Sunday, May 3, 2009

Guest post !

When I last wrote, I didnt have any hopes whatsoever that I would be writing here again soon..... and I was right. This post isn't mine really.... A friend wrote the following.. under circumstances best left unsaid.....  but even if ure absolutely dense towards poetry, I don't think you won't feel what this one's saying. 
These are times  everyone has undoubtedly faced in their lives.... its just that we have different ways of dealing with it. ...   I really hope that last para's just a metaphor hemu  .....n hey, wishing  you'll see your silver lining soon enough   :)

Unspoken Words

Unspoken words, buried in my heart
There seems to be no end, no beginning, no start
My lips seemed to have been permanently sealed
Don’t know how to express the way I feel

Unspoken words, buried in my heart
They lock my doors of normal speech shut
I seem to be trapped in this lonely prison
Where I live as a tormented soul that has not yet risen

People don’t care whether I’m here or there
It’s always the same, wonder why I care
Cruel taunts, teases and jeers
Hurt my feelings, increased my fears
All I ever received were barbs and sneers
Sometimes I just can’t hold back the tears

What did I do to deserve this?
They only know how to make fun of me
What is the revolting thing in me that I’ve somehow missed?
Surely they can tell so I can know and see?

Maybe ending my life will cure this pain
This living hell that’s making me insane
Just one jump into the deep blue sea
Will end my sufferings, my memories ..

~ Hemakshi


Anonymous said...

Parts of it-yes everyone goes through. But the end was so sad :(

Very well written too. May be you should post these in There is a good audience for poems there!

Zeba Talkhani said...

Love your blog. I actually wanted to comment on your first post but am un able to do so. I like what you have written. Love what it means.

mohit said...

@ choco
it was sad , wasn't it !!

@ Zeba
that's so sweet!
but alas, I haven't written this one... poems aren't my cup of tea ( most of the times)
still...glad u liked it !

hemakshi said...

thanks a ton........its sad..but its true..i have gone though it..m going through it..this is just my feelings..wht u wud refer to as POEM..but i felt..n hw i feel abt it..!!...thnks for the comments..i appreciate...them..!!...!!..n thanks mohit..! to all.

regards hemu..!! ( hemakshi)