddenly, everyone's lost all sence of balance and perspective?"   
He then goes on to say "India is supposed to be a tolerant, liberal democracy.So howcome we can't accept a name like 'karachi sweets' and buy pakistani books? Hinduism is supposed to venerate women,we supposedly elevate them as goddesses.So howcome we thrash them when they walk into a pub?India is supposed to be an aspiring and dynamic society.So why can't a name like Slumdog Millionaire be appreciated,but is,instead,considered offensive? These are disturbing questions."

I totally agree with the guy.Throughout history, India has always been THE country for tolerance. Everyone has always been welcome here. From the persecuted persians, to the mughals, christians... everyone.For nearly a 1000 years, the major religion here was Buddhism, which is seemingly another way to say tolerance. There is no other place that has such an eclectic people in its bosom. And we've all happily come to constitute this great nation. But divisive politics, I feel is turning to be our weakness.

Consider the recent Mangalore incident.Its just so shameful for us. We call ourselves a free country, don't we? how can we tell someone ( read women) how to lead their lives? I happened to watch it on the news ... and it was horrific, the way those goons were physically abusing women! Its rightly being said, "Is beating up women in our culture?"  NO.
The entire Idea of Hinduism has always laid stress in respect for women, and the political outfits have conveniently skipped this, in lieu of  acting as the "big brother" . BullCrap.  There is an incredibly simple explanation to the media being at the Amnesia pub in mangalore, a supposedly nondescript place for cameras to be positioned, just before the incident that it could be recorded and telecast! Honestly tell me.... did any of you even know about sumthing called the Ram Sena ??  well, now we do. Face it, the idea of publicity by the political wing is far from subtle. Its almost as if they've announced their arrival.  Freaks.
The whole thing's just sad. 

There's another piece of information in HT that's interesting here.... A book called Economy and Food in Ancient India by Dr. Om Prakash, a retired lecturer from a delhi college. The book states that there were a lot of alcoholic beverages in ancient India and everybody drank them, including women. Sita's own favourite drink, Dr. Om Prakash found ,was maireya, a kind of liquor also served to guests at weddings. In the early Buddhist and Jain works "taverns and drinking shops are frequently mentioned" and from the Jatakas we learn that even women and hermits drank hard on some occassions.   HA!!!   Now that is some hard research . I wish the radicals get their facts right before pointing a finger.

Oh Oh... This one's SOOOOOO funny!  You know how every Valentine's Day, Extremist groups go on wrecking Archies' and troubling lovebirds? This year's gonna be different... remember I just wrote about how every point has 2 different sides of people just waiting to make themselves heard here?  This particular "Morality Debate" just got another side, a Jammu Party who call themselves the "National Panthers Party" . Armed with red chillies and pepper, the NPP says come V-Day, they'll be ready to take on those obstructing and opposing valentine's day. They even have a Slogan: "Nirbhay ho kar manao Valentine's Day" .   Well, there's one party all of us are voting for , aint it??  ;)


ps:  Ladies.....  You DO have every right to do whatever you want with yourselves... and I hope most of us register that fact. 


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