Sunday, June 14, 2009

To facewash or not to facewash, THAT is the question.

I've had a relatively tough time this last week. No, not because of the usual string of reasons.... breakups, bosses, pesky neighbours/relaitves...bla bla... no, none of those ,thankfuly. Rather, the reason's one that pretty much upsets how I go about my daily routine.

The other day I realized that I'd used up all of my facewash... and so I went to the local supermart to get a new pack... I'm walking down the aisle, looking at the ones available and I spot this really smart looking pack in colour...apparantly a new line called 'Garnier MEN' (I saw John Abraham endorsing it on TV the next day) ..... I think I bought it mainly cuz the pack looked really cool ... black, with green writing (and no! I'm not ashamed of it!), all the other face wash packs are kinda 'girly' ... yellow, pink, what not :P

Anyway, I ended up bringing it home.... but that's NOT what the post is about... Although I'm not particularly superstitious, I can't help wondering in this situation ...
The very day I bought that new brand of face wash, MY WATER SUPPLY GOT CUT OFF!!! ummm... now what apparantly happened was that the water board's motor for supply to our colony's fucked up.... so there's none in the taps ..and its been 3 days! I've been living off stored water and it's so bugging cuz we've never had such a prob for the 6 years i've lived here!!
Hopefully they'll repair the pump soon...or i'll have to throw out the facewash ( seriously, I've got wierd suspitions on the Gods and Garnier, now)
What can I say, I've got my own series of unfortunate events :
Buy new fw ---> come home ---> tada! paani gayab!!

Dryly yours
PS: Pray for me... I don't wanna bathe with stored water anymore!


Mind Writer! said...

Please don't hate me... :D

No matter how many times you say that you're NOT superstitious... IT WON'T WORK!!!

Y-O-U A-R-E S-U-P-E-R-S-T-I-T-I-O-U-S!

It reflects in each of your post. He he he...

Anonymous said...

I am praying for rains right now. So cannot pray for you as I don't want no water to be diverted to your part of the world. I want it all to rain here! :P

& 1st Alphonsos and now face washes. I don't think getting rid of the facewash would help. You are the common link everywhere. What can you do about that now??? :D

Zeba Talkhani said...

Its ok to take bath with stored water. Totally. And it is ok to be a little superstitious about the facewash. No judgement at all! Lol.

Well to tell you the truth I had kind off forgoten about my blog and wrote something just so people know am alive and totally fine! Whc by d way u dont bother doing! But now I know why. It must take longer than I think to take bath with stored water!! Hehe. Kidding. Will pray!

Mon Espace said...

woah..that sucks..if u got rains try washing off the face wash in that! ... :P

Ps: did NOT know men used facewash. none of my macho-friends admit it. Nice to know tho..*mental note*

Anonymous said...

Hey it rained here! Strange isn't it?

state of mind? said...

wowa..i never thght how embarassing it wud be for men to buy those girly face washes!!!! :)))

n enjy the no water supply dude....wash with mineral water!!!

Mind Writer! said...

Is that such a big problem if a boy uses a face wash? That one was "For Men", right?

Agar John Abraham us Face wash ko advertise kar sakta hay, to Mohit usko use kiun nehi kar sakta? Woh bhi insaan hay, uska bhi dil hay, usko bhi maan karta hoga apna skin ko saaf rakhne

By the way, how was the hindi??? Am I correct?

mohit said...

first of all, THE WATER'S BACK!!!!
all the face-washing I could want in a day is possible now...and the shower works again ...wooohoo!

@ mind writer
hahaha... I guess I really am superstitious then !
and yea, guys DO use facewashes.... and there's nuthing funny abt it
and the hindi's just fine (except it'll be 'uska bhi mann karta hoga apni skin ko saaf rakhne ka')!

@ choco
well well.... u said that right .... more than being the common link though, I'm the common victim of inconsequential natural disasters
and so cool... u think the blogging has anything to do with the rain? maybe we could start a cult ;)

umm... of course I 'bother' ... don't I give u the most generous of comments?
and the praying worked!

@ mon espace
So you actually DID learn sumthing frm the blog ! that's a first isn't it ?
and guys do! (although the manicures are really hush hush)

@ state of mind
I would've used mineral water, but that'll just be tougher..atleast the stored water was abundant !

Zeba Talkhani said...

Oh yes. Your comments are always very generous! R u on twitter?

Zeba Talkhani said...

So sorry to be using your comment board for pleseantries!! So where have you been??

Zeba Talkhani said...

awwwwwwwwwn. my boss is a sweetheart!! n i have tagged you!