Sunday, June 7, 2009


A friend recently scanned this pic and put it on facebook... Its the class photo from the 1st standard !!!
There's something about this pic that just captivates me....

dunno...maybe its how sweet we all look as kids... which makes me forget the things that went 'wrong' between me and some of my oldest friend(s).

maybe its the fact that my fav teacher was the one who tought me in the 1st... the one you see in this pic .... I never forget to see her whenever i'm around school.... sigh.. dunno if she's there now though.

btw, if you're wondering.... I'm the kid on the left of the teacher... the one who's eyes are apparantly being burnt by the sun shining right into them.... so much for my efforts to give a good smile into the camera :(

There were these stairs at the end of the junior school playground..... the ones on which every class photo was taken. Maybe cuz the sun shined directly on them at noon, and the pic turned out nice.... but I never got the hang of keeping my eyes open against the direct sunshine !


Zeba Talkhani said...

I took the 'effort'of figuring out who u r in the pic before reading it and I guessed it right. 3 cheers to zeba!!! Yeah. Looking cute u. I look terrible in my school pics. Chubby kid that I was.

Mon Espace said...

dont worry, most us cant. :) cute pic btw! i wonder where my 1st std pic is..Hmm.

Anonymous said...

Awwww.... Your snap turned out pretty good. :)
I have a bone to pick with my school photographer for clicking some pretty gruesome snaps!

Mind Writer! said...

Choooo chweeeet. Yeah, school days were the best days of our lives, we were so innocent!

mohit said...

@ zeba
u actually guessed right?? so cool!
(here's where I hip-hip-hoorray for u :P )
n thanks :D
I dunno if its the blazers, but i was so chubby too!!!

@ mon espace
thank u!!
(looking at ur pic)..i wonder if i shud've worn shades or sumthin ;)
and go find it n put it up!

hahahaha... all school photographers are baaad... maybe u just didn't have the blazing-sunshine-on-the-stairs that makes the pics so clear ( did I mention blinded-by-excessive-light kids ?? ) :P
n wow,so touched by the compliments...sniff sniff

@ mind writer
aww...they were, weren't they !!
things just turn ugly and get screwed up as we grow up... maybe puberty makes us a lil evil too :P