Saturday, May 9, 2009

o... crappy day(s) are here again...

People say that life is unpredictable. The twists and turns of fate can't be pre-judged. This is probably why I'd advise you not to believe any palmists, gypsies-with-crystal-balls , or tea -leaf readers.  

Did I ever tell you why I never read the daily horoscope in the newspaper?  I used to, for a while, pretty religiously at that....  but gradually I began to observe that whenever I read my horoscope , I have a reeeally crappy day !  Seriously...complete with mishaps and embarrassments and what not.
So, one fine day, I decided NOT to read the daily horoscope anymore !  Which in no way implies that I haven't had bad days since then.... cuz I've had my share ....believe you me .

Speaking about bad days.... I'm gonna come back to why I'm writing this......  Today has officially been my worst day in the last ...umm....3 or 4  months !

As I said earlier, life is unpredictable...... I stand by it. However, (yes, there's always a however) if looked at from a one-day-at-a-time view, life can be predictable , to a certain extent.
Let me illustrate.....
When I'm having a bad day, the ONE thing I'm sure off is that it'll get worse. It does. Now, I'm in no mood to argue the silver-lining concept ......  that happens too..... but only after the day has ALREADY gone from bad to worse.
So, the general order of events on any particular bad day can be outlined as: 

Wake up  ------ > bad stuff----- > worse stuff -----> Silver-lining  event of the day  ( probable) -----> Sleep

Hey, that's a new hypothesis....  or so I'd like to think.... I haven't gotten my silver-lining for today ....  and this is  probably a feeble attempt at it.

There's a very wierd concept of dreams that's also an adage ...... if uve dreamt it after sunrise, it might just come true !   and that's really scary right now.
You see, for most people, if they're sad, the saddest time is lying in bed, waiting for sleep to take over..... just waiting.....  perhaps uve experienced it too...its a time that magnifies your sorrow in the guise of loneliness.

But that's still something normal..... what isn't , though is that today morning, I woke up with the exact same feelings that are mentioned above.... and its the first time i've noticed it in me.... usually the time before sleep is the bad one, if ever. 

So, today, I woke up feeling low, alone and lost. That is how it begins.  Next, I fail at getting results in a project, which till yesterday, I thought was as good as done. Then, I find my room taken over by my folks..... cuz the other TV isn't working.....  followed by a spat with dad at lunch , of course, over my career plans (eyes rolling)
Further, towards the evening, my lappy starts showing signs of impending-death ( ummm.... please don't die !  ) 
next, part 2 of spat-with-dad.
and the worst part is..... no signs of my sliver lining ...where are you??????? 

The bottom line .......  crappy crappy crappy day !!
get better .... now, won't you? ( enter puss-with-cute-eyes a la shrek !)


Anonymous said...

Lolzzzz. Ramblings of a superstitious & sad mind! I hereby predict that the silver lining is that this post will get record comments!

If that doesn't come true don't get on my case. It your fault for having read this prediction! :P


Mind Writer! said...

I'm a big fan of Astrology! I just love reading it. And when my daily horoscope matches with my day, I just feel like I've won this world! Good day or bad day, the mystery always excites me. I check out the daily horoscopes of Rick Levine from And this guy is a genius. I don't know HOW he knows what's up with me everyday! You can give it a try...

Mind Writer! said...

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

In case you don't DID IT MATCH EVEN 5%?

You may surprise yourself today because you are so willing to be involved in someone else's plan that you aren't worried about relinquishing control. You may even be eager to take your role as a passenger without trying to be a back seat driver. It really doesn't matter much what activities are on the day's itinerary. It's just the act of doing something new and different now that makes you smile.

mohit said...

@ choco

superstitious and sad mind, huh? u never know :P

@ mind writer
Hey , thanks for that prediction, but I'm not very keen on risking it ;)
btw.... it didn't match...yet !

mon espace said...

....Interesting..Ive never heard anyone drawing up a direct link with having a crappy day and reading the horoscope!,not reading maybe..but reading?! :P

maybe..ooh...maybe *brilliant idea strikes* read about ppl. who's lives are waaay more sadder than yours, (trust me there are ppl. out there that just whine n crib) at the end of it, ur life would seem better :D..

There's a sadistic pleasure involved in seeing someone else in misery when ur getting there urself.. :P

First time here, so cheers ;)

The Seeker said...

Horrorscopes. but they are total fun!!!!

The Seeker said...

and crappy days are just part of life...