Sunday, February 8, 2009

little discoveries.

OK, this is my most embarrassing confession yet.
Generally i'm kinda witty about gadgets and technology and stuff, as in i can usually find the way to work them....  but there was this one problem that i kinda wanted a solution to, but never got the time to look into how to do it... so i took the easy way out and asked a fellow blogger... "how do i upload pictures?"    ...  man, that was a new low in my technology-embracing history :P

anyhow, i know, n i'm gonna use it!  here goes... some interesting stuff i captured. 

Ive been pretty saddened by the entire anti-love campaign all over the country, which kinda gives the impression of war scenes from the Mahabharat from TV actually taking place this Valentine's day...u know, with the arrows n stuff? ( what i never got was the ability of both the opponents to shoot arrows in a straight line, so much so that the arrows actually collide tip to tip ) with one group trying to "Uphold Indian tradition" and the other trying to restore sanity... like an actual "Morality Crusade" ... sheesh!
So, I'm walking on the road,  humming a song , trying to look cool (hah!)... and i see this 'gaddha' on the road and guess what, IT LOOKS LIKE A HEART!!!   The cool thing is the irony of the situation today, with the raging topic being the Women of India and Pubs and Valentine's.
Its a sign,isn't it?   Well, just hope that love prevails! ;)

Let me tell you something about Alex first. Consider the following backdrop.... we're in the 1st year, first semester exams.... tomorrow's the toughest and THE most notorious subject ka exam! its 3 AM.

Scene 1:  THEN.
Moi !@#$@#$, i'm so damn sleepy... and i still don't know anything for tomorrow! want some black coffee? 
Alex: yea sure..

**  Regretfully, as we found out that day, black coffee makes both of us even more sleepy.

Moi: Wow, i can't believe coffee doesn't work on us..  kya kare?  I can't go to sleep, i will totally FLUNK! 
Alex:  Who gives a shit... i'm dozing off, its just an exam yar, we'll pass it next time .

** Alex goes off to sleep. I persist, while my soul yells " f*ck you. SLEEP!!!"

Moral of the story: Alex doesn't give a damn.

Scene 2: NOW.

                              The list on Alex's ghar ka door. He's working now.
Still think Life doesn't screw us?


Anonymous said...

its really grt u shared this section of ur blog wid me...hw do u get such ideas???

i mst suggest u dat u mst involve our bhasad too in ur blog..n make sure dat u dont miss d "default" part..:)

Renu said...

You are not serious about the list on the door :)

mohit said...

@ renu : its so totally there!

vibhor said...

well seriously one of those awsome little discoveries that can cause huge turmoils in one's heart.
nd ya nt 2 4get nice camerawork. A very good discovery indeed, should include more pics of these sort in ur further writings.

But one thing i wanted to know abt is the entry of alex.. How did Alex turned up into d scene..
Actly dat Alex portion tickled me up and the relation to the former matter.(sure it didn't had any), but all in all was smething good to read, actly in dis recession...
ya no recession in comments surely..
good one.. tc