Thursday, August 7, 2008

The moth-to-fire syndrome.

A few months ago, i was talking to my friend april ( name changed for security purposes :P ) and our conversation took a really deep turn... and thus we came up with the theory that describes what i like to call " the moth-to-fire syndrome".
Unlike general abnormalities, this syndrome is inherent in man.. woven into the fabric of life. Even though some might say that it doesn't apply to them, it does, they just have to look deep inside, honestly.

The thoery goes like this ... man is subconsciously attracted towards danger , simply put.
Lemme elaborate ...
consider sports... F1, X-games, nascar are just a few examples where the sport might turn out to be deadly for the player. Apart from golf, the sports with the greatest amount of dough involve possible threats to the player's well-being.
Not convinced? ok, i'll take an example closer to our hearts... heartbreak. Did any of you ever notice, that a random person that we might get attracted to or get into a relationship with almost always has a personality quite the opposite to ours ( that's the usual case, atleast)? think about it. Eventually what we say about the situation is " opposites attract, remember? "
For example, in every relationship, there'll be 1 person who's the dominant one, the other who's submissive ( and i don't mean it in a conscious or perverse way) cuz the relationship will never work out if both the ppl are dominant by demeanour.

I hope you see where i'm pointing at ... its almost as if nature's written off a piece of itself in our being ( read magnetic poles ) . Hasn't man always looved doing what was taboo ? the apple of wisdom , remember that?
I know i haven't put it down incredibly well, but i hope april will do a better job at it... will post the link here ...
n hey, I won't ask you to stay away from trouble , cuz that's where the fun's at babe !!


Arnab said...

a pretty deep thought... and an apt end too...danger is whr all fun bit cautious approach frm the moth wud let it enjoy the flame and nt gt burnt too....applies to sports and to relationships as well....dont gt to close or ill say "Hey lord of flames, ur tail's on fire"...he he

mohit said...

actually, if they use caution, a) it wudnt be as much fun and b) they wudn't pay as much ;)

vibhor said...

well seriously, after a hell of a long time, got to read smethng so deep and audacious.
being on a high 2dy and den reading it, takes u completely in it....
absolutely,"if u r refrained frm doing a particular task, one feel d biggest urge for it."
Surely the "Slogan is priceless."


guncha said...

1st of all....april is me!!!!!!!! i remember tht convo very well.....n yea....its true...its damn true...dead on...we r attracted to opposites...n theres no better felling than being "in control" "power" GO GET IT!!!!