Thursday, January 29, 2009

ek aur funda.

well, second post in a row...  i tend to do that... write a lot when i sit down to...otherwise ive pretty lazy about it this month.

this particular funda came to me after a really peculiar thing happened.  hmm, i wonder if uve been a regular reader of my work.....  you remember the thing I wrote about my incredibly sweet ex gf?  think...think... scan that brain..... if you're nodding, i know that u haven't read that article, liar!!! 
cuz it goes 'my psychotic ex gf'  ...hahaha...tested you.
anyway... i wanna get to my funda i'll go through this briefly....  i get a missd call frm her ( foren se hai yar  and a mail asking me to call.... but i was so relieved to find myself unperturbed by that ( april, meri poll mat kholna ! ) ... well, it did get me thinking a bit, in a good anyway here's what i thought ...

I believe in the principle of universal balance.every one has both sides of morality to them...good and bad. Its inevitable that they do. What mostly happens is that one side dominates and is thus more apparant ( sometimes both have an independant existance too, like the tale of Dr. Jekyll)
I will use the above statement to define dangerous people. Yup, people we're generally wary of ( in good and bad ways both). 
If a person's evil streak, however insignificant, is completely unobservable at all times ...or vice versa, it means that person has acquired complete control over his temperament.  If someone doesnt get angry ever...or happy ever..or whatever...then they are the ones to be in awe of... the wonder can be pleasant or foul, depending upon the case.... like holymen, who are revered or terrorists, who are detested.

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