Thursday, December 31, 2009


I'm so damn tired right now that I could doze off any minute. I only hope my fall to the realm of dreams doesn't leave my laptop split in half .
Like I already told you, I'm at home... and I LOVE it !

I don't know what's gotten into me.... I was in a hostel for 4 years...its not the first time i've lived on my own.... but things have changed somehow....perhaps I haven't found that level of comfort in hyderabad yet..... or maybe the prolonged home-stint after college has made the homely part of me more prominent.

One of the VERY bugging parts of sharing your apartment with other people is the slippers are shared too. I don't like that at all. That's not to say I'd rather live, that'd be too boring... but I just feel that I'll never be able to tell someone to not wear my slippers...its just too low a gesture to make...if you get what I mean.... so instead, I do nothing and try to tell myself to not think about such puny matters.

Anyway, I had a lotta fun today... so I thought I'd share some of my day here.
I was supposed to meet a friend at CP, but that got cancelled at the last minute...unfortunately for me my friend's last minute occured when I had already reached the place..... "Oh man, wtf !" was the first thing that crossed my mind.... but never fear, I always have a plan B

So I called up this other friend who lives close by and asked him to see me there..... I made a few observations today :

1) I have sat at a coffee house alone more than once. And strangely, I find it pretty comforting.... gives me time to think . (plus it beats standing outside, looking silly while waiting for someone)

2) Lately, I've observed this strategy in showrooms.... whenever a single guy enters, the best looking female attendant shows him around the store... and the guy almost always ends up buying something or the other.

3) With reference to the above, I bought a T-shirt that I absolutely did NOT need, today...I realize it now.

4) After spending a chunk of moolah in the showroom, I went over to Janpath (which is basically a flea market) and bought 3 other Tees ...with a combined price lesser than the previous one....had to bargain shamelessly for that though..... I've noticed that my bargain capabilities depend hugely on my mood.... If I'm very tired, I just give the guy what he asks for and get over with it.... if I'm in lively mood, or if I have lots of time on my hands, I absolutely give it to the salesperson .

5) I bought the superman logo Tee...wohooo!!!
I've wanted a superman tee for so long now.... I also want superman boxers.... but I haven't found 'em yet...the search is on.

6) Winters in Delhi are amazing......I love the way Delhi is so dressed up at this time of the year.... beautiful city, beautiful people.

7) Delhi is probly one of the only few cities where one can hear a blend of Hip Hop, House and Punjabi melodies echoing in coffee houses..... and I really don't mind that.


Mind Writer! said...

Not to get bored and still being comfortable with the person around - "Get married!"

Congrats for the new Tees!!!

And Happy New Year!!!

Madhu said...

you sure are getting home sick.No wonder Delhi features in every point..Go home dude!! And make ur new year worth it!

mohit said...

@ shomoita

A very happy new yr to you too !!
I'll still have to think about the getting married part though ;)

@ Madhu
I am at home ! :D

sulagna said...

superman boxers eh??

*wicked grin*

Chocolate Lover said...

happy new year..
You have been awarded

check out my blog :)

suruchi said...

I absolutely loved the observations yaar...
The 2nd n 3rd...awesome...
And do let us know when u get those superman boxers...haha...
Just like that;)

I guess slip of tongue after reading such emotions on 'slip'pers;-)
cute post:-)