Saturday, May 9, 2009

Download mp3s... minus the usual crap !

Hey ! 
I shuffled around with the colours on the blog.....  looks a bit silly, I admit... but what the heck, atleast its a change :P
any suggestions are welcome btw !

I was searching for this old favourite song ...  "So Happy Together" by this band called "The Turtles"  .... check it out , in case u haven't heard it earlier.... even if u have, it doesnt hurt to listen , naa !!

So, as I was searching, I found this reeally cool site (hint of exaggeration?!) ...   www. .

Okay, NO, I'm not promoting the site.... NO, this ain't an ad-gimmick  !!  They're NOT paying me to say this ( I wish they would though !) ......
Its really a good place to download mp3s ....  I'm not sure they include bollywood though ;)
plus, you can just stream it and listen to it there only, if u don't wanna download it.  

My problem, actually, was that I didnt know any good site to download western titles.
Sure, for Hindi gaane, u've got  ....   but I wasnt aware of any such site for the other-side-of-music.
I didnt wanna install Bit torrent or ares or bearshare (specially not this) or limewire ....  any such p2p sharing thingy...they just slow down my system. 
So I'm pretty happy I found this! 

Oh, n just so everyone can get it right, I installed an mp3 search tab riiight at the bottom of my page... just above the poll  (which btw, YOU haven't  filled !!!) .... So scroll dooooooownnnn ... see for yourself !!


Mind Writer! said...

Yep, also have few bollywood numbers. I also think this is a good site for downloading. Another one I like is Few numbers which I didn't get in airmp3 were available here.

BTW, nice to see your blog!

mohit said...

@ Mind Writer
hey, thanks a lot for that !

Zeba Talkhani said...

Oh WOW. Now I can astop pestering my friends to download english songs for me!!! They will be happy. Will tell them tothank you.

mohit said...

@ zeba
haha... glad I cud help out!