Friday, February 20, 2009

new vista tool

This one's a little about technology... I personally found this tool really cool and thought i'd tell you
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Anyhow, I'm not sure if this tool's in earlier versions of windows or not....
Its called "Snipping Tool" 

What u gotta do to access it:

1) click on the start button (bottom left corner)
2) type 'snipping tool' in the search box.
3) Voila! there u have it

What this tool essentially does is takes a snapshot of any open window... be it a webpage, your 'my computer' page... whatever ... and has the option of storing it in more than one format (jpg, gif, png, html) . 

1) you can choose whether you want a part of the page, or the entire window.
2) you can edit the created picture by writing on it with a kind of paintbrush.

That's how I got the's page onto the blog as a picture.. see it... I was trying to take a pic with my cam earlier, but that wasn't too clear...and things became a cinch when I found this tool (Thanks kyle!)

What actually happened was that I'd put up camera taken pics of the mtv webpage onto the blog... then I called kyle and told him how I'd been put up on their list.... he viewed my page, and told me the pics were unclear... and THEN he gave me this solution! 

I think this is another one of life's lessons:
The answers are ALL there... you just have to know the right people!

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