Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Of Ahimsa and the nature club.

Its been a while since I've been writing here. I have one word for the experience. "awe-some".

All through history, the united people's front, or the common masses have had but one cause...to make themselves heard to the filthy rich czars, lords or zamindars  (aka government in contemporary lingo) . There have been civil revolutions, murderous uprisings, stone-pelting, bottle throwing...what not, by the people who just want to get their views across. Of course, one variation of this is the 'Ahimsa'  philosophy of the Mahatma... which i feel is just like reverse psychology.

What this actually does, is that it creates a hospitable atmosphere for the expatriate who does not like to be told what to do, or in most cases, what not to do.  When the concerned person is presented with a situation completely unlike what they had in mind, shame, pride or plain anger drives them to do the exact opposite of their natural tendencies.
Consider the dilemma of the East India Co. when no matter how much brute force they used to spread fear, all they'd get were namastes and  polite smiles. Imagine the sheer frustration, when the worst, most horrendous thing you could do to prove your point was abuse people, and all they'd do was present the other cheek. Wow, that really was something.... not the point here, though.

What I was trying to say earlier is that people have always wanted a stage to voice their idealogies, dilemmas and complaints. In earlier times, it really was a big step for the village 'sarpanch' to go to the king to appeal for help. Today, however, the papers carry polls everyday and rip apart leaders' images as a hungry beast might pounce upon its prey ( not that the leaders are as innocent as the pink nosed rabbit).
The dynamics of  leadership have changed tremendously over the years. With technology and communication playing herculean roles towards shrinking the gap between 'raja' and 'praja'. 

The oh-so-me avenues of penning down whatever it is you want to say. The battlegrounds where words flow, like unstoppable rivers, bursting into each other to form a single huge body ( of water). Too dramatic?
Anyhow, the point is.... Blogs have had a progressive role to play in the projection of the common( and the not so common) man's voice onto the open platform of the internet, where everyone has a right to everything that's comprehensible.
I personally find it totally cool to write about anything and everything in here, and know that my thoughts are now embedded in the quasi-real world of the internet. Just the satisfaction of knowing that ive said something, and its available for criticism. 

u get the point, don't you? 

Coming off that road, I added another part to my blog page... endangered animals' pics .Hope its cool. What am i saying, of course it is... I love it!
I've been a nature enthusiast ever since I can remember.

In school, we used to have 2 hours of co-curricular activities every friday. It was called S.U.P.W   ... forgot the expansion.
Anyway, I always opted for this thing called the Nature Club.Basically this group where we'd do environment related activities like Gardening in the school, Birdwatching ( we had a huge campus) ... 
That's when i got to know about Salim Ali, the birdman of India...a leading ornithologist.
We actually used to refer his book on birds.

It was nice ..... we'd lie on the grass , note down what birds were there on the trees... their plumage colours, calls, beak shapes....  
Wait wait wait wait....................................Are you by any chance thinking      
"Beak Shapes?? "
aaah... what else did you think 'birdwatching' was ?? ;)    ... naa, I developed my skills for that "other" kind when i grew older.

We also had rabbits and turtles in school, that the nature club was kinda responsible for..... and wow, did i love caring for the animals or what? they were so cute! well, the rabbits were smelly... but i adored the little turtles.

Hey, i just realised that the first time when i ever actually wanted to punch someone with ALL my strength...out of sheer hate... was around this time.
I remember we came to school one morning and found that 1 turtle was missing. Later, our teacher told us about this 1 guy who stood on the turtle to see how much weight it could withstand on its shell, and it died.
I was so ANGRY. I just wanted to see that guy and beat the living crap outta him. Believe me, I was a very timid child generally.
The poor turtle... I felt so sorry for it.

Which reminds me, a friend had a turtle at home too .... it was called 'Leonardo'   ... yup, as kids we really were fans of the teenage mutant ninja turtles...and my friend had named his after the character ! 

U guys don't remember it, do you? here... take a look.
Its been so long since i heard that title song... didnt u love the Pizza-crazy, martial-artists that they were?

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