Friday, June 5, 2009

Don't-really-know day

Sometimes it surprises me how moody I can be. There are a handful of moods that randomly affect me ( or maybe due to 'hidden' reasons). Its kinda funny to an extent, when I think about it that way.....  I really haven't been able to define myself till now.... and I don't think I ever will be able to.I just wake up in the morning, and well.... feel.... feel good or feel bad or feel lonely or feel on top of the world !!
If you're going on a drive with me (which I absolutely love to do...  but for the fuel prices!), there'll be days when I'll sing along with the stereo ..... on some days, it'll be a soft tone, on others I'll literally sing so loudly my throat 'll go dry.... there will also be other times, when I'm quiet, no matter if the song playing is amaaazing. I tend to think a lot at times.... over-think is more like it.... "why did I do that or say that yesterday?", "what am I gonna do with my life??", "does she want me to call?".....bla bla bla

I usually don't believe in the sunsign thingy..... but people say cancerians are a lot like that... moody... so I dunno..... there's so many things I just stop trying to reason with. They say if you don't bend , you break ...don't take it in the kinky way ! 
Things like horoscopes, careers, hairstyles.... I think its better if you maneouver your boat with the flow.. if you know what I mean..

Talking of hairstyles, I sometimes feel my hair have a mind of their own. They just refuse to follow a pattern. If someone asks me today how I wear my hair, I wouldn't be able to answer.... cuz everyday, my hair adopts a slightly new pattern..... which is almost always unlike the previous day's. So that's one part i've really given up on :P

So come to think of it, I'm a very day-to-day person......  I have good hair days and bad hair days..... good mood days, crappy mood days, super-excited mood days, I-wish-I-would-die mood days and what not......

To summarize, oddly, I'll try and classify my day today:
Hair: Good hair day
Mood: Super-excited mood day
Music: Scream-along-with-the-song-that's-playing day 
Clothes: I-feel-colourful-today day (I wore a purple shirt!)
Bod: I-look-thin-today day

~~~ Now you know what the post title means!!


flyin..alone said...

aww so genuine....happens 2 al of us!!

Zeba Talkhani said...

How I wish i met you today!!

mohit said...

@ flyin alone
It is genuine, now that I read it again !

lol... 'today' would mean the I-wanna-write-on-my-blog day?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I want to sound and write an upbeat peppy comment like the first two comments here.
But turns out I am going to say this...
"A self confessed and self professed moody person with hair that has a mind of its own!!?!! May the Good Lord Bless and Be With your near and dear ones at all times and give them dollops of patience, blind folds and earplugs." Amen :)))

Hows your mood now after reading this? :P :D

mohit said...

u pretty much summed it up ;)
but u forgot the times when I bore everyone to death with my glum mood ...cuz i just refuse to talk!
The earplugs then are just a temporary necessity ;)

and surprisingly, the mood's still good!

Mind Writer! said...

Long time no see!

Well, it's been two days after your "good hair day", I hope you're still in a good mood :-D

I guess, mood swings actually bring twists in our lives. Don't you think you'll get bored if you have continuous good days? I get bored!

By the way, thanks for bringing out that horoscope thing, long time I haven't checked mine!

NovoneeL ChakrabortY said...

interesting and true!!!

Ikshaa said...

very interesing post...first time here.keep blogging!!