Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Not done :Multi-tasking and (now) free-writing.

There have been lots of times when I've proved to myself that I'm a total failure at multi-tasking...
seriously... I know people who can talk on the cell and write an email at the same time.... not me !
The last time I tried doing that, a complete disaster occured, which involved my 'friend' hanging up with a shout and the email sounding incoherent.
Is the inability to multi-task just a guy thing? maybe not.

So as it turns out, I've been pretty content with blogging this month.In fact, I've been actively persuing it.... on the expense of one of my other loves... reading. I bought a couple of titles last month... and they've been up in the cupboard since then. Doing both the things kinda doesn't fit into my present scheme of things (for later).

Have you ever had 'an awakening' , btw? I've had lots actually... In fact, most of the to-do  things strike me at the wierdest of times.... which have nothing to do with the task at hand.
This occured to me yesterday.... I was shampooing, happily taking in the lovely scent (ans 29,click here) , when it struck me.... I haven't been reading! and when I looked in the mirror, I could see the book covers looking back at me.... freaky.
That's when I decided I need to quit blogging for a while, and sit down to read .

However, that particular decision was in for a revamp when I saw this article in the paper today...

Click here to read the article 

What is this pointing at? Are the days of transferring whatever's in your head onto your blog, over?
I know free press' a far-fetched thing to equate here, but do all of us actually have to beware of what could lead us to be sued before we write?
That's not fun!



The Seeker said...

Yeah!!! That was sad, This is something, That was been aimed at blogs for a long while... And now they had brought it!!!!

Its time that blogs are considered the alternate media and they do have every right like the so called main stream media or national media to express their views.....

And multi-tasking!! don bother too much!! Can see by the post! how passionate you're about reading!!!

Do keep reading!!!

Tke care bro!!

The Seeker said...

and blogrolling you

Pixie said...

Yea.. I read that news too! crazy!
The one thing we had - freedom of speech - now that's also being curtailed!

Hey, don't stop blogging just because you haven't read in a while! multi-task! LOL!

Nice blog by the way... (Have i mentioned this before?!)

sulz said...

i can't talk on the phone and e-mail at the same time, but i have a bad habit of opening one too many tab browsers! this is not good 'cos i'd shift tabs every few seconds and i'm doing this while writing this comment itself! *few minutes later* it's like i have adhd online, lol.

mohit said...

@ barath: gud thought... alternative media... they already are, aren't they? :D

@ pixie: good thing we can still complain n rant though ;)
n thank u!

@ sulz: multi-tasking.... ure totally into it! u even got that bookstore job alongside ...lol...I should take lessons from you !

Anonymous said...

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