Saturday, May 2, 2009


Hey people.... I'm so sorry if I've been letting you down lately....I know I'm letting my self down for sure! :((

This inability to multi-task is really getting the worst out of me...... So the scene is... I've been busy the last month..... finally got the kinda work I wanna do..... and well, its hectic right now.... and the sad part is, it's made me lose touch with things I like ... writing on the blog .....and reading !

Yea, I've seen "voracious readers" ... reading their authors in cabs while going to office, or in buses..... but that's just not me... I really can't do that... reading in a moving vehicle makes me dizzy..... plus, I'm so damn exhausted that by default I make optimal use of my travel time.... sleeping!

There are so many times when I come back home, determind to write a post here.... but I sumhow can't muster the strength for it... I don't want writing here to be another CHORE... It makes me happy when I write... and I wanna write by my own schedule. Its just that I feel left out somehow....

What can I do? I don't wanna be just another drab guy who has no life of his own other than the one his boss gives him.

Leaving out that part... I'm gonna share something really special here right now... My all time absolute favourite romantic song.... I try not to listen to it a lot, cuz its only for the special occasions...or else it'll lose its charm, na? It's called "I wanna spend my lifetime loving you" ...the title track of Zorro..... by Marc Antony and Tina Arena.

Hope it touches you in the same way it touched me......


Renu said...

Enjoy the work you are doing now and then maybe you can blog about it once you are done with it :).

sulz said...

i'm busier than i've ever been and i can relate about wanting to do something but not having enough energy or enthusiasm to do it. i guess try is all you can do at the moment, until things change and you have time to devote yourself to the things you enjoy doing.

until then, your friends and loyal readers will wait! :)

mohit said...

@ renu
yea, I guess thats what I should do... lets see :)

@ sulz
aww.. thank u!

Anonymous said...

Ahh..Work is the true religion of the soul. So nice that you have found something that you love.
& I am sure you will love to rant about it as time passes :)