Wednesday, November 25, 2009

experiencing life.

This is one of those posts that you write with the browser window hidden from everyone else. especially your boss !
yea..its been a long while since I wrote...but things seem to be getting hectic.

umm... i've joined the gym (again !) .
i dunno what it is with the gym thing, but i never manage to continue without a break.
the last one was for around 3 i'm pretty much back at square 1
So my weekdays involve getting up at 6 (huh? me?!) ...yea, honestly ! .....then going to the office gym at 7... have breakfast in the office canteen at around 9 ( and its MUCH better than the one in the Chennai office !) ....
The body has a wierd tendency...i've seen... losing or gaining weight happens naturally at the exact places you don't want !!!

anyway, I've been trying to do something ..umm...different thesedays.
I have decided that i'm NOT going to keep a TV at my place here. Although it seems like the stupidest decision I , or anyone since the Ice-age,has ever made, I'm going to stick by it.
There's a reason for it too. the way I see it...the idiot box has always made me lazy. Once I sit down to watch star world or anything interesting, I can spend days not moving my a** from the sofa !

I've realized that I want to experience life.
I want to do stuff that I've always wanted to do....or that I've never thought I would ...
Along the same thoughts, I went to a demo dance class this sunday !!....The guy teaches all forms of dance..this month it's gonna be month's western...after that Hip Hop and Salsa are in line...
btw...we danced to 'Aahun Aahun' from Love aajkal (that's the one, no?)

Although i'm adept at the drunk-dance-at-weddings, this is one of the things i've wanted to do. Always.
In college a 'friend' and I had decided to join Salsa classes ....but that didn't happen ...due to certain...errrmm...unavoidable reasons...

but enough! I said to myself... I wanted to taste more of LIFE(I'll elaborate the reason for this in another post), and I'm gonna do it.
Perhaps i'll sign up for the dance classes after all .
what say?

PS: I was gonna name this post 'Chance pe Dance' ....but that's kinda overused ;)


Madhu said...

hey i love danching!! U shud go join em..they rejuvenate u like anything!!

well chance pe dance is the next movie of shahid...:) Yeahit surely is overused!

Madhu said...


mohit said...

:D let's see....the only proble is, my friends aren't joining...and i'm skeptical about joining alone

PS: I'm awaiting chance pe dance !

lifeinyour20's said...

Trust me, there are lot more different things happening around since Iceage :P

oRange* said...

dancing! a great stress buster!
and if u'r so keen, join it! it'll be fun :)

Mind Writer! said...

Hey Mohit! Tagged you!

sulagna said... least you made an attempt man..i have been postponing my gyming for a year now !! waise what with chance pe dance...are we looking forward to some more interesting read??

Zeba said...

Awwwn. That was a sweet comment you left at my post!!! It's good to be back.

I think it is smart of you to leave out the TV. Very proud of you too. Must be difficult!!

I tried the dance thing once, but again me and my 'friend' were just not able cordinate time!!

I joined gym too. Paid for 3 months and went only for 2 weeks!!! Will go back and try again!

PS - nice not to use the overused!!

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

You sound like me. My last attempt was for 6-9 months and then i left gym.

Again i lost all what i had gained :(

I agree with Madhu very much. Join dance classes :)

If u join with frnds, its more me.

Akele koi gam nahi hoga :P