Sunday, May 3, 2009

Guest post 2 !

Looks like she's really on a roll....  Here's the next by the young poetess herself...


My heart is breaking into pieces
with every smile that I give
That's the life that I live
I tried to fool myself and hide behind my dreams
I Tried to make everything as simple as it seems
But deep inside, there were thousands of bursting tears,
with every smile that I used to give
that's the life that I live
Ended up with a broken heart,
ended up with my life ripped apart.
Ended up left alone in the darkness,crying,
Gave up and just quit trying..
ask yourself in silence someday-
are you not in search of darkness?
A place where light used to be..
now no more.
now is peace, four walls, curtains,
and just darkness.
I'm running away frm the darkness
that seems to follow me wherever I go...
suffocating me when I try to break freee..
holding me when I try 2 push it away...
i see light at a distance..but the more I walk towards it..
the smaller it becomes
I shiver as I see it coming to me again
I don't know what to do..
So I keep running....
never before
has darkness seemed so powerful,
so pure,
so convincing,
so lethal.
i am in search of
a darkness...
in its own light..

~ Hemakshi

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