Sunday, December 13, 2009

7 things hitherto unknown to mankind.

Hey guys....I had been thinking of writing about this tag that Shomoita had tagged me with ... and finally today...sunday evening...I decided to write !

This tag is about 7 things which other bloggers don't know about me....and I'm not sure if I won't be writing about stuff which I haven't already touched in the blog...

Oh, n there's also this award that comes with the tag...which makes it the 2nd award for this blog :D ....hugs to you Shomoita !
The first one was given by this incredibly sweet blogger sulagna.. n here it is ....

woohoo !!

OK...for all those who've heard the movie Bluffmaster's tracks...I'm gonna start with this ...

"Lesson number one " (which basically stands for Point # 1)

Everyone loves their friends right ? Of course...that's why they are your friends !
So as is normal, I love my friends too...but there's just this one small thingy that irks me..... barring a few , they DON'T read my blog !!!!!!
I mean....its kind of wierd at times...'cuz I can't discuss stuff about the blog with them...if I do it appears as if I'm obsessed with popularising it.. so I take care in that area...not to sound too aggressive ....

Point # 2

I DID promote my blog a lot initially...cuz it was just so exciting that my words are right there...on the net...for everyone to see !!

pls refer this for more on this. I wrote it on 12/8/08 .. u'll know then..

Point # 3

I have had a relationship where absolutely NONE of my friends know anything about the girl .... I mean they know she exists..just not who she is..what she does.... and I never told them..... the reasons cannot be blogged about ....awwww so sorry to burst ur bubble but NO the reasons aren't related to case you were expecting masala ;)

Point # 4

My current aspiration is to buy a cycle . No, not the Atlas cycle kinds...something ..umm...non-kiddish..
Stop laughing, will u..there's a valid logic to it...

See..right now, I live like 9 kms from office... so I can't even think of commuting by a cycle everyday.
But I'm thinking of shifting apartments in the beginning of Jan. This one will be just 3 kms from work.
This isn't a big distance....and there's a lot of advantage to cycling....

1) I used to love it as a kid...I still remember the guy who tought me how to was my friend's elder bro...and he tought both of us together....although I had a nearly fatal accident while cycling , 4 weeks after I had learnt.

2) Great fitness idea !

3) Reduced commuting expense....bring it on !

Point # 5

I have accepted my position in the romantic - relationship world. It sounds really sad..but I have.
I can't break MY girl's heart (knowingly). That's why I'm the guy who'll always get his heart ripped out.

Point # 6 don't know this.... I recently said something to someone..and this is either the lamest or the nerdiest line ever..... I said with utmost sincerity :

"You are my Kryptonite."

Point # 7

I dislike unhygenic people/places.
It could be wierd that a guy says this... but unlike popular belief.. I DON'T throw my socks anywhere around the house when I get back from work...I DON'T throw my towel on the bed and leave after a bath...and I prty much stay away from smelly feet too .

You get the picture....right?
We recently made a rule in our apartment...we've got one pair of slippers that is RESERVED for the washroom....and everyone is forbidden from wearing 'em anywhere else... It sucks when ppl come with dirt on their footwear from outside and dirty the washroom !.. and I'm not ashamed of admitting it. My flatmates are nice enough to agree to this.

OK..I'm gonna stop now... so you can go ahead and scroll it again.... form an opinion...comment.... all's fine....

Take care everyone...signing off. (nerdy line # 2)

Oh, n I know I'm supposed to tag 7 other people in turn..... and I always do this.... maybe I'll make this kind of a 'signature move'
.... I tag whoever reads this (be honest now !) :P
that is, if you haven't been tagged already

PS : Wow, I love commenting about my 'witty' post titles :D


sulagna said...

you are bethroed to the world of roses and candle light :) :)

congrats dude congrats!!!

Zeba said...

My friend's don't read my blog either!!! There loss I say so blah for them!!!

For the first time I don't have comments for the other 6!!

Madhu said...

well u are a cleanliness freak there..thats good cauz we hardly find guys that way!!

I hate dirty unhygienic places too...BINGO!

Congrats on that award!

Mind Writer! said...

OMG! The first one seems like an universal problem, neither my friends read my blog! This is just so irritating, sometimes I send them the url, some of them are kind enough to read, but don't bother to comment on it! Pretty irritating! And when I try to talk about the blog, they behave as if they are so uninterested, even sometimes they ask me to talk about something in which everyone can participate! Really awful it is, it's been more than two years, and I still couldn't bring in one friend to my blog, not even my boyfriend! :((

Damn! We just missed some spicy masala! :P

One of my friend also wanted to buy a cycle lately. Everyone laughed at him! He's a fatso, so definitely I'd support this fitness idea! :D

You can't break your girl's heart? He he... I'm an expert of heart breaking (of both boys and girls, specially those who mess with me) !!! I get a kind of sadistic pleasure doing so! :P

Me too a cleanliness freak! Do you have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)? I have! And I kinda like it. It's cool to be perfect about everything!

Loved that tagging 7 people thing! I think it's the toughest part to tag people at the end.

Gayatri said...

Reading your blog after AGES!Good to see that you're still active somewhere :P
Now if only I would stop being lazy and update my blog.

mohit said...

@ sulagna

umm....i really don't know what to say... sarcasm ?

@ Zeba

hey hey... tough to believe u don't have anything to say... the first NO NO of journalism , eh?

@ Madhu

hahaha... I guess I'm sort of a cleanliness freak...but if stuff doesn't go my way, I quit thinking about it after a while :)

@ Shomoita

lovely long comment :D wonder we guys are blog friends, right?
birds of a feather surfing online, reading, writing ... lol

secondly..tut tut tut...calling ur friend a 'fatso'..not very wonder he doesn't read ur blog :P

about the OCD...naa..mine's not THAT serious ;)

@ Gaya

"Reading your blog after AGES!Good to see that you're still active somewhere " ... hmm..I see where ure pointing miss gaya me sometime !

Zeba said...

Haha... I guess..

angels with demonz said...

Point #1: i am hiding my blog from everyone...n u know that..wel not really hiding but yah not to keen to share it (u could say)

POINT #3: u know why u were able to keep it a secret cuz u don’t have that urge to splurge….as in gossip…alas! u don’t know what ur missing…gossip is good….lolll
POINT #4: Same, im currently learning how to ride a bicycle…um close ur mouth n don’t raise ur eyebrows. My daddy doesn’t like me riding bicycle so he never taught me how to ride one….theres nothing wrong in it….(daddy’s girl)
POINT #5: surprisingly, sadly, unfortunately…I am the losing party in the end…its the niceness… still paying a price for it….
POINT#6: lame lame lame….thats what u r…n im not……
Point#7: I don’t like u….hah!
I joke no one likes unhygienic places/spaces/HANDS/feet.


sulagna said...

aree na na..mohit..i mean it!! welcome to the world of "have to call her during break " and "should i tell her abt the plunging neckline" hehehe have fun..i shall love to see your thoughts

Manjari Singh said...

my frdz dont even know that i blog

@5 Congrats!

chocolate lover said...

congratulations for the award!!
but don't you think you forget me?
you were awarded by me too right?