Saturday, June 27, 2009

The week that was... consolidated

Its not even funny how cought up i've been these last 2 weeks....
crazy stuff's been happening..

my boss chooses the MOST hectic end-of-the-month days to go on a holiday ... so I've been staying back late at work for almost everyday this entire week . (he doesn't know of this blog, I hope :P)

Then I had a span of 4 really unlucky days... health-wise, that is.... I injured a different finger on my LEFT hand, every one of those days...and it hurts so much!!!

Met a really cute girl in the delhi metro... really sweet n all, but I had work, so had to get off... and I didn't ask for her no. :((

Came up with a new hindi word-meaning .....
Q : What do you call drinking in the car?
A: "Kaarobar" (originally means business in Hindi)
yup, its the new code word at office.

but something good's happened too... I bought an XBox 360 !! and I absolutely LOVE it!
I guess that's one of the reasons why this post looks like a composite book of facebook status updates ....cuz I'm going offline to play ! (can't stop grinning ,somehow)


Mind Writer! said...

Damn, why didn't you ask for her number? May be she was THE ONE...(wink)

Zeba Talkhani said...


Anonymous said...

So J..So J....Really dislike you now..Good you didn't get her number..Imagine having a new boyfriend with a new XBOX. She would've dumped you like that!!!

mohit said...

@mind writer
u think? damnit ! (kicking the air in dissappointment)

@ zeba
u just got a some attention to it! :P

now that i think of it, u're so right!!
the only question is...would I really choose the xbox over her?