Tuesday, August 5, 2008

arbit... just wanted to write..

very often, you find yourself looking at something that you can't do anything about. it can be a lot of things for a lot of people... a small kid begging, a road accident, a failing relationship, whatever.... and you say to yourself " i wish things could have been different" or " if only i could help " ... its true, atleast I often find myself thinking about it.... but then again, there's nothing one can do, atleast not immediately .
one of the things that saddens me the most is the plight of old people who're often forced to spread their hands in front of complete strangers, even if theyre 3 times younger....
why? why is it that there's so much sadness around? was it always meant to be, the balance between good and evil, joy and sorrow?
all said, the world isn't a happy place.... nor is it a sad one at that.... in fact i believe there's no absolute here... everything's relative. some places are more beautiful than others... some people appear happier than others ... all relative. it's almost as if relativity is in continuity between the physical and the meta-physical.

there once lived a man who dared to question belief... who dared to think beyond what was thought ... i use the word dare because not everyone has the courage to be different, and show it ...... perhaps you need to be drunk for it.... anyway, this man never had it easy, it was never a cinch to profess difference .. but he continued to do so... along his path, he met many friends, even more enemies... but to the people who were with him, he was their light, hope.... their guru.

everyone needs a guru... it doesnt matter what they do, what path they desire to follow... everyone needs their source of light... its a fact that incomplete information is deadly. It applies to everything from kiddie science experiments in skool ( where a guru is required to oversee that the salts aren't eaten and the acids aren't drunk ) to business ( where trade and the related tricks are essential to avoid a light pocket) to yoga ( where every asana has an anti-asana and if both of them arent balanced, ure screwed quite literally). I must warn you though...there are a lot of people who'll appear to be gurus and very few who actually are... choose well or they'll take you down with themselves.

i know, ure probly thinking about what happened to the guy in the previous paragraph... nuthing really... all he tells us is that it takes guts to follow your dream....
and that heavy drinking in the afternoon leads to completely unrelated paragraphs in your blog .

i don't really know what to make of this write up, but thats about it for now... maybe the next one will be more concrete..


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Comfortably Numb said...

I as a reader and you as writer just transcended yet another illusion of reality. good stuff :)