Friday, August 8, 2008

One world, one dream

Right, slogan of the mother of all shows , or in funnier terms, "khelon ka mahakumbh" (seriously now, i didnt make it up)....The (Beijing) olympic games ! I'm sure the event is goin to be awsome, complete with all the glory, fame, celebration and grandeur the name "olympic"carries ...and like all my fellow countrymen (i'm sure) am reeally hoping that india gets some medals!!!!
I was watching discovery the other day and they were showing their series on the Beijing olympics .. omg! the Bird's Nest stadium is like sooo amazing ... China's invested something close to 40 million for its preperations for hosting this mega event... this one scientist, developed a chip and has been going around all of beijing , planting special transmitters so the ppl can watch the games on the move. seriously, the show left me thinking how long it could be before India hosts something like this... or more so, will it ever be able to?? I sure hope we can... the chinese have stopped all types of manufacturing around Biejing to reduce the smog...they also hired swiss firm omega to make the lasrgest display screen in the world! its housed in the bird's nest stadium ... the dragons really wanna leave their mark... whatever they may be ( not discussing that abhi), the chinese surely know how to throw a party !!! .......( which includes my fascination with the female athletes posing nude for a "good cause", which for the record i totally support , this swimmer posed only with her swimming!)
n oh guys, another interesting fact... in the last olympic games, each athlete was given 51 condoms on arrival...and another lot had to be flown in soon, when the stocks dwindled ... the olympic village sure gets cozy eh? good in a way , cuz we're all for world peace ! Make love, not war \m/ \m/ !!

n u know a rly good part about it? the starting date! three fat ladies, as they say, .. 08/08/08 !! looks sweet? Heh, well apart from the obvious oomph and rarity, the date holds a lot of significance , numerologically, in many cultures... standing as the number of jesus, in christianity, for example... although, indian divine sciences give it no real significance of any kind. I read that couples are fighting for spots to get married today and expecting parents to get a spot in the maternity ward...
for me, the day holds a personal significance too.... i started going to the gym ... again! ( i saw that grin ..shut it) ... hehe, hope this time its more regular... atleast i have "numerological -warmth", if there's such a thing, with me! Hey, if it can work wonders in bollywood, i'm sure my fitness is right around the corner... see, already the voice in my head's telling me " relaax dude, its a great day to start with.. now all u have to do is work less and let the gods deal with it" .. bad idea??

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jon said...

ur so right dude, keep up the gud work!