Sunday, May 17, 2009

The great Alphonso build up.

There have been lots of times when I've noticed that when any particular idea, or event has a huuge built up hype before it actually occurs, it fails miserably.
Consider the case of shrek-3 , the movie.... for all of you who don't know, the shrek series has been HILARIOUS all naturally, when news broke out that the 3rd is being made, the rate of anticipatory sweating was high all over the world (umm... figuratively !) ... everyone was eagerly awaiting their fav ogre to come on screen again....when the movie finally released, guess what.. it wasn't so funny !!!

So here's the scene:

A wee bit of general knowledge first tho....
You know which one's called the king of fruits??
yea u said it... the Mango .

That was easy....  Riddle me this : ( no, this ain't the Riddler, and I'm not sucking your brains out when you read this !)
What mango is called the King of Mangoes? 
actually you must've read the title...  I assume ur not dumb either....   its the Alphonso !!
I think the word 'Alphonso' means actually does mean king , in some language.

For so long, everyone's been going on and on about how the Alphonso has an AMAZING  taste.... that its probably what heaven's made of ( mango plantations ? wtf !) the Moghul emperors craved them ....  how the Gods have sent it to earth themselves ( something like that, atleast )....and stuff along similar lines... you get the idea, no?
So yesterday, my mom asks ... " hey, its the summer , howcome we still haven't tasted this season's Alphonsos ??? "
yeah mom, I hope we don't get purgatory for our sin :P

That said, Dad went to the supermart and got the heavenly Alphonsos .... and they were fucking steep man... like 160 bucks a kg or sumthin ( 3 mangoes !)... I mean, its just a fruit !!
So anyway...  we had a family gathering at the dining table for just that..... 
You ever been in situations where everything seems to move in slow motion when you look back at it?  This is one of them .... recalling mom slicing the Alphonsos ....

We waited for a reaction as she tasted the first slice  ..... 
can you guess what happens next? 
The fucking Alphonso  was NOT sweet at all !!!  Bland is the word....  wtf man, whoever said the freakin fruit was the gift of God must've been demented or sumthing..
All in all, the whole thing turned out to be huge dissappointment....  kinda like the concept of exams :P

I had this as my facebook status recently..... "Mangoes are over-rated"  . They so are ! 

oh oh oh...... this reminds me of yet another hindi adage ...and it goes like this: 
" Unchi dukaan, pheeka pakwaan"
literally translated, It says.... The better the shop , the lousier the product !

PS:  I'm still at 1 on the mtvIndia bloggers Scroll ( yay me !)   :P


Mind Writer! said...

He he he ... Great post with great disappointments. May be it's all those "Pichhle janam ka paap ka fal". He he he...

I've just found out, Alphonso was named after Afonso de Albuquerque. You'll get his details here.

It could be the "Paap ka fal" of that guy too... This one sounds good, huh? A film can be made, "Curse of that Alphonso!"

mohit said...

@ mind writer
hahaha.... paap ka fal... hilarious !

mon espace said...

man that should've sucked!!! royally!! but i guess being in the mtv scroll makes up for anykinda crap that gets in ur way :P...way to go ;)

Zeba Talkhani said...

Haha. Nice post! Mangoes are over rated because for once the whole of India feel the same about it and the advertising company has to make the most out of it. Thus the over rating!!

mohit said...

@ mon espace
it did suck bigtime! n thanks :D

@ zeba
hmmm... thats a thought
I'm glad u agree!

The Seeker said...

Yet another Mango lover learning aamsutra!!!!

Aparna said...

Finally someone says something I secretly believed in all along. Alphonsos are highly overrated.Try the UP ke aam, they are much better. Definitely more value for money.

Zeba Talkhani said...

OK. So here is the main reason why I hate these mangoes so very much now. From Manipal to Bangalore I traveled by myself and when I reached Bangalore dadi made me remove half my clothes to fit in these &*^%$ mangoes for mama papa, and they weren't even that great. We get better ones in Jeddah. And now I hardly have any clothes to wear here!!

shanky said...

great post man :)

Zeba Talkhani said...

Seriously. Where have you disappeared? Getting worried now. R u ok??

Anonymous said...

Lolz. I believe in "Aam Khao Gutli Mat Gino" or something like that. So I have no idea what kinda mangoes I have been eating this season. But I just asked & turns out they are called "Langda" & guess what? They taste just like little droplets from heaven! :P