Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The blog pimp

I can't say if you've heard of this.... but there's an urban myth about a creature so strange and arcane that nothing in the modern world even comes close to being shielded from it. It walks on the streets, in light and dark both, looking for fresh prey... another innocent being, befouled by the horrendous creature, lured into its demonic web, wrapped in the fibres of sin.
Just like the tales from dracula, the once angelic, unaware life immediately starts getting satiated with the darker side of life, pleasured by the black deeds, hunting down more to form its own kind.
That night, arnold was sitting at the cafe, minding his own buisness, like he does generally, playing a game of chess on his notebook and sipping his favourite cuppa . What he wasn't aware of was that an out-of-towner was sitting in the same cafe that night, corner table,black overcoat hanging from the chair,his scarred face hidden under the guise of dim light, the eyes that never twinkled affixed on arnold, scanning and registering every move he made, from the way he held the coffee mug, to the brows that lifted when he lost to the computer...everything taken in by the steely eyes. A smile was forming on the parched lips as a serpentine tongue licked them. After a long wait, he got up from his chair, not making any sound as he glided over the wooden cafe floor till he was right behind arnold.... a slender arm emerged and with a bony hand on his shoulders, arnold, like many ill-fated denizens before him, heard the raspy voice.... "hey, did you read my blog yet?"

ok ok, i admit it, i went a wee bit over the edge back there, but thats what ive been doing now and then, no not the cafe scene ( for all you freaks out there, its wasnt a true story!)... one of the most important parts of starting a new venture is the advertising...u know what they say, out of sight, out of mind... and with so much to do online for everyone, there's a really slim chance that they'll be checking out my oh-so-worked-on blog!! so i decided to take matters in my own hands.. i advertise for my own self ..ha!
from downright pressurizing my buddies into reading it, ive even sent scraps, meandered around a casual chat on gtalk to the point where i mention " oh btw, check out my blog will you? "...its all a well planned marketing strategy. And no, if ure thinking of mentioning it to me, i'm NOT ashamed of myself ... pretty much snubbed out my conscience when it comes to the blog ;)
to top it all, i once had "check out my blog" as a nic on orkut and my status on fcbook.. the cat's really far out of the bag now huh?
You know, i read somewhere "the only people who read blogs are those who write them too" and i'm pretty sure its true... but ive taken it upon myself to broaden everyone's view about literature... so next time you come in touch with me, don't go "oh man, not again" , cuz you deserve the good things in life, and my love, i'm giving it to ya!

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vibhor said...

well after dis , wen r u going for a MBA course in marketing.
good mind behind those naughty strategies...
well if u say so, that only writers of the blog, read dem.. think again..