Saturday, December 19, 2009

I goofed up.

I'm sure all of you know what it feels like when u've screwed up..... that oh-my-god-i want-to-hide-inside-my-shell-forever feeling ....

this one is dedicated to chocolate lover who has actually given me 2 awards ! go here.
and I missed out on that in the previous post

reeeally sorry abt that !

Oh, have you also noticed that when things start to go wrong, EVERYTHING goes wrong simultaneously ?
This happened to me yesterday...... I got a call from my client (normally the guy just mails me about it) who asked me to do this piece of work really urgently....

see, we work remotely on desktops located in the UK, at the client's office...
I turned towards my system to see that the connection with my remote system was lost !
wtf...I said to myself and tried fiddling with the connection...

"Some software engineer you are.... can't even connect to the system ...", I reprimanded myself......
finally I decided to go to my boss and complain about the situation.... when he saw how urgent the work was,......."damnit ! " ...first time I had heard him swear (polite guy).

Co-incidentally, there had been heavy snowfall in the UK yesterday, due to which none of our onsite team members were present in office.... so no one to actually go and restart the system manually about tough luck !

anyhow...we talked to stuff sorted...
the point is... when its going bad, it will...nothing you can do about it ...just gotta go with the flow, eh ?

umm..I realise the above incident has been pointless... do we care though ? :P



Chocolate Lover said...

hey mohit
thanks and its okay :)
it happens with everyone.
take care

Madhu said...

hello there...still in hyd?? well congos on that award..goofing up is quite common...even to me!! so take a chill pill and happens!

Zeba said...

wow. happens with me.. ALL THE TIME!

When i decide to control my diet, mum decides not to cook and order pizza instead, or brother gets me my fav icecream, or my friends want to meet up at my fav restaurant! know wht i mean?

Murphy's Law

Anonymous said...

goofd up...this was ur like one time expernce ..i see this happening to me almost every second day..which sucks totally..buti have kinda got used to it...felt gud to see this..atlast someone knows wht goofin up is all abt..!!!