Monday, February 16, 2009

I . random. pink.

woah, woah, woah... i'm back at that hazy place in my head. u know, the one where i don't really know what its all about anymore.... its like i miss something, but i don't. 
i dunno if u've ever felt like this, but i feel like writing each and every dayy. yup... i love writing in here... its like so liberating.  I have like all these one-liners that i wish i could write pages about. sadly, i just know the single idea of what goes beyond 'em. I'm not too good at this.

what usually happens is that i get random thoughts and i wanna write about 'em that very instant... but i'm either doing sumthing or going sumplace that i end up saving 'em as drafts in my cell.... srly, take a look (not that u have a chance at that.bah!)  n u'll see soo many of them saved up.
i'm tryin to work with it.

So, I finally did it. I bought women's underwear. 
NO, I'm neither a perv nor am I a transvestite. The pink chaddi campaign ring bells? Cudn't find pink men's undies in the store . But i did send 'em. yes, it feels good, but it also feels incomplete at the same time. Is this it? Has the flame fizzled out? So want to do more. Sending underwear's not a lot more than symbolic. Let's see if sumthing materialises.

Ok, there's people with friends, there's people without friends.... but it gets plain SAD when the most important ppl in ur life include Joey, chandler and the gang! 
and when that happens, there's only one thing left to do. switch that @!$ TV off.
TV has a huge role to play in screwing a lotta ppl's lives ( not exactly excluding mine ) . All work and no play makes jack a dull boy, rembr? and if jack's got a dish.. deep shit.
Why am I telling you this? cuz I know.yup, no hiding it anymore.. in those umpteen  excruciatingly tough times,uve said to urself... "dude, get a grip. Turn it off. experience reality. " 

You know what's important? To know what you want. cuz i don't really know the purpose of this post anymore. 

crap aside, a pretty freaky thingy happened last week. U know how these pizza ppl say that u get urs in 30 minutes or less? i saw these 2 dominoes guys zipping  across the road , i thought of the same thing. I mean how can they be sure , so sure? traffic jams happen u know... or worse, what if they get a tyre puncture? bike breakdowns happen, right?
2 evenings later
Pizza guy, pulling his bike on the side. flat tyre. freaky.

Sometimes i feel i use this blog as a secondary storage device for my thoughts. Kinda like Dumbledore's pensieve. You just take out ur thoughts, put 'em in it. lock it in the cupboard.

So taking a cue from another blog i read , here's... stuff...
Oh, and the picture above doesn't really mean a thing..... it doesn't even show his pensieve.. i'm wondering why this is here.

- I prefer the 'virgin' newspaper in the morning. U know, when its neatly folded by the machines, not hand folded when sumone's already read it. 

- I DON'T have a cabinet full of medals and trophies .

- I'm paranoid about locking doors. I check and then re-check.

- I have talked to myself more than once ( read often). Includes singing.

-I'm NOT a morning person. If i've just woken up, stay away.

-I'm a wannabe gymrat.

- I love being near water bodies ( not necessarily limited to the bath tub) .They're soothing. 

-  I hate it when ppl write 'mah' or 'ma' instead of 'my'.  I mean C'MON, u passed ur boards, didnt u ?!! Its the same number of letters... type M-Y. plus, its not cool.

- I do not think I write well ( dont comment)

- I wish I was funnier . In conversation.

- Grammar is important to me. yeah, lookin at you .

- Music has been creeping up on me . slowly.

- I'm bad at instantaneous reactions. I almost always think about how great it wudve been if i'd said this other thing instead.

- The moment you stop trying to be cool, you WILL be.

- I would love to help out an NGO someday.  Feel strongly for our environment. Freakin clean up the emissions man!

-  I've ordered Diet Coke,fries, pizza n lasagna at the same time.  No, not cuz diet coke tastes better.

- I'm a bum magnet. I attract them in swarms.

- It feels incomplete if I haven't written here for a while.

- My cell's wallpaper is the 'powered by blogger'  logo seen above . Yes, I fall to new lows everyday.


ps: I'm not particularly proud of this one.

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