Thursday, August 21, 2008

woes of the written word

Chatting on the net and texting on the cellphone has really screwed up our spellings. Its worse with kids who've been born in this word-compression age, compared to those who've grown through its development ( me, for example) . There's an ongoing debate in the british educational system over allowing students to use "sms english" in examinations, and encouraging teachers to ignore spelling mistakes.
what the hell, a few days ago a report came out confirming that indian kids are better than british ones at english, grammatically, and we're all so happy!! but we should be just a little bit wary of the seeming ease of cutting up a word, and being smug with maximal usage of the available number of characters in an sms... it could cause de-development of our written language!

There's times when i admonish myself...times when i see something amusing, and the voice in my head says "LOL" ....
To illustrate, i'll tell you what my typing habits include:
bout: about
rembr: remember
wen: when
agn: again
srly: seriously
tak: talk
awsm: awesome
wtf: umm, not really..
and so on.... even though it seems to me as hap in the virtual world, i pray that this new-age version of shorthand doesn't become a legitimate language, which by the way a few people at high places have discussed...
imagine what it would be like, if that happened...

- Da Tyms of Indya
Brkng nws: Da trst vte sessn commncd dis morn in the parlmnt.....
You know what the scary part would be? I'm sure i'd be able to read the above styled newspaper...and so would you.

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